Marketers Say This Generation is the Hardest to Reach: How to Connect With Them [Data]

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Which procreation bash you deliberation is the hardest to scope with selling content?

Marketers effort to make a run for the hardest procreation to reach.

Is it Gen Z, hiding retired connected TikTok and exploring virtual worlds like Roblox? Or Millennials who galore different generations deliberation are engaged with "quiet quitting?"

While the 2 generations supra are incredibly unique, it's neither. The information we precocious recovered mightiness conscionable astonishment you. 

 2022 State of U.S. Consumer Trends Report

According to our astir caller survey of 1,200+ marketers, it turns retired Baby Boomers (age 55+) are the hardest to reach: 

Because Boomers are the oldest generation, and mightiness adjacent person much purchasing powerfulness than others, you'd deliberation we'd cognize them -- and wherever to marketplace to them -- beauteous good by now. Right?

The information is, portion marketers find it challenging to recognize and prosecute younger ever-evolving generations, Boomers are the wide outlier.

Why? It each goes backmost to however Boomers similar to observe and acquisition products, which stands retired similar a sore thumb compared to different generations.

How Boomers’ Shopping Habits are Different

You mightiness deliberation Boomers are the hardest to scope due to the fact that they’re not ever connected the internet, but our survey of implicit 1,000 consumers shows that much than two-thirds of Boomers usage societal media. On apical of that, searching online is 1 of the astir communal ways they observe caller products.

So what precisely is it that makes the 65+ assemblage truthful hard to reach? In a nutshell, astir selling efforts targeting either Gen Z, Millennials, oregon Gen X volition apt scope each 3 generations to immoderate grade – portion leaving boomers successful the dark.

For example, marketers tin efficaciously scope the 3 younger generations by advertizing connected societal media, streaming services, and connected YouTube -- but this would bash a unspeakable occupation of reaching Boomers, shown successful yellowish below.

baby boomers vs. different generations

Just 17% of Boomers person discovered a merchandise connected societal media successful the past 3 months. This drops to 13% for streaming services similar Netflix, and goes down to 8% for YouTube ads. In comparison, these are among the champion channels for reaching Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X.

So wherever tin you really scope the elusive Baby Boomers?

The Top 3 Marketing Channels to Reach Boomers

Television Ads Drive Boomer Product Discovery

More than immoderate different generation, Boomers similar to observe caller products done tv ads, which is besides wherever they observe caller products astir oftenwhere to scope babe boomers

Online Search is Second Best, but Boomers Do It Differently

Online hunt is second-best for reaching Baby Boomers. While this transmission is besides a apical merchandise find transmission crossed generations, Boomers are searching differently.

All different generations heavy favour their phones for online shopping, portion astir Boomers are utilizing their computers.

which devices bash boomers use

Boomers Prefer Retail Shopping More Than Any Other Generation

Another communal and highly preferred merchandise find transmission for Boomers is successful retail stores. 44% of Boomers person recovered caller products successful stores successful the past 3 months, and 37% of them accidental it is their preferred method. Both numbers are the highest of immoderate different generation.where boomers similar to find content

Keeping Up With Consumer Trends

Boomers mightiness beryllium the astir unique, but each procreation has its ain mode of engaging with brands and their content.

To support you updated connected however each generation’s buying habits alteration implicit time, we’ll beryllium moving our user trends survey doubly a year. For a much elaborate breakdown of Boomers’ buying habits, on with each different generation, cheque retired our afloat Consumer Trends Report.

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