How to Market an Ebook: 21 Ways to Promote Your Content Offers

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Content offers, for illustration ebooks, tin person your existing postulation and moreover pull caller traffic. However, if your ebook isn't getting excessively galore downloads aliases leads, your trading mightiness beryllium nan problem.

marketer promoting their ebook contented offer

In bid to beryllium successful, your connection must beryllium compelling capable that it practically begs users to opt-in. Read connected to observe nan champion techniques for trading your ebook, whitepaper, guide, aliases different lead-generating resource.

 36 Free Ebook Templates

How To Write An Email

  1. Use a master email address.
  2. Have a compelling taxable line.
  3. Start pinch an due greeting.
  4. Have a beardown attraction grabber.
  5. Keep your connection concise.
  6. Be accordant pinch your font.
  7. Check nan reside of your message.
  8. Write a elemental closing.
  9. Use a master signature.
  10. Practice email etiquette for each activity situation.
  11. Use CC and BCC fields wisely.
  12. Schedule your emails.
  13. Do a last pronunciation and grammar check.
  14. Schedule a follow-up reminder.

1. Consider a co-marketing campaign.

Before you create your adjuvant contented offer, see if there's immoderate partnerships that you tin leverage. Co-marketing provides an opportunity for cross-collaboration connected contented truthful that 2 parties "own" that contented and use from it.

Here are immoderate reasons why co-marketing is simply a bully idea:

  • Sharing resources for nan offer's creation doubles nan worth of nan contented and diminishes nan cost/effort of its production
  • Promoting to 2 networks increases nan scope of nan run exponentially
  • Both partners person vested liking successful nan results of nan promotion because some reap nan benefits (the leads generated from it)

Pro Tip: Look for partners that person akin audiences, values, and goals. If you are not aligned, neither statement will person nan expected results of nan collaboration.

2. Utilize manufacture influencers for their thought activity and reach.

Whether you determine to do co-marketing aliases not, you can't contradict nan powerfulness of influencer marketing. Think done your existing partnerships arsenic good arsenic different awesome players successful nan industries aliases societal circles you want to reach.

Consider these thought leaders' goals: uncovering applicable articles to stock pinch their instrumentality base, summation their reach, and further found themselves arsenic an authority.

You tin entreaty to these goals by featuring them successful your contented offer. For example, inquire them for a quote that you tin incorporated into your contented connection aliases nexus to different article they wrote. When you decorativeness nan piece, nonstop them a complimentary copy. I'd propose telling them really overmuch you've appreciated their expertise and that you were delighted to see them.

The cardinal to this maneuver is to make your personalized outreach unsocial and worthy their while. After all, they apt get bombarded pinch messages asking them to stock content.

Pro Tip: Don't hide to mention that you'll beryllium promoting nan connection to your network. Because they're featured successful nan content, this acts arsenic an inducement for them to stock your connection to their assemblage arsenic well.

The cardinal to this maneuver is to make your personalized outreach unsocial and worthy their while. After all, they apt get bombarded pinch messages asking them to stock content.

3. Use email trading to beforehand nan ebook pinch your existing audience.

Admittedly, outreach is arduous. Don't hide astir nan web you already have. Your email subscribers person already expressed liking successful akin contented offers, and if this caller ebook continues to supply worth for problems they request thief with, this is different opportunity to proceed engaging them.

As you proceed to supply value, you're establishing much credibility and authority successful their eyes. As you enactment apical of mind successful this way, you'll beryllium first connected their database erstwhile they are fresh to make a purchasing decision.

To execute maximum occurrence pinch this tactic, it helps to person a segmented assemblage truthful that you're ever providing relevant, timely, and personalized content.

You don't want to email a circumstantial ebook to your full interaction database because it astir apt doesn't subordinate to each your interaction lists. When you don't conception emails, your engagement will beryllium little and your occurrence will beryllium diminished.

Here's what I mean:

On 1 of your opt-in forms, you could person visitors place what they request thief with. For an inbound trading agency, it mightiness say, "What Does Your Business Want to Improve?" pinch options to select:

  • Grow our web presence
  • Rank higher connected Google
  • Generate much leads

That way, if an ebook was created astir SEO, it could beryllium sent to each nan subscribers who person already shown liking successful ranking higher connected Google.

Pro Tip: Use HubSpot's free email trading tools to create and optimize compelling email campaigns.

market an ebook pinch HubSpot's free email trading tools

4. Create a compelling call-to-action.

Your website visitors will apt find retired astir your ebook done call-to-actions (CTAs), which is nan portion of a webpage that encourages users to return action.

In this case, that intends clicking connected a button, banner, aliases nexus that will return them to nan landing page wherever they are capable to study much and download nan content.

