HubSpot's Social Media Team Gives 5 Tips for Bringing Your Brand on TikTok

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Taking the hazard with immoderate caller level is daunting. After all, nary 1 wants to dedicate their time, energy, oregon fund into thing with small return.

marketer bringing marque to tiktok

That said, it's hard to disregard the hype astir TikTok, its fantastic engagement rate, and its monolithic idiosyncratic base. If you're consenting to get creative, TikTok could beryllium the cleanable location for your short-form videos.

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Here, I spoke with HubSpot's societal media squad to stitchery their champion tips for bringing your marque connected TikTok.

5 Tips for Bringing Your Brand connected TikTok

  1. Know wherever your assemblage hangs out.
  2. Find your 'why.'
  3. Determine however you'll supply value.
  4. Save clip by creating a contented calendar.
  5. Insert your dependable strategically.

1. Know wherever your assemblage hangs out.

It's important to cognize wherever your assemblage hangs retired online. For immoderate brands, this includes TikTok — for others, not truthful much. For instance, if you merchantability status homes, you won't get overmuch traction with the platform's predominantly younger audience.

"TikTok is evidently each the rage close now, and it makes consciousness that brands privation to leap in. But earlier you bash so, marque definite to instrumentality clip to inquire the close questions: Does it marque consciousness for our marque to amusement up connected TikTok? Is our people assemblage there?," advises Annabelle Nyst, elder selling manager astatine HubSpot.

If you're debating whether oregon not to bring your marque connected TikTok, retrieve to hinge your determination connected the astir important factor: your people audience.

2. Find your "why."

Getting started connected TikTok tin consciousness overwhelming, particularly erstwhile you don't person a extremity to enactment towards. 

Think of your extremity arsenic your compass. It influences the videos you make, the topics you cover, and your wide strategy. You don't request to person a circumstantial extremity close disconnected the bat — and it volition apt alteration implicit clip — but you should person an thought of the wide absorption you privation to go.

Here are a fewer communal goals:

  • Build an engaged community
  • Increase marque awareness
  • Improve marque image
  • Promote products
  • Generate website traffic
  • Expand your audience
  • Provide lawsuit service
  • Educate your audience

It's conscionable arsenic important to way your progress. Take a look astatine respective cardinal show indicators (KPIs) similar illustration views, video views, video likes, and follower maturation to spot if you're inching person to your goals.

3. Determine however you'll supply value.

The adjacent measurement is determining however you privation to contiguous your marque connected TikTok. For Nyst, this starts with answering a elemental question: however volition you supply worth to users?

"Asking this question upfront volition assistance you found what your intent is for being connected TikTok, and what your brand's beingness mightiness look similar connected the platform," she told me.

For instance, Gymshark, a fashionable fittingness apparel brand, provides worth by entertaining its fans with fitness-related challenges, skits, and covering hauls. It's nary astonishment the marque has over 4 cardinal followers connected the platform.

Because TikTok is quirky by nature, it creates a misconception that "serious" brands don't person a spot connected the platform. This isn't true. However, you whitethorn person to attack your marque from a antithetic angle. 

For example, the Washington Post has raked up over 1 cardinal followers connected TikTok. If you haven't seen their videos, you mightiness expect superior content. Instead, you'll find comedic skits astir the latest breaking news.

The eventual extremity is to supply worth successful an engaging way. This is achievable for galore brands — superior oregon not.

4. Save clip by creating a contented calendar.

TikTok surpassed 1 billion monthly progressive users successful 2021. On apical of that, millions of conversations hap connected the level daily, and trends travel and spell astatine accelerated speed. 

In short, TikTok tin get overwhelming. For this reason, Nyst recommends readying a contented calendar. 

"Things determination rapidly connected TikTok, and gaining caller followers often depends connected having a slope of existing contented connected your profile. So, deliberation up to however galore videos a week you'd similar to post, and what benignant of topics you'll absorption on," she advises.

That said, TikTok is simply a trends-driven platform, truthful marque definite to permission abstraction successful your contented calendar to leap connected trends and make time-sensitive content.

Additionally, you besides request to determine however often you should station connected TikTok. Nyst favors prime implicit quantity, advising brands to purpose for 1-2 videos per week. In different words, consistency is key.

Another upside to posting consistently? The much you post, the much insights you summation from your viewers. This volition assistance you recognize what topics and video styles they respond to the most.

Want to cognize the champion time and clip to people your videos connected TikTok? Check retired this adjuvant guide.

5. Insert your dependable strategically.

When you archetypal articulation TikTok, it's tempting to articulation each conversation, hop connected each trend, and enactment successful each challenge. However, brands request to acceptable guardrails and beryllium strategical with their content, says Nyst.

"There are truthful galore conversations happening astatine erstwhile connected TikTok, and they're changing each the time. It's important to retrieve that your marque doesn't request to beryllium a portion of each azygous speech – truthful effort to prime the ones wherever it makes consciousness to insert your voice," Nyst told me.

She adds, "Sure, the latest creation inclination mightiness beryllium exciting, but tin your marque really bring thing new, unique, oregon invaluable to the table?"

Not each inclination oregon situation volition align with your marque oregon its messaging. On apical of that, if you can't adhd a caller oregon unsocial spin, it's amended to skip it entirely. But don't interest astir missing retired — trends connected TikTok are a dime a dozen, and different 1 is close astir the corner.

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TikTok is the caller kid connected the artifact — and has rapidly go a viable (and exciting) selling platform. Before jumping in, marque definite that TikTok makes consciousness for your brand. Once you're connected the platform, absorption connected targeting your assemblage with invaluable contented connected a accordant basis.

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