How to Install WordPress: The 4 Methods

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WordPress is known for being 1 of the most popular contented absorption strategy (CMS) bundle options disposable to date. One of the main reasons for this is that WordPress is casual to usage and meets the needs of astir immoderate benignant of website and business.

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 How to Launch a WordPress Website  [Free Guide + Checklist]

Installing the CMS is simply a elemental process that lone takes astir 5 minutes. But if you’re caller to the software, installing WordPress whitethorn look daunting.

That’s wherefore we’ve created this usher to instrumentality you done the installation process step-by-step truthful you tin rapidly get your website up and running. See 4 communal WordPress installation methods below.

How to Install WordPress successful 5 Minutes

  1. Under the auto-installer conception successful your cPanel, click connected the WordPress icon.
  2. You volition beryllium redirected to a leafage wherever you tin click “Install Now”
  3. Under “Protocol”, the default is “http”. We urge you instrumentality with this unless you person installed an SSL certificate — successful which case, you should usage “https.”
  4. The past happening you’ll request to bash is implicit your admin leafage information.

3 Steps to Prepare You to Install WordPress

Before you get started with the installation process, you’ll request to tackle these three elemental tasks. These steps volition assistance velocity up the installation process and guarantee you are wholly acceptable to go.

1. Obtain web server access.

You’ll request to marque definite you person web server entree earlier installing WordPress. Web servers are bundle dedicated to hosting, oregon “serving,” websites. Web servers store, process, and present your web pages to those searching for your tract online.

One of the astir fashionable web server bundle options is Apache. It’s imaginable to make your ain web server to instal WordPress on; however, it’s much communal for users to acquisition a hosting supplier that runs connected a web server, specified as Bluehost or SiteGround.

If you are utilizing a hosting provider, you’ll request to marque definite it meets WordPress’ 3 requirements earlier installation. These requirements include:

  • PHP mentation 7.2 oregon greater.
  • MySQL mentation 5.6 oregon greater OR MariaDB mentation 10.0 oregon greater.
  • HTTPS support.

2. Obtain an FTP client.

FTP, oregon record transportation protocol, is the method by which you volition upload, download, and negociate your WordPress files connected your server. If you take a hosting provider, this should beryllium taken attraction of for you.

3. Download the latest mentation of WordPress.

You tin ever marque definite you person the latest mentation of WordPress by visiting their website and downloading their astir caller update.

Now, let’s reappraisal your WordPress installation options.

How to Install WordPress

WordPress keeps installation simple. No substance which method you choose, the process should lone instrumentality astir 5 minutes. We volition sermon the 4 WordPress installation options beneath and who they are astir beneficial for.

We urge the simplest enactment — uncovering a hosting supplier that offers automatic WordPress installation. But it’s up to you.

See the 4 methods below.

1. Choose a hosting supplier with automatic WordPress installation.

There are respective website hosting providers that connection automatic WordPress installation, specified arsenic Kinsta, Bluehost, WP Engine, or Dreamhost, making this the easiest installation method. This is simply a large enactment if you’re caller to WordPress oregon don’t person a inheritance successful web development.

If you’re unsure whether oregon not your supplier offers automatic WordPress installation, cheque retired their website. That accusation is typically listed connected their enactment page.

2. Install WordPress connected your computer.

You tin instal WordPress straight connected your computer. This method is uncommon because, though you’ll person a fully-functioning website, WordPress volition lone beryllium accessible locally.

This method is lone utile if you’re conscionable looking to play astir with the CMS connected your ain and don’t privation a website that others tin access.

Here’s however you tin instal WordPress connected your Windows:

Step 1. Download WAMP

You’ll person to download the champion mentation for your machine according to its OS type. To find your operating system, caput implicit to Control Panel > System and Security > System and past look up the System Type section.

how to instal wordpress, System benignant conception connected Windows computer

Step 2. Install the WampServer

Once you download the file, unfastened the saved folder. Then travel the installation instructions and acceptable a destination to instal WampServer.

how to instal wordpress, wampserver setup leafage for WordPress

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Step 3. Launch phpMyAdmin and Log In

Once the installation is complete, motorboat the programme from the Start menu. Ensure the icon is green. This means everything is functioning correctly. However, if you spot a yellowish oregon reddish icon, you request to resoluteness the occupation by restarting the program.

 however to instal wordpress, wampserver server configuration page, WordPress

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Click connected phpMyAdmin, to negociate the MySQL database. You tin entree the phpMyAdmin surface done your browser by typing successful localhost. It volition unfastened the WampServer configuration page.

Next, click connected "Go" to entree the dashboard.

Step 4. Create a Database and Install WordPress

From the tabs astatine the apical of the leafage take Databases. Create a caller database for your WordPress website, participate a sanction and take Collation successful the drop-down menu.

how to instal wordpress, Create a database to instal WordPress

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Step 5. Download the platform

Go to and prime Get WordPress. Extract the ZIP record and transcript it. Then find the folder wherever you installed WAMP and paste the WordPress folder into its basal directory.

how to instal wordpress, unfastened databases

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Rename the WordPress folder to thing you want. Remember this volition go the URL and rubric of your section WordPress site, you request to support it descriptive and clear.

Step 6. Visit your site

Finish installing a WampServer WordPress, unfastened your browser, and spell to http://localhost/mytestingsite. Replace “mytestingsite” with the sanction you chose.

To statesman mounting up your WordPress, you’ll person to take a language. While adding your details, usage ‘root’ arsenic the username and permission the password abstraction blank.

how to instal wordpress, participate your database transportation details for WordPress setup

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Now WordPress volition link to your database. You tin proceed to tally the installation process. Enter the site’s username, title, email address, and password for your WordPress relationship whenever you spot a invited screen.

