MariaDB Upgrade – What You Need To Know

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GreenGeeks is updating the MariaDB database absorption strategy from mentation 10.3 to 10.5 crossed our Shared and Reseller platform.

This database server upgrade is indispensable to guarantee the continued stableness and information of the GreenGeeks web and your hosting account.

What volition the upgrade process entail?

The MariaDB upgrade process volition upgrade each instances of MariaDB connected our web from mentation 10.3 to 10.5.

This update includes required information updates and releases indispensable for the information and stableness of databases.

How agelong volition the upgrade process take?

We expect the bundle upgrade to beryllium nary much than 20 minutes per server.

During the upgrade period, the MariaDB/MySQL server volition beryllium inaccessible to guarantee the continuity of the data.

Since the upgrade is astatine the server level, determination won’t beryllium immoderate alternations to your existing databases oregon the information contained within.

When volition the upgrade beryllium complete?

All servers are scheduled to beryllium upgraded by December 26, 2022.

Are determination immoderate important changes from MariaDB 10.3 to 10.5?

MariaDB 10.5 includes immoderate important enhancements, including the summation of the ColumnStore retention motor and upgrades to wide InnoDB performance.

The bulk of these changes are astatine the back-end server level and volition not interaction end-user websites.

More accusation connected the caller features, on with different changes and improvements, for MariaDB 10.5 tin beryllium connected the MariaDB website.

MariaDB 10.4 Changes
MariaDB 10.5 Changes

How bash I cheque the MySQL/MariaDB version?

To spot the existent MySQL/MariaDB version, entree the Server Information leafage nether the General Information conception of your GreenGeeks cPanel.

The mentation accusation volition beryllium displayed adjacent to the enactment for MySQL Version.

Can I opt retired of this upgrade oregon petition a circumstantial MariaDB version?

Unfortunately not; dissimilar PHP versions, the MariaDB/MySQL mentation is simply a globally shared assets astatine the server level, and we cannot tally antithetic versions for each hosting account.

If you necessitate a circumstantial MariaDB oregon MySQL mentation for your websites, we invitation you to see the GreenGeeks Managed VPS platform. With a GreenGeeks Managed VPS, you person afloat administrative entree to power your server to suit your needs, including customized MariaDB/MySQL versions and different bundle options different unavailable successful a shared environment.

Our Support squad tin assistance with immoderate questions astir upgrading to a Managed VPS.