July 2022 Web Server Survey

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In the July 2022 survey we received responses from 1,139,467,659 sites crossed 271,728,559 unsocial domains and 12,341,172 web-facing computers. This reflects a nonaccomplishment of 7.5 cardinal sites and 1.3 cardinal domains, but a summation of 116,386 computers.

Cloudflare continues its inclination of beardown maturation crossed the sites and domains metrics this month, expanding by 5.8 cardinal (8.6%) and 259,000 (1.24%), astir treble that of past month. This gives Cloudflare a full marketplace stock of 6.4% stock of sites and 8.6% domains, increases of 0.5pp and 0.1pp compared to June.

Whilst inactive being the astir fashionable vendor crossed the sites, domains and web-facing computers metric, nginx takes a nonaccomplishment of 4.99 cardinal sites (1.43%), 775,000 domains (1.02%) and 3,400 computers (0.1%) this month. Apache besides saw losses, dropping by 1.28 cardinal sites (0.49%) and 379,000 domains (0.61%), nevertheless experienced the largest summation successful web-facing computers of astir 22,000 (0.6%).

Apache continues to clasp connected to the apical spot successful the marketplace stock of the apical cardinal busiest sites with 22.33%, with nginx successful adjacent 2nd astatine 21.55%. Both nevertheless person seen decreases successful marketplace stock of 0.22pp and 0.1pp respectively, with Cloudflare expanding by 0.08pp to 20.26%. If this inclination continues, we should expect to spot Cloudflare overtake its rivals wrong the adjacent year.

OpenResty saw its astir important alteration implicit the past 4 months with a alteration of 2.9 cardinal sites (3.21%) and 354,000 domains (0.87%). Conversely, it experienced a important summation of 17,700 web-facing computers (12.0%).

Lightspeed saw beardown maturation this period with an summation of 745,000 sites (1.4%), 88,000 domains (1.1%) and 4,500 computers (3.3%).

  • nginx 1.23.1 was released connected 19 Jul 2022 containing bug fixes, and astir notably a representation usage optimization for setups utilizing SSL proxying.
  • njs 0.7.6, the scripting connection utilized to widen nginx was besides released connected 19 Jul 2022, adding assorted connection features and bug fixes.
  • Google introduces a preview merchandise of batch connected 13 July 2022, a managed work for scheduling batch jobs astatine standard connected the Google Cloud Platform. Batch tin negociate a occupation queue, proviso and autoscale resources, tally jobs, execute subtasks, and woody with communal errors automatically.
  • Oracle denote the wide availability of their Oracle Database Service connected Microsoft Azure.
  • Cloudflare announces Location-Aware DDoS Protection for Cloudflare Enterprise customers that are subscribed to the Advanced DDoS service. The exertion records the emblematic locations of postulation to a website and uses this arsenic a metric to observe DDoS attacks coming from much antithetic and wider dispersed locations.
  • Microsoft warns that attackers are progressively leveraging Internet Information Services (IIS) extensions arsenic covert backdoors into servers this month, encouraging organisations to follow information practises to assistance support their servers.

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