How to Send Effective Order Confirmation Emails [Examples + Template]

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Order confirmation emails person a 65% unfastened rate, the highest mean unfastened complaint of each emails. Optimizing these emails is simply a definite mode to get much eyes connected your brand.

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Beyond brand-building, email confirmations bring bid of caput to your valued customers by verifying that a transaction connected your website was successful. Without this confirmation, your customers whitethorn consciousness confused. The effect is simply a shaky marque acquisition and perchance an summation successful inquiries for your lawsuit work team.

Let’s research however you tin optimize your confirmation emails with actionable examples and templates. In this article, you’ll explore:

  • Confirmation Email Best Practices
  • Order Confirmation Email Template
  • Order Confirmation Email Examples
  • How to Create and Send Order Confirmation Emails
  • Order Confirmation Page

What is simply a confirmation email?

A confirmation email acts arsenic a integer receipt that a lawsuit receives erstwhile they’ve purchased thing online. This email includes bid confirmation numbers, what they purchased, however overmuch wealth they spent, and accusation related to shipping and delivery.

Confirmation Email Best Practices

Many confirmation emails are portion of a workflow. Once a lawsuit completes a transaction, an email automatically comes retired recapping what they bought. Even though this email follows a ceremonial structure, determination are inactive champion practices your marque should implement.

For instance, it's captious your bid confirmation email be:

  • Mobile-friendly. Many recipients volition cheque their email connected their phones to spot whether an bid was processed.
  • Skim-able. Many customers are on-the-go and don't person clip to work dense text. If you person important transportation accusation you'd similar to include, see linking to it alternatively of including it successful the assemblage text.
  • Provides an email and telephone fig of your lawsuit support, successful lawsuit the recipient's bid is incorrect.
  • Outlines adjacent steps. That includes erstwhile the lawsuit tin expect an bid to ship, oregon however the lawsuit tin way their order.
  • Includes shipping address, outgo method, and bid number.
  • Offers upselling opportunities, similar products that complement their acquisition oregon upgraded plans to see successful the future.

Additionally, see however you tin see marque dependable successful your substance to cultivate lawsuit loyalty, peculiarly with first-time customers. You mightiness besides adhd links to your societal media accounts oregon blog, truthful caller customers tin find different ways to prosecute with your brand.

10 Order Confirmation Email Examples

Before you get started connected your confirmation email, instrumentality inspiration from our round-up of the champion email examples. Then, work connected for immoderate templates that your squad tin use.

1. Offer a adjacent step.

Email confirmation illustration from Uber.

Uber's bid confirmation emails are sleek, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Their plan makes usage of ample text, plentifulness of achromatic space, and a bluish call-to-action to incentivize the rider to "rate oregon tip" the driver.

What we love: The email is organized truthful the rider sees the astir captious accusation above-the-fold — a "thank you" followed by the price. The recipient lone needs to scroll if they privation to.

2. Affirm the purchase.

Email confirmation illustration from JetBlue.

JetBlue's bid confirmation email opens with their amusive and clever slogan, “You're each acceptable to jet.” This operation instantly reassures the recipient that their bid was successfully processed.

Additionally, the substance beneath the archetypal slogan promises the recipient "the astir legroom successful coach, escaped wi-fi & entertainment, and escaped snacks & drinks." Even though the recipient has already paid, JetBlue uses the bid confirmation email arsenic different accidental to cultivate stronger lawsuit loyalty.

What we love: Below the confirmation, JetBlue provides a elemental "Manage trip" CTA, truthful the lawsuit tin easy update a spot assignment, adhd extras, oregon power flights. Best of all, they've included a nexus to their mobile app. Customers receiving bid confirmations from JetBlue volition request their app to entree their mobile ticket, truthful it's a astute strategy for JetBlue to see the app link.

3. Create a sleek design.

Email confirmation illustration from Hausera.

Hausera, an ecommerce tract that sells room and bath fixtures, does an fantabulous occupation ensuring their bid confirmation email is sleek, each portion offering the recipient immoderate accusation they whitethorn need. They commencement with affirmative messaging similar "progress is simply a beauteous thing" and "congratulations" to convey the lawsuit for their order.

Email confirmation illustration from Hausera.