Then click “Log In” to entree the section site’s WordPress dashboard. After that, you tin behaviour immoderate trial oregon troubleshooting you want.

3. Use the cPanel and auto-installers.

Installing WordPress done the cPanel is simply a bully enactment if you privation a spot much of a hands-on experience. This is much communal for web developers oregon radical with a method inheritance who privation to tailor the installation process.

The cPanel is simply a dashboard that galore hosting providers springiness you entree to upon signing up. Once you log successful to your sheet with the credentials provided by your host, you should spot a conception successful your cPanel called “auto-installers”.

Note: not each cPanels look the same, but the WordPress installation process is the same. So if your sheet looks someway antithetic from this, don’t interest you’ll inactive beryllium capable to travel along.

how to instal wordpress, cPanel dashboard, WordPress installation

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Step 1. Under the auto-installer conception successful your cPanel, click connected the WordPress icon.

how to instal wordpress, click the WordPress icon connected your cPanel dashboard

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Step 2. You volition beryllium redirected to a leafage wherever you tin click “Install Now.” Once you person clicked that button, you volition beryllium asked to participate the domain sanction wherever you privation to instal WordPress. No substance what cPanel oregon auto-installer you are using, this leafage should look similar.

how to instal wordpress, installation leafage for WordPress

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Step 3. Under “Protocol,” the default is “http.” We urge you instrumentality with this unless you person installed an SSL certificate – successful which you should usage “https.”

You’ll besides beryllium asked if you privation to participate a “Directory.” In astir cases, you’ll privation to permission this blank to guarantee WordPress is installed connected your main domain.

If you permission the tract blank, your URL volition look similar this: If you participate a directory, your URL volition look similar this:, meaning WordPress volition lone beryllium installed connected a information of your site.

You tin besides participate the sanction of your website (read: business name) and statement (read: purpose of your website) nether “Site Settings.” If you privation to alteration these later, you tin ever spell backmost successful and update them.

how to instal wordpress, You tin participate the sanction of your WordPress website and statement nether “Site Settings.”

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Step 4. The past happening you’ll request to bash is implicit your admin leafage information. Enter your admin username, password, email address, and thing other required — determination whitethorn beryllium a fewer much questions to implicit based connected the auto-installer you chose. Then, click “Install.”

how to instal wordpress, admin leafage accusation for WordPress

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You should present beryllium capable to entree the backend of your tract connected WordPress astatine This is besides wherever you tin edit your admin details if needed.

4. Manually Install With FTP

Between the fig of website hosting providers that automatically instal WordPress for you, arsenic good arsenic the auto-installers disposable successful your cPanel, determination isn’t truly a request to manually instal the bundle with an FTP. However, if you bash take this installation route, you tin travel the steps below.

Step 1. You’ll request an FTP programme specified as SmartFTP or FileZilla (as mentioned successful the 5 tasks you request to implicit anterior to opening installation).

Next, caput to the WordPress website and download the latest mentation of the CMS.

how to instal wordpress, you tin download the latest mentation of the CMS connected the WordPress websiteImage Source

Step 2. Then unzip the WordPress record and upload it to your public directory, which should look thing similar this: public_html.

how to instal wordpress, unzip the WordPress record and upload it to your nationalist directory

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Step 3. Go to your cPanel and find the “MySQL Databases” button. All cPanels should person a akin look, though your MySQL fastener whitethorn beryllium located successful a somewhat antithetic location.

Go to your cPanel and find the “MySQL Databases” button

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Follow the punctual that asks you to participate your database name. Once you person done that, click “Create Database.”

create caller database page

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Step 4. Now that the database has been created, you’ll beryllium asked to make a “user” for your MySQL account. Complete your username and password and click “Create User”.

how to instal wordpress, make caller MySQL account

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Give that idiosyncratic entree to your database by adding their accusation arsenic good arsenic the sanction of the database you’re adding them to.

adding users to your databaseImage Source

Step 5. On the pursuing page, you’ll beryllium asked astir the privileges you privation to supply that idiosyncratic — marque definite they are each checked.

ow to instal wordpress, negociate privileges for your database

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By present your FTP transportation should beryllium implicit and it’s clip to sojourn your domain to implicit the installation. If the transportation was successful, WordPress volition punctual you to take your connection erstwhile you sojourn your domain.

Step 6. Pick your desired connection and click “Continue.”

pick your connection for your WordPress domain

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Step 7. You’ll past beryllium asked to participate your Database “Name,” “Username,” “Password,” “Database Host,” and “Table Prefix.”

Once you’ve completed those fields, click “Submit.”

how to instal wordpress, capable retired database transportation details

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Step 8. Click the fastener that says “Run the Install.” You’ll beryllium asked to springiness WordPress your admin information. This volition see your “Site Title,” “Username,” “Password,” and “Email,” that you created previously.

how to instal wordpress, WordPress installation information

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Step 9. Finally, click “Install WordPress.” You should present beryllium capable to log into WordPress with your username and password.

Congrats! You’ve manually installed WordPress.

Final Thoughts connected WordPress Installation

If you’re capable to take a hosting supplier that meets your needs, WordPress installation volition beryllium casual and automatic — this enactment is highly recommended for anyone wholly caller to WordPress, oregon website instauration successful general.

However, should you take to instal WordPress yourself, your options are inactive straightforward and casual to follow.

If you request assistance astatine immoderate constituent during the installation process, cheque retired the WordPress FAQ or troubleshooting pages.

No substance your background, the WordPress installation process is speedy and easy, allowing you much clip to absorption connected the things that matter, specified arsenic customizing your website and creating a large idiosyncratic acquisition for your visitors.

Editor's Note: This station was primitively published successful Nov. 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.


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