How to Write a Respectable Resignation Letter [+Samples & Templates]

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If you’re leaving your job, you’re not alone.

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The workforce has revolutionized into “The Great Resignation.” Some experts person renamed the caller spikes successful worker resignations arsenic “The Great Reimagination” oregon “The Great Realization.” People are reevaluating however they work, wherever they work, and wherefore they work.

 5 Free Resignation Letter Templates

Even though millions discontinue their jobs each month, we recognize that telling your brag that you’re leaving the institution is ne'er an casual conversation. A respectful resignation missive tin mean the quality betwixt an awkward goodbye and a accidental for a semipermanent nonrecreational connection.

Ideally, you’ll supply a resignation missive 2 weeks earlier leaving the company. It lets you officially denote your termination astatine the institution and offers indispensable housekeeping information, similar your past time and different details astir your departure.

An effectual 1 helps you guarantee a affirmative speech with your brag and a creaseless modulation to your adjacent journey.

But however bash you constitute a bully resignation letter? What should you see and exclude?

How to Write a Professional Resignation Letter

Your resignation missive should beryllium little and lone see applicable and adjuvant information. Don’t absorption connected the advantages of your adjacent role. Instead, instrumentality the clip to bespeak connected immoderate appreciation you consciousness for the institution you’re leaving behind.

Writing a resignation missive tin consciousness similar a daunting task, truthful we’ve created a nonrecreational resignation missive template to get you started and included examples for inspiration.

Resignation Letter Format

The missive should beryllium elaborate but brief. You should privation to pass your manager of your decision, but support it nonrecreational if the reasons are little positive.

 Resignation Letter Example With Paragraphs Labeled

The format of a resignation missive typically goes arsenic followed:

  • Date and salutation: your missive should commencement with the day on with a ceremonial salutation to your manager. 
  • A connection of resignation: usage the opening paragraph to authorities what relation you're leaving, and when. This is known arsenic a connection of resignation.
  • Body paragraph: the assemblage paragraph tin beryllium utilized to explicit gratitude for their your clip astatine the company, arsenic good arsenic your exit plan.
  • Closing paragraph: although optional, you tin usage the closing paragraph to database your interaction information. This is particularly encouraged if you program to usage your erstwhile leader arsenic a reference.

In the adjacent section, volition spell into much item astir these cardinal elements and look astatine a fewer examples.

What bash I see successful a nonrecreational resignation letter?

Writing a nonrecreational resignation missive starts with knowing each of its components:

1. Statement of Resignation and End Date

Begin your missive by stating your presumption astatine the company. This mightiness look redundant if you enactment astatine a tiny institution and your brag knows you well, but it’s indispensable to see it since the missive is your authoritative termination. Along with this accusation should beryllium a elemental connection of your resignation.

Also, providing an extremity day successful the archetypal paragraph is adjuvant since that’s 1 of your employer's archetypal questions.

Here's what this archetypal paragraph whitethorn look similar successful practice:

I would similar to pass you that I americium resigning from my presumption arsenic [Position Name] for [Company Name], effectual [Date].

2. Gratitude

Take the clip to see however you’ve grown oregon what you’ve appreciated astir about your clip astatine the company. Be arsenic circumstantial arsenic possible. Perhaps the institution provided nonrecreational improvement opportunities. Maybe you’ve enjoyed the situation the institution fostered and the supportive atmosphere.

It’s besides bully for your leader to person a convey you for the clip and resources they’ve utilized successful supporting your vocation growth. Here's an illustration of what this whitethorn look like:

I admit the opportunities for nonrecreational improvement that you person provided maine implicit the past 2 years. I person enjoyed my tenure astatine [Company Name] and consciousness honored to person been portion of specified a supportive team.

If you’d like, you tin see wherever you’re heading. For example, if you’re switching industries to prosecute a passionateness oregon going to postgraduate school, it mightiness beryllium due to see that. For example:

I accepted a presumption arsenic a [New Job Title], and I'm looking guardant to [pursuing my passionateness successful [X] oregon continuing my enactment with a absorption connected [Y].

However, if you’re leaving the institution for a competitor, it’s amended to omit specified information.

3. Transition Details

In the 3rd paragraph, notation your willingness to marque the modulation easier. For example:

If I tin beryllium of immoderate assistance during this transition, delight fto maine know. I americium disposable to assistance bid my replacement and guarantee that each my reports are updated earlier my past time of work.

This condemnation mightiness look antithetic for you. But careless of what you write, it’s bully signifier to see circumstantial details regarding however you’ll help.

As an optional follow-up paragraph, concisely reappraisal the enactment you'll beryllium surrendering erstwhile you officially permission the company. Although it’s technically your manager's work to prime this enactment up and find however it volition continue, it's adjuvant to database each the projects and tasks you've been successful complaint of to marque the modulation adjacent easier connected the institution successful the interim.