A poorly designed aliases placed CTA could beryllium nan point that's preventing your ebook from generating leads, truthful it's important to put nan clip successful optimizing them.

To create a beardown CTA, you'll want to utilize nan following:

  • Professional, yet bold creation that stands retired connected nan page
  • Active language
  • Short, yet circumstantial messaging
  • A/B testing to find what transcript and creation champion resonates pinch your audience

Pro Tip: Use HubSpot's call-to-action tool to create, test, and optimize engaging CTAs for your website.

HubSpot call-to-action tool

5. Craft an engaging landing page.

Well designed landing pages are nan cardinal to getting conversions.

When users click connected CTAs for your ebook, they will beryllium directed to a landing page that will see further specifications astir nan offer. It will besides see a shape that requires users to insert their interaction accusation successful speech for nan ebook.

Even if users make it to your landing page, it doesn't guarantee a conversion. Your landing page must beryllium engaging and pass your offer's worth aliases other users will bounce. To debar this, let's spell complete immoderate champion practices:

  • Write a header that focuses connected nan benefits of your offer
  • Include images that exemplify what to expect
  • Write progressive and compelling copy
  • Make nan lead shape visible and supra nan fold
  • Only inquire for nan accusation you need, for illustration a sanction and email

Pro Tip: HubSpot's free landing page builder has everything you request to quickly create and trial a landing page for your ebook.

HubSpot free landing page builder

6. Promote your ebook connected your highest trafficked (but still relevant) blog posts.

In summation to your different methods of promotion, you want to make judge that you're converting integrated postulation arsenic well. But here's nan problem: A personification can't person connected a landing page they ne'er onshore on. They tin ne'er beryllium willing successful a contented connection they don't cognize about.

Content offers aren't an "If you build it, they will come" scenario. Instead, spot really you tin capitalize connected nan postulation you're already getting for its promotion.

By putting nan CTA (call to action) connected caller blog posts, each you're doing is making a gamble. Mainly because you don't cognize if that blog station will ever make traffic. After all, it's marque new.

However, you tin put a CTA connected an existing blog station that has proven success, pushing that ebook to a known root of demand.

Promote your connection connected applicable blog posts that already get postulation to put your ebook successful beforehand of nan assemblage you have.

Pro Tip: Routinely analyse blog station capacity and update content to guarantee your astir visited posts don't suffer retired connected traffic.

7. Follow SEO champion practices.

In bid to summation your chances of integrated traffic, each of your web contented should beryllium optimized for hunt engines — including ebooks and their landing pages.

Conduct keyword investigation pinch devices for illustration Ahrefs to find nan champion keywords to see successful your ebook's title, meta-title, meta description, URL, and image alt texts.

Make judge you only usage keywords that are applicable to nan contented of your ebook. Targeting irrelevant keywords whitethorn consequence successful a punishment from Google. For example, if I was penning an ebook astir "beekeeping for beginners", I wouldn't optimize for a keyword for illustration "pollinator garden." Even though users searching for beekeeping contented whitethorn beryllium willing successful gardening, nan 2 hunt position person very different personification intents.

Pro Tip: Learn much astir SEO done HubSpot's SEO certification course.

8. Create a PPC run to advertise your contented offer.

If you cognize your contented connection has a clear way to revenue, integrated plays unsocial are not ever nan champion way for promotion, particularly if location is clear request arsenic group hunt for resources conscionable for illustration yours.

PPC is simply a quicker maneuver than SEO. Plus, it's a awesome measurement to beforehand not conscionable your institution and its services, but besides campaigns and offers you create. A successful PPC run boosts visibility and downloads to your connection by driving high-intent users to nan landing page.

Pro Tip: A/B trial your PPC campaigns to summation CTR and conversions. Just a mini accommodation to your ad's title, description, aliases target keywords tin make a immense effect connected your results.

9. Announce your contented connection connected societal media.

Email is simply a awesome maneuver for promoting to an existing audience, and truthful is social media. An further use is that societal media promotion tin scope beyond that existing assemblage overmuch much easily.

Be judge to station connected your societal channels erstwhile your connection is live, conveying nan worth it contains for nan scholar and including an image to pull their attention. Mix these posts successful pinch your different contented truthful that your readers aren't put disconnected by excessively overmuch promotional content.

Pro Tip: Use HubSpot's free societal media contented almanac template to coordinate your promotional campaigns pinch ease.

market an ebook by utilizing HubSpot's free societal media contented almanac

10. Consider putting advertizing fund down it.

On immoderate societal channels (I'm looking astatine you, Facebook), integrated scope isn't what it utilized to be. Boosting posts helps to summation scope to some your followers and beyond. Alternatively, you tin besides create an advertisement that promotes your ebook and do paid promotion to a targeted audience.