What we love: Below the bid summary, they see adjuvant CTAs specified arsenic "Keep Shopping,'' arsenic good arsenic options to either email, call, oregon unrecorded chat with a enactment rep. Whether a lawsuit has an contented with their bid oregon simply wants to proceed perusing Hausera, the ecommerce tract ensures the lawsuit tin find the adjacent steps from wrong the bid confirmation itself.

4. Put the astir important details up top.

Email confirmation illustration from Tobi

Tobi's bid confirmation email is elemental and straightforward. The ecommerce tract offers 2 captious CTAs — "review my order" and "contact lawsuit care" — wrong the email itself. The recipient is capable to instantly cheque and close immoderate accusation if their bid doesn't look right.

What we love: Tobi besides efficaciously outlines their bid process wrong the assemblage substance of their email. They archer the lawsuit to " let up to 2 concern days to process and vessel your order." By including this accusation successful their email, Tobi ensures minimal outreach from customers who are wondering erstwhile their bid volition ship, oregon wherefore they haven't received shipping accusation already.

5. Say, Thanks!

Email confirmation illustration from BigStub

BigStub's bid confirmation email, portion admittedly text-heavy, does a bully occupation providing the lawsuit with plentifulness of captious accusation passim their email, including a CTA to cheque bid status, a telephone fig to interaction lawsuit support, and a enactment regarding transportation details for the recipient's ticket.

What we love: BigStub offers a $25 rebate wrong the bid confirmation email with enrollment in Great Fun. Even if the lawsuit doesn't use for the rebate, the inclusion is inactive an effectual method that allows BigStub to perchance boost affirmative marque perception.

6. Make it shoppable.

Email confirmation illustration from JustBats

JustBats, an ecommerce tract that sells shot and softball equipment, does an fantabulous occupation of cross-selling different products successful their bid confirmation emails. For instance, if you acquisition a mitt connected their site, you'll person an email with the pursuing connection — "You person the glove, present get the bat."

The remainder of the email is designed to assistance a idiosyncratic take a bat, with CTAs similar "Shop each bats" and "Shop closeouts." The email besides features adjuvant resources to guarantee the recipient is capable to find the close bat for his oregon her needs.

What we love: JustBats proves an bid confirmation email tin beryllium an effectual accidental to suggest different applicable products oregon services, peculiarly since the bid tin assistance you recognize the customer's needs. In the supra example, a mitt is simply a logical adjacent measurement for idiosyncratic who has conscionable purchased a bat, and vice versa.

7. Be helpful.

Email confirmation illustration from SoulCycle.

SoulCycle's bid confirmation email efficaciously provides each applicable accusation and demonstrates SoulCycle's quality to spell above-and-beyond successful lawsuit service. Once they've outlined when, where, and connected which motorcycle the lawsuit volition beryllium riding, SoulCycle includes different utile accusation including the workplace code and a enactment that shoes and h2o volition beryllium provided.

At the bottommost of their email, they nonstop a cheerful invitation that reads "Questions, concerns, oregon conscionable privation to accidental hello?" with some a telephone fig and email if the recipient needs to scope lawsuit support.

What we love: SoulCycle pays attraction to the connection successful their bid confirmation email, and looks for areas wherever they tin adhd brand voice.

8. Reinforce meaningful actions.

Take a look astatine the bid confirmation received from Massachusetts' Franklin Park Zoo upon a caller purchase:

Email confirmation illustration from Franklin Park Zoo.

This email provides each the accusation needed, but it besides makes the recipient consciousness bully astir the acquisition by letting them cognize that their wealth was helping enactment conservation efforts.

9. Teach users astir caller technology.

 outgo details, getting started, and support.

Zoom’s confirmation email contains 3 parts:

  • It confirms the purchase.
  • It encourages the recipient to usage the work by jumping with “schedule a meeting.”
  • For the recipients who mightiness beryllium little savvy, Zoom offers demos, webinars, and support.

What we love: The sleek and minimal plan underpins the easiness of usage of Zoom’s gathering software. The email is well-designed with a batch of achromatic space. This makes it casual to work and draws the oculus to the astir important elements similar the iconography representing enactment and grooming opportunities.

