June 2022 Web Server Survey

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In the June 2022 survey we received responses from 1,146,976,964 sites crossed 273,010,403 unsocial domains and 12,224,786 web-facing computers. This reflects a nonaccomplishment of 8.75 cardinal sites and 583,000 domains, but a summation of 155,000 computers.

Cloudflare experienced beardown maturation this month, gaining 2.99 cardinal sites and 85,000 domains, representing a 4.64% maturation successful its fig of sites. Cloudflare experienced a significant outage connected 21 June, impacting astir fractional of the full requests made to its network. The outage lasted astir an hr and a fractional and affected a important fig of fashionable sites. 20.2% of the cardinal astir visited sites trust connected Cloudflare (up 1,400 sites since past month).

The 3 largest vendors by the cardinal astir visited sites metric—Apache, nginx, and Cloudflare—all person akin marketplace share, though lone Cloudflare gained marketplace stock this month. Apache saw the largest loss, dropping 2,190 sites (-0.96%), portion nginx mislaid 280 sites (-0.13%).

LiteSpeed gained a important fig of sites with an summation of 2.96 cardinal (+5.89%), and gained 171,000 (+2.21%) domains - the 2nd largest summation this month. The fig of web-facing computers utilizing LiteSpeed besides showed beardown growth, expanding by 4,460 (+3.44%) to a full of 134,000.

nginx and Apache stay the 2 largest server vendors, though some saw akin losses of 6.52 cardinal (-1.84%) and 6.18 cardinal (-2.33%) sites this month. Despite this, nginx gained 795,000 (+1.06%) domains and saw continued maturation successful the fig of web-facing computers with 158,000 (+3.44%) computers. Conversely, Apache mislaid 1.07 cardinal domains (-1.71%) and 25,700 (-0.74%) web-facing computers.

Vendor news

  • Apache httpd 2.4.54 was released connected 8 June 2022. This merchandise resolves aggregate information issues, including respective that impact mod_lua.
  • nginx 1.23.0 was released connected 21 June 2022. This is the archetypal merchandise successful the 1.23.x mainline subdivision which volition see recently developed features and bug fixes. By comparison, the 1.22.x unchangeable subdivision released past month volition lone person large bug fixes from the 1.23 mainline release. The update includes respective changes that impact headers successful summation to respective bug fixes.
  • njs 0.7.5 was besides released connected 21 June alongside nginx 1.23.0. njs is nginx’s JavaScript-based scripting language, and this update includes respective tiny changes affecting headers successful summation to bug fixes.
  • Lighttpd 1.4.65 was released connected 7 June 2022, bringing with it an implementation of WebSockets implicit HTTP/2. The merchandise besides includes an announcement of aboriginal scheduled behaviour changes that see utilizing strong, modern TLS cipher suites by default.
  • Apple announced enactment for Private Access Tokens successful upcoming releases of iOS and macOS. This is portion of the Privacy Pass standard, a collaboration betwixt Apple, Google, and Cloudflare that tin regenerate CAPTCHAs crossed the web by providing a unafraid mode for the instrumentality to attest that it is an authentic device.
  • Google Cloud precocious added 5 caller determination information centers, taking the full fig of disposable GCP regions to 34. The caller regions added were successful Columbus, OH, Madrid, Dallas, TX, Milan, and Paris.

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