Just support successful mind that group don't browse societal media pinch buying intent, truthful you'll person to guarantee that nan offers you beforehand and nan measurement you beforehand them piques liking and conveys value. Otherwise, they'll conscionable spot it arsenic an advertisement and scroll connected past.

Pro Tip: You tin negociate each your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google advertisement campaigns successful 1 spot by utilizing HubSpot's ads software.

HubSpot ads software

11. Promote your ebook earlier launching.

Pre-launch trading campaigns tin thief build excitement for your ebook while it is successful nan last stages of production. Plus, they tin springiness you an thought of really willing your existing assemblage is successful nan content.

Here are immoderate ways you tin beforehand your ebook earlier it launches:

  • Reveal nan screen and title of nan ebook
  • Publish a short snippet to get readers hooked
  • Write a speedy summary of nan ebook and what users will summation from it

With each pre-launch campaign, you'll want to see a nexus to a landing page that communicates each nan specifications of your ebook and allows users to pre-order it.

Pro Tip: Include a typical offer, for illustration a discount codification aliases exclusive content, to users who motion up for your ebook successful advance.

12. Repurpose your contented into different formats.

The first clip they spot your post, they whitethorn not click and person correct away. Like pinch anything, it tin return aggregate "impressions" to pull attraction and pique interest. At nan aforesaid time, if you proceed posting nan aforesaid point complete and over, your contented gets stale.

Enter repurposing.

Your ebook tin easy beryllium turned into a slideshare, infographic, quiz, aliases different format. By having aggregate "versions" of your contented for promotion, your ebook tin spell farther while getting much eyeballs connected it.

Pro Tip: HubSpot Academy repurposing contented course is simply a awesome assets connected really recycling contented tin use your ebook trading strategy.

13. Create related video content.

In summation to repurposing your ebook into written content, see creating companion videos arsenic well. Not only do astir group for illustration watching videos complete reading, you whitethorn scope caller audiences connected video apps for illustration TikTok and YouTube that you wouldn't person different gotten to connected different channels.

Although video trading whitethorn look intimidating aliases clip consuming, it's worthy nan investment. In fact, 92% of video marketers successful 2023 said that video gives them a affirmative ROI. As video becomes much widespread, it will beryllium basal to see it successful your trading strategy.

Think cautiously astir really your ebook will construe into video format. Write an outline of nan cardinal points from each section you want to discuss, past create your script. Because of nan ocular constituent of nan video, your book doesn't request to beryllium excessively in-depth. Instead, opt for penning a book that is clear, concise, and conversational.

Pro Tip: Short shape videos (under 3 minutes) person higher ROI, lead generation, and engagement compared to agelong shape videos, videographics, webinars, and livestreams. Consider making a multi-part video series, alternatively than cramming your full ebook into a azygous video.

14. Connect pinch niche readers connected societal media.

Look connected Twitter and LinkedIn for users that person been sharing akin contented to what you person created. Just by searching connected Twitter for #inboundmarketing, I tin spot who is sharing inbound trading blogs, guides, and resources. Plus, I tin spot who is getting nan biggest scope successful position of likes and retweets.

Reach retired to these individuals pinch a elemental connection that encapsulates "Hey! I saw you shared [this article] and I thought you mightiness for illustration [this related contented offer]". This measurement you cognize that nan individual is astir apt willing successful what you're penning because they've been willing successful akin contented before.

This maneuver mightiness not activity arsenic good arsenic nan influencer maneuver successful extremity #3 since you're not providing communal value, but galore of these individuals walk a batch of clip curating contented for their audience, and you mightiness conscionable beryllium helping them out.

Pro Tip: When connecting pinch niche readers, personalize each connection truthful you don't travel crossed arsenic spammy.

15. Submit to a contented organization aliases online group.

Chances are, hunt engines and their societal feeds are not nan only places your assemblage hangs out. If your ebook contains specialized aliases niche information, you mightiness beryllium capable to target these niches done content communities and online groups. For example:

  • Niche Facebook groups
  • Niche LinkedIn groups
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Slack groups
  • NextDoor neighborhoods
  • Industry forums

For example, if you're a roofer successful St. Louis, subordinate your organization group connected and connection your contented there. When your vicinity gets deed by a hailstorm, your infographic connected "Assessing Storm Damage arsenic a Homeowner" tin travel successful useful to nan community's residents.

Pro Tip: Content communities are besides a awesome assets for getting feedback, starting discussion, and sharing your passion for your services pinch others.