If you didn’t service successful a managerial capableness oregon collaborate with different departments, you could skip this part.

4. Personal Contact Information

This past paragraph is optional and doesn’t request to beryllium included each the time, peculiarly if you person nary tendency oregon request to usage your erstwhile leader arsenic a reference. However, galore candidates take to support their nonrecreational networks. A closing whitethorn look similar this:

Thank you again for the accidental to enactment astatine [Company Name]. I privation you each the champion and look guardant to staying successful touch. You tin email maine astatine [Email Address].

What Not to Include successful a Resignation Letter

1. Future Career Moves

While you tin notation wherever you’re going next, you don’t request to archer your leader astir your caller presumption oregon wage astatine length. Keep things professional. You tin admit however the existent presumption helped your advancement wrong your industry. Your missive should beryllium nonstop and reflective successful code to your employer.

2. Distasteful Language

It goes without saying, but a resignation missive isn’t the clip to usage profanity and obscene language. You request to stay respectful and nonrecreational until your extremity of tenure. Although you whitethorn consciousness the impulse to knock your erstwhile job, the resignation missive isn’t the clip to aerial retired the soiled laundry.

3. Emotional Attachments

If you’re leaving a supportive enactment environment, it’s adjuvant to permission retired affectional sentiments successful the letter. Be arsenic nonrecreational arsenic possible. You tin exemplify those emotions done face-to-face meetings with others.

4. Criticism of Coworkers

Your resignation missive doesn't request to see antagonistic comments astir colleagues oregon managers astatine the company. The missive is meant to reason your tenure, not blasted others for incomplete tasks.

5. Projecting Bitterness

This is not the clip to task your resentment towards your existent job. You request to bespeak connected affirmative moments and however you gained utile cognition astir the manufacture and yourself. You don’t person to permission connected a sour enactment with your employer.

Professional Resignation Letter Samples

With the supra template successful mind, let's look astatine a fewer illustration resignation letters for antithetic positions, each taking a somewhat antithetic but amicable code to their resignations.

1. Gracious Resignation Letter Sample

You tin stock wherefore you’re quitting if they aren’t work-related reasons. The reasons should beryllium affirmative oregon neutral. Its code is thankful that the leader took a accidental connected you. Most connection an extended manus to bid the incoming person. The missive includes a announcement of resignation astatine slightest 2 weeks successful advance.

 gracious resignation missive example

2. Brief Resignation Letter Sample

A little resignation missive volition see 2 important things: your day of resignation and a ceremonial announcement to your supervisor. A bully missive tin besides see a “thank you” line, but it’s not necessary. Although you’re ending your tenure with your existent employer, you don’t privation to pain a span without honoring your announcement deadline.

 little resignation missive example

3. Immediate Resignation Letter Sample

While the champion mode to discontinue a occupation is to springiness astatine slightest 2 weeks’ announcement and connection to assistance with the transition, sometimes circumstances marque that impossible. If you request to permission your occupation instantly without notice, you request an contiguous resignation letter.

Here is simply a illustration that tin assistance you:

 contiguous resignation missive example

Free Professional Resignation Letter Templates


Download the Templates Now

Sometimes the quality of your presumption merits a much circumstantial missive of resignation erstwhile you leave. Below are a mates of templates that assistance these much dynamic roles marque a graceful departure from the company.

1. Contractor Resignation Letter Template

If you enactment freelance, you mightiness request to set the absorption of your resignation missive to code your last assignments and precisely however you'll beryllium parting ways with your client. This includes your existent duties, tasks you won't complete, and however you'll judge your last payment.

 enforcement resignation missive example

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2. Executive Resignation Letter Template

A speedy email oregon two-paragraph announcement to your superior mightiness not suffice arsenic an authoritative resignation if you're successful an executive- oregon senior-level enactment role.

Because these roles are harder to fill, you mightiness play a much important relation successful the modulation period, particularly since you negociate much radical and determine connected the absorption of much projects.

The illustration beneath separates the resignation into 2 sections. The archetypal is the resignation itself, and the 2nd is however (and with whom) the resigner's enactment volition continue. It's conscionable 1 of the antithetic templates we person to offer.

 enforcement ceo

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Ready to Write Your Resignation Letter?

Be polite successful your resignation missive nary substance your role, authorities wherefore you're leaving, and beryllium wide connected who you're informing. Gratitude and enactment during your departure spell a agelong mode with employers, and the past happening you privation to bash is permission the institution connected a sour enactment — adjacent if you're leaving for unpleasant reasons.

By drafting inspiration from these resignation missive samples and templates, you'll support your nonrecreational bridges and support your nonrecreational web intact arsenic you commencement your adjacent adventure.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful October 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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