How to Repost on Instagram: Ways to Reshare Content From Other Users

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Instagram is simply a almighty societal media level to assistance summation marque scope and thrust caller business, but it tin beryllium time-consuming and costly to consistently stock contented you request to spot your engagement turn successful the semipermanent — which is wherefore you should larn however to repost connected Instagram.

A self-marketer reposting an representation connected Instagram to summation marque engagement.

In this post, we'll amusement you antithetic free ways to repost connected Instagram successful a fewer elemental steps. But earlier diving in, let’s sermon wherefore reposting connected Instagram tin payment your brand.

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Why should your marque repost connected Instagram?

Instagram is 1 of the largest societal media sites connected the market. With implicit one cardinal monthly progressive users, brands that incorporated the tract into selling strategy tin scope larger audiences and summation visibility faster implicit different societal media channels.

And with an assemblage similar that, you privation to consistently station high-quality contented — but that tin instrumentality time, effort, and resources that whitethorn not acceptable your fund conscionable yet. Since astir marketers station betwixt 3-4 times per week, you should person a backlog of contented to support up with demand. 

Additionally, user-generated content (UGC) performs exceptionally well. In fact, 90% of consumers accidental UGC holds much power implicit their buying decisions than promotional emails and adjacent hunt motor results.

For instance, see the powerfulness of Warby Parker reposting this comic representation from 1 of its customers, @cjronson:

Not lone does the representation apt entreaty to Warby Parker customers, but it yet made Warby Parker marketers' jobs easier — they didn’t request to make that contented in-house.

Reposting to Instagram tin assistance you item marque endorsements from your customers, marque loyalists, and employees. UGC is typically considered much trustworthy since a user isn't gaining thing by promoting your merchandise oregon work (unless it's an advertisement) — they're conscionable doing it to archer their audiences that they similar your product. 

How to Repost connected Instagram

Instagram allows you to repost different users’ Reels and posts to your ain Instagram Story utilizing its autochthonal reposting functionality. However, it has its limits: It doesn’t fto you repost to immoderate imperishable portion of your Instagram profile, including your feed, Reels, oregon videos.

In different words, Instagram lone lets you temporarily stock idiosyncratic else’s contented for 24 hours max. If you bash privation to support it permanently, you tin adhd it to an Instagram Story Highlight.

If you’re looking to add a station to your imperishable feed and recognition the archetypal creator, work astir however to bash that successful the adjacent sections. For now, let’s larn however you tin repost contented to your Story and adhd it to your highlights.

1. Navigate to the post, Reel, oregon video you privation to repost.

First, find the close contented to stock with your followers. You tin bash this done respective avenues:

  • Search for industry hashtags and repost fashionable posts by different brands and influencers
  • Search for branded hashtags, which volition amusement you user-generated content made by your customers and fans
  • See the posts you’ve been tagged in and repost immoderate that align with your brand
  • Find brands that you respect and repost the contented that astir aligns with your brand

Remember that you tin lone repost contented from users and brands with nationalist profiles.

Note: You tin besides repost different people’s Stories, truthful agelong arsenic you’re tagged successful them. You tin find those who’ve mentioned you successful their Story successful your Direct Messages.

2. Click the insubstantial airplane awesome connected the station oregon Reel.

On photos and videos, the fastener volition beryllium located adjacent to the Like and Comment buttons.

 airplane fastener connected post

On Reels, it volition beryllium located betwixt the Comment fastener and the 3 dots.

 airplane fastener connected reel

3. On the pop-up menu, click “Add station to your story.”

A pop-up volition look with respective options. If you’re sharing a post, you person the enactment to adhd it to your story, reply to the poster (if they let replies), oregon nonstop the station via Direct Message to anyone you’ve messaged recently.

 adhd station to your storySimilar options look erstwhile you effort to stock a Reel.

 adhd reel to your story

Click Add station to your communicative or Add reel to your story.

4. Tap to amusement and fell the post’s caption.

Next, you should spot a draught of your story.

 reshare with nary caption

You person the enactment of either showing oregon hiding the caption. Simply pat the station to toggle betwixt the two.

 reshare with caption

5. Add text, stickers, hashtags, and different elements.

To get the astir engagement imaginable and align the repost with your brand, spruce up the communicative with substance and different elements. You tin adjacent adhd a nexus oregon a call-to-action. Learn however to customize your Instagram Story here.

 adhd stickers and hashtags

6. To share, click “Your Story.”

It’s clip to decorativeness your repost. At the bottom, click the fastener that says “Your Story” astatine the bottom. This volition automatically stock it with nary further enactment required.

