How to Perfect Personalized Marketing with the Help of Your Data Warehouse

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Today, nan barroom for personalized customer engagement is higher than ever.

Marketer uses information storage to powerfulness personalized trading materials

As a marketer, you cognize that customer information is cardinal to delivering personalized experiences that thrust growth. A whopping 82% of marketers opportunity having high-quality information connected their target assemblage is important to succeeding successful their domiciled – but much than half of them opportunity they're missing cardinal information.

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Data silos are 1 of nan biggest hurdles that forestall businesses from delivering personalized, data-driven experiences to their customers. Only 27% of marketers opportunity their trading information is afloat integrated pinch their systems and tools, resulting successful fragmented and inconsistent outreach.

The bully news is: It’s imaginable to unify your information and make it actionable successful 1 place. One cardinal exertion for effective information activation? The unreality data warehouse.

In this blog, we'll talk a strategy to get first-party information retired of nan information storage and into your CRM, truthful you tin leverage it for much effective marketing.

What is simply a information warehouse?

A information storage is simply a strategy that consolidates information from different sources into a azygous cardinal root of truth. Many organizations person already adopted information warehouses to powerfulness reporting and Business Intelligence, but precocious trading teams person begun to leverage their benefits arsenic well.

Data warehouses let trading teams to consolidate information from aggregate platforms including advertizing channels for illustration Google and Facebook, analytics platforms for illustration Mixpanel and Google Analytics, and CRM systems for illustration HubSpot and Salesforce. Even better, some first-party and third-party customer information tin beryllium unified successful nan warehouse.

The astir celebrated unreality information warehouses include:

  • Snowflake Data Cloud
  • Databricks (often referred to arsenic a information lakehouse)
  • Google BigQuery
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Azure Synapse

How Data Activation Provides a Single Source of Truth

Unifying each of your customer information points (that you’ve collected done devices for illustration HubSpot, Google Analytics,or Zendesk) into a customer 360 floor plan enables you to person a holistic knowing of your target audience.

A customer 360 floor plan refers to having a 360 grade position of your customer’s accusation and behavior. This mightiness see institution data, acquisition history, support interactions, and moreover engagement pinch your website, app, aliases societal media accounts.

Fortunately, galore companies person already employed information teams to consolidate customer 360 information successful a cardinal place: nan information warehouse.

In nan past, nan storage was constricted to method users who knew SQL. Accessing customer information was a conflict betwixt Go-to-Market and IT teams, resulting successful reduced agility and debased autonomy for business teams.

Enter information activation: a measurement to span nan spread betwixt information and marketing.

Data activation platforms for illustration Census supply warehouse-native no-code devices that alteration marketers to unlock information straight from nan storage – each without needing to cognize SQL.

This makes it easier for marketers to usage customer 360 information to personalize recommendations and customize promotions.

Leveraging nan aforesaid information infrastructure crossed nan statement improves ratio and squad collaboration, because marketers now activity pinch nan aforesaid root of truth arsenic information and IT teams. You tin beryllium assured that your information is caller and trustworthy because it’s approved and maintained by nan information team.

Activating nan information storage for customer segmentation

Collecting information is useless without action. Let’s talk astir really to really usage your customer information to thrust much effective engagement.

Customer segmentation is cardinal to reaching nan correct customers astatine nan correct clip pinch nan astir applicable information.

This way, you tin amended understand your customers and meet their unsocial needs astatine each shape of nan customer journey.

For instance, you would want to nonstop different and targeted messages to:

  • Users who are connected a free proceedings of your product, versus users connected your highest paid plans
  • VIP customers who person purchased aggregate times, versus visitors who conscionable signed up for your mailing list
  • Companies that person 50 personification seats versus companies who person 2 personification seats

Data activation platforms for illustration nan Census Audience Hub thief you build move assemblage segments pinch your unified customer 360 profiles.

Any user, sloppy of method accomplishment level, tin easy create, explore, and negociate audiences — past nonstop them to your CRM for targeted outreach.


Success stories from Clockwise and Prolific: Using first-party information for amended personalization

Clockwise and Prolific are 2 companies that activate their first-party information to present personalized, cross-channel experiences. Both companies usage Census to powerfulness HubSpot pinch relevant, real-time data.



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Clockwise is simply a SaaS productivity instrumentality that helps engaged professionals negociate their gathering scheduling and find much clip for uninterrupted flow.

They needed a amended measurement to get merchandise usage and engagement information successful beforehand of their go-to-market teams. By mounting up real-time information syncing, nan business operations squad was capable to:

  1. Reduce clip to guidelines up segmentation maturation experiments from weeks to hours
  2. Enable much personalized onboarding communications pinch granular personification segmentation
  3. Provide self-service entree to existent clip merchandise engagement data

Read nan lawsuit study here.


prolific-researcherImage Source

Prolific simplifies online information postulation by connecting researchers pinch nan study participants they need, quickly.

Their newly-minted income squad was eager for information connected their customers and prospects. After connecting their information storage to HubSpot, their salespeople now person important discourse for each income relationship — without ever leaving HubSpot.

Prolific utilized Census’s information activation level to:

  • Build Customer 360 profiles successful HubSpot pinch complete merchandise behaviour data
  • Automate income workflows based connected merchandise usage and segmentation data
  • Identify acquisition intent and personalize messages

Read nan lawsuit study here.

Key learnings from Clockwise and Prolific: Building a robust and scalable information instauration makes first-party information much valuable and usable. But collecting information is conscionable nan beginning. The existent worth is successful activating information to thrust business decisions and revenue.

Key Takeaways

Accessing and leveraging customer information is important for marketers who want to present personalized experiences that thrust growth.

By integrating your information storage pinch your CRM, you tin unlock caller insights and create a cardinal repository of customer information that tin beryllium utilized to powerfulness each of your trading efforts.

Our 3 cardinal takeaways from this article are:

  1. Data Activation is crucial. It connects your information infrastructure to your trading efforts, making you much data-driven than ever.
  2. Real-time segmentation is cardinal to personalization. To target accurately, spell for a solution that updates audiences continuously and makes your information disposable seamlessly.
  3. Your martech stack should clasp data. Choose a customer engagement level that integrates pinch your tech stack, alternatively of utilizing siloed tools.

To transcend customer expectations, empower your marketing, engineering, and IT teams to activate a 360° position of customer data.

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