10. Stay connected brand.

 ‘happy, steadfast skin’ and ‘we anticipation you emotion your caller skincare’

SKINICIAN uses a accordant code passim its confirmation email. The substance astatine the apical is affable and personable. It affirms the buyer’s acquisition with “Happy Healthy Skin is astir the corner.” The intro ends with a affable “we anticipation you emotion your caller skincare.”

What we love: At the apical of the email the recipient tin instrumentality 2 actions: “View your order” oregon “Keep shopping.” An effectual summation to this email is the “You saved £5.00,” which reminds the idiosyncratic of the worth of buying astatine their site.

11 Order Confirmation Email Templates

Looking to trade the cleanable confirmation email? Try these email templates to make a confirmation series that serves your customers and supports your brand.

1. Educating Customers

 [order payment] Now, let’s get you started with [product]. [Information connected however to usage the product.] Dig into immoderate of the guides, webinars, and grooming materials, below. Contact lawsuit support.What we love: This template gives the recipient everything they request to affirm their purchase, then, it preempts their adjacent needs by offering acquisition materials.

Either the recipient volition cognize what they request to bash next, oregon they mightiness admit guidance to get the astir retired of their caller purchase.

This template besides connects the marque to the consumer. The summation of “Contact lawsuit support” shows the marque cares astir the idiosyncratic by giving casual entree to support.

2. Supporting Your Sales Funnel

 [cost of order] [Order status] [Add sections with related items to bring the purchaser backmost into the shop.]

What we love: Shoppable email confirmation is apt to instrumentality your idiosyncratic backmost to the website. Plus, it shares products that you cognize the lawsuit mightiness beryllium funny in.

3. Sharing marque values.

 [purchase cost] [Track My Order] [Add a “Did you know?” conception taking the idiosyncratic to applicable pages connected the website.]

What we love: Remember, 65% of radical unfastened confirmation emails, and your purchaser mightiness not cognize everything astir your marque yet. Informing your buyers astir what sets you speech from the contention tin assistance crook them into loyal customers and marque advocates.

4. Making the Buyer Feel Good

Hey [name], You’ve done thing unthinkable contiguous by donating [amount]. Thanks to your generosity we volition beryllium capable to [what the donation wealth accomplishes]. It’s radical similar you who marque a quality and we truly admit it.

What we love: There’s thing similar the affirmation that you’ve done a bully thing. With thing similar a donation you tin expect the donor to consciousness bully already, but they mightiness not admit the standard of their contribution. This email template helps to bash conscionable that, and it softly reinforces precisely what the nonprofit is achieving.

5. Welcoming a Buyer Into the Community

 [date of payment] Your subscription is progressive until [date] and volition automatically renew. You’re present portion of a [size] community, and we’re each present to [mission].  Why not caput implicit and present yourself to the community? You’ll find threads and channels dedicated to introductions and our moderators are determination to invited you. Find america connected [Slack link], [Facebook Group link], and [LinkedIn link].

What we love: The email covers the details of the acquisition and subscription astatine the top. It eliminates questions astir automatic renewal and affirms that the determination is simply a bully 1 by telling the recipient that others person subscribed too. Finally, the email aims to marque the modulation into the assemblage casual by encouraging them to present themselves and wherever to bash it.

6. Reaffirming the Purchase

 [date of payment] [Order details] You should beryllium arrogant of the bully enactment you’ve done today. By purchasing [service] you tin expect. Got questions? Reach retired to lawsuit service.

What we love: There’s thing similar a speedy affirmation of a bully decision. This email does that, but it besides gives the reasons why the recipient tin beryllium blessed astir the determination by outlining the expectations. The lawsuit work details astatine the extremity are a bully addition, conscionable successful lawsuit determination are immoderate nagging worries.

7. Confirming a Booking

 [Provide circumstantial instructions.] Here’s however to find us. [Detailed directions.] Any questions, don’t hesitate to prime up the telephone and telephone america astatine [number].

What we love: This confirmation template provides each the adjacent steps that the recipient needs to spot their edifice oregon country booking was a success. Additionally, the email is advising the recipient connected what they tin bash next. That includes covering the determination and immoderate circumstantial instructions the purchaser mightiness request to beryllium alert of.