You besides person the enactment to click "Close Friends", if you lone privation a prime radical to presumption your story. Last, if you click the right-hand arrow, you’ll spot further options to stock the station via DM oregon with your adjacent friends.

 entree further options

7. Add the shared station to your Highlights.

While Instagram doesn’t let you to stock posts straight to your imperishable feed, you tin adhd it to 1 of your Highlights, which volition stay permanently connected your profile. Learn however to make Highlights here.

Here’s 1 illustration from a stationer called MARK+FOLD:

 adhd to highlights

With Stories, the aforesaid champion practices should beryllium followed arsenic for sharing a post. If you don’t cognize the idiosyncratic and fishy the contented you’d similar to re-share mightiness beryllium licensed material, inquire for support first. Give recognition to the archetypal posters whenever possible.

How to Repost connected Instagram Using a Screenshot

  1. Take a screenshot of the Instagram station you privation to use.
  2. Tap the caller station fastener located connected the apical close corner, prime post.
  3. Resize the photograph successful the app.
  4. Edit and adhd filters of your choice.
  5. Add a citation.
  6. Add a caption.
  7. Click stock connected the apical close corner.

The screenshot method doesn't necessitate different websites to repost connected Instagram. It's worthy thing that this method lone works for reposting photos, not videos.

Here's however to bash it.

1. Find a photograph connected Instagram you'd similar to repost, and instrumentality a screenshot with your phone.

take a screenshot of the representation you privation to repost

  • For iOS: Press down connected the location and fastener buttons simultaneously until your surface flashes.
  • For Android: Press down connected the sleep/wake and measurement down buttons simultaneously until your surface flashes.

2. Tap the caller station button.

Once you've got your screenshot, instrumentality to your Instagram account. Tap the "new station button" successful the apical close of your Instagram surface (the positive motion wrong a square).

click the positive fastener connected your instagram to repost

Then prime "Post" (other options see "Story" "Reels" oregon "Live").

choose to repost to your feed, story, reels, oregon instagram live

3. Resize the photograph successful the app.

crop your reposted representation wrong the instagram app

Keep successful caput that your telephone volition instrumentality a screenshot of everything connected your screen, not conscionable the photograph you privation to repost. So, beryllium prepared to harvest the sides of the screenshot to seizure conscionable the representation you privation to stock with your followers.

After you've cropped oregon resized the photo to your liking (by pinching the representation and past widening your fingers apart), click "Next" successful the top-right of your screen.

4. Edit and adhd filters of your choice.

edit and filter the representation you privation to repost connected instagram

Edit and filter the station similar you would immoderate different Instagram post.

5. Add a citation.

The repost won't see a citation, truthful we suggest adding 1 by typing "@ + [username]" to recognition the archetypal poster with the photograph you're reposting.

6. Add a caption.

add a caption and springiness recognition to your reposted representation connected instagram

At the apical you'll spot a preview of your station on with abstraction for a caption. You tin take to tag radical oregon organizations, and adhd a location.

7. Click share.

Once you've finished customizing the station with the options above, click stock astatine the apical close corner. The station volition beryllium live.

click the stock fastener to repost your representation connected instagram

Here's however the finished merchandise looks:

an illustration of an representation that has been reposted connected instagram

Pro Tip: When reposting contented done screenshots, marque definite you decently tag oregon springiness recognition to the archetypal contented proprietor either wrong your communicative by linking to their account, oregon successful the statement of a station oregon reel.

Best Apps for Reposting connected Instagram

1. Repost: Posts, Stories, Reels

Price: Free with in-app purchases

 repost posts stories and reels

Image Source

For Instagram for iOS oregon Android. The app integrates straight with Instagram truthful you tin stock contented from different Instagram users from your mobile device.

If your brand’s Instagram illustration follows a chiseled brand benignant guide, Repost tin assistance you customize your reposts to adhere to those guidelines. Users tin prime from 50+ antithetic substance styles and awesome creation to make eye-catching captions to seizure much attention.

2. Reposta

Price: Free


Image Source

For Instagram for iOS oregon Android. Reposta for Instagram is simply a straightforward mode to repost your favourite photos and videos connected Instagram portion giving recognition to the archetypal poster.

When you find thing you privation to repost successful Instagram, simply transcript the stock URL and unfastened Reposta. Then successful Reposta, you tin presumption the attribution people and nonstop the reposted media backmost to Instagram.

3. DownloadGram

Price: Free

DownloadGram lets societal media users download high-resolution copies of contented to repost from their ain accounts connected channels similar Instagram and Twitter. 

There’s nary app you request to download to repost utilizing this process, alternatively you tin transcript and paste the URL to download video, photos, reels oregon stories to repost via PC.

Share Your Favorite Instagram Posts

Now that you've learned however to repost connected Instagram, you tin diversify your illustration with contented sourced from friends, family, and brands. Use the methods supra — being definite to mention the root of the archetypal station — to rapidly and easy reshare your favourite content.

This nonfiction was primitively published successful November 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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