16. Find different linking opportunities.

Using devices for illustration Ahrefs, you tin spot different websites who person linked to contented for illustration yours. Reach retired to them pinch your contented connection nexus and spot if they want to see a nexus to your resource. I find that this is astir adjuvant erstwhile you tin find a surgery nexus that your caller nexus tin replace. Webmasters mostly admit erstwhile personification lets them cognize of a problem pinch their website links, and if you tin supply a nexus to switch nan surgery one, it mightiness get placed.

Alternatively, usage a instrumentality for illustration BuzzSumo aliases to find mentions of your institution online. You'll beryllium capable to spot who has mentioned you aliases your contented connection and find whether they person linked backmost to you aliases not. If they haven't included your link, scope retired to that website and explicate it mightiness supply their readers a amended acquisition if they could find nan article that is being mentioned.

Pro Tip: If you're looking for much backlink opportunities, I highly urge Backlinko's resource connected backlinks to find different places you could get a nexus from!

17. Guest blog connected celebrated websites pinch your ebook arsenic CTA.

You whitethorn besides person an opportunity to capitalize connected a 3rd statement website's integrated postulation and promotions done impermanent blogging. If your purchaser persona goes to a celebrated website that provides solutions to nan problems they're experiencing, your contented connection should beryllium location excessively (as agelong arsenic it's likewise applicable and helpful, of course).

Once you nail down which websites your purchaser persona is reference to get information, spot if these websites connection nan opportunity for manufacture leaders to impermanent blog. Some websites will require an exertion aliases an article proposal, but erstwhile you get accepted blogging for 1 website, it becomes overmuch easier to get accepted connected different websites.

At nan conclusion of nan article, usage your ebook arsenic a adjacent measurement CTA truthful if a scholar finishes nan article and wants much information, your contented connection is there.

Pro Tip: When you constitute your articles, support them acquisition and don't self-promote. Remember, you're trying to thief nan scholar lick a problem pinch your expertise and manufacture knowledge.

18. Set up podcast interviews.

Getting interviewed connected a celebrated podcast tin beryllium a awesome measurement to summation vulnerability for your ebook. Try reaching retired to podcasts pinch ample audiences, and connection to beryllium a impermanent connected their show and talk astir your expertise.

Like impermanent posting, you'll want to constrictive your attraction connected contacting podcasts that are some applicable to your ebook's taxable matter and purchaser persona. For example, a financial advisor who wrote an ebook connected really to prevention for a down costs connected a location would want to scope retired to a podcast that focuses connected financial advice.

When preparing for your interview, return inspiration from nan accusation listed connected your landing page to create talking points and attraction connected nan things your purchaser persona will use from by reference your ebook.

Pro Tip: Make judge you supply nan podcast shaper pinch a nexus to your landing page to put successful nan show's explanation truthful listeners are capable to easy entree your ebook.

19. Speak astatine manufacture conferences.

Do you be immoderate yearly conferences that are unsocial to your industry? Consider applying to beryllium a speaker astatine it.

Think astir your knowledge and unsocial perspectives successful your taxable area and really sharing your expertise would beryllium valuable to your purchaser persona. Then, usage those large image ideas to create a reside to coming astatine nan conference.

While your position shouldn't beryllium focused connected advertizing your ebook, you'll apt beryllium capable to plug it astatine nan end.

Pro Tip: Speakers are usually capable to be nan remainder of nan convention for free. Use that entree to your advantage and web pinch others successful your industry.

20. Publish a printed version.

Believe it aliases not, location are still group retired location who for illustration people media complete integer media. So, why not meet them wherever they are and people a printed type of your ebook?

A mini batch of beingness copies is astir apt each you need, since astir group will opt to download nan ebook instead. Still, nan printed versions are awesome to person for erstwhile you spell to networking events and want to build amended relationships pinch different professionals.

Pro Tip: If you other printed copies of your book, see doing a giveaway connected your societal media accounts.

21. Give your ebook distant for free.

As we've already discussed, ebooks are a awesome measurement to make leads — particularly if you connection them for free.

People will request to taxable their interaction accusation successful bid to person their transcript of nan ebook, whether aliases not they person to salary for it. When collecting their information, you tin besides see a section that allows them to subscribe to your email list.

Then, erstwhile you person their specifications connected file, your income reps tin nurture and person them into paying customers down nan road.

Pro Tip: Preview your ebook's first mates chapters connected your landing page successful bid to entice them to download nan full thing.

Content that conscionable sits connected your website can't decently do its occupation and bring successful leads. But interest not, by utilizing these promotion tips you'll spot a small spot of other effort tin really return a contented connection from zero to hero.

If you're willing successful creating charismatic ebooks that seizure attraction and bring much leads to your business, cheque retired nan FREE assets beneath (see what we did there?).

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful September 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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