8. Opting for Simplicity

Hello [name], Thanks for choosing us. Your bid for [product/service] was successful. You tin expect transportation successful [number] concern days. Order number: [order number] Payment received: [cost] [Track bid status]What we love: Although simplistic, this confirmation email does everything that it needs to. It’s suitable for brands who privation to get to the constituent and present each the halfway information.

9. Encouraging Referrals

 [cost] Don’t forget! We connection 10% disconnected your adjacent bid if you notation a friend. Just stock your referral codification [code] with a friend, and we’ll benignant the rest!

What we love: The code of this email template is affable and informative. At the end, the marque prompts the lawsuit to stock with a person for 10% disconnected their adjacent order. You tin reenforce this messaging successful aboriginal emails too, which is particularly utile erstwhile the bid arrives.

10. Upselling

 [cost] Your items would look astonishing with these accessories! [Related items] [Revise Your Order]

What we love: Similarly to the JustBats and SKINICIAN examples above, this template is giving users an accidental to spell backmost to the website. The related items adjacent to a “revise your order” fastener are effective. This CTA tin animate an upsell earlier the bid is afloat processed.

11. Incentivize Action

 [cost] [Review Order] Before you go, did you cheque retired our merchantability ending successful [hours/days]? It’s not excessively late, you tin prime up [items] for up to 50% off. [Shop]

What we love: The conception of a soon-to-be-ending merchantability encourages users to instrumentality action. The store fastener makes viewing the merchantability items easy.

Subject Line Templates

Looking for immoderate speedy inspiration for taxable lines? Here are a fewer fashionable options that you tin usage successful your confirmation emails.

Note: Subject lines alteration based connected the benignant of point that is for merchantability and the enactment that has been completed.

Ecommerce Purchases

  • 🙌🏻 You did it!
  • Your acquisition is connected its way.
  • We’ve got your order!

Email Sign-ups

  • Email confirmation! You’re 1 click away.
  • You’re astir there! Confirm your email.
  • Click present to corroborate your email.
  • Click to articulation 10,110 subscribers.


  • Confirm your email for access.
  • You’re making a difference.
  • You changed a beingness today.
  • You’re amazing! 💙 Thank you for your donation.

How to Create and Send Order Confirmation Emails

There are plentifulness of online sites with email templates that tin assistance you make confirmation emails.

For instance, you tin make an bid confirmation email wrong the HubSpot Email Marketing tool for free. You tin take a pre-made template and customize text, images, and wide design. Or, you tin make an email from scratch.

Here's an illustration of an bid confirmation email made with HubSpot's email tool.

Email confirmation email created utilizing HubSpot’s email selling tool.

There are plentifulness of different bid confirmation email templates disposable done tools specified as Stripo and Squarespace.

Alternatively, if you usage an ecommerce website builder similar X-Cart, you tin use one of their email instrumentality add-ons to make your ain bid confirmation email.

Order Confirmation Page

Typically, erstwhile a lawsuit places an order, they'll spot a confirmation leafage earlier they adjacent person the confirmation email.

For instance, here's what you'll spot erstwhile you spot an bid connected Amazon.

Amazon bid confirmation page

Image Source

This leafage is wherever you're redirected erstwhile you click the "Buy" oregon "Purchase" fastener and signifies that an email should beryllium connected its way. An online confirmation leafage is simply a impermanent announcement that tells your lawsuit that their transaction went done correctly. If a lawsuit doesn't spot this page, helium oregon she volition apt presume their transaction didn't work.

When you're creating an online confirmation page, present are a fewer things you should include:

  • Messaging specified arsenic "Success! Your bid is confirmed", arsenic good arsenic a enactment that the lawsuit should expect an email successful their inbox soon.
  • An bid number, transportation details, and bid summary (including full cost).
  • Images of the products oregon services bought.

Additionally, you mightiness see different applicable purchases connected a customer's bid confirmation page. For instance, if they've purchased a blender connected your site, possibly you privation to amusement them a smoothie look publication connected their bid confirmation page.

Ultimately, it's captious to make bid confirmation pages and emails. These details guarantee your lawsuit feels supported passim their full buyer's journey.

Editor's Note: This station was primitively published successful Aug. 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. 

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