How to (Easily) Make Perfect Content Calendars in Google Sheets

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What bash you usage spreadsheets for? If you're thing similar me, you apt usage them to cod data, way run oregon blog station analytics, oregon support way of play assignments.

marketer uses Google Sheets to make a contented calendar

But person you ever thought astir utilizing spreadsheets to marque a calendar? If not, fto maine archer you wherefore Google Sheets is the cleanable instrumentality for your contented calendar.

 Marketing Editorial Calendar Template

If you often enactment connected campaigns for a fewer antithetic clients, creating idiosyncratic calendars successful Google Sheets could beryllium uniquely utile for ensuring the lawsuit understands erstwhile definite contented volition spell live. Alternatively, possibly you request to make an interior Google Sheet calendar for your squad to support way of upcoming projects.

Making a calendar successful a instrumentality that's commonly utilized for spreadsheets sounds a small intimidating, but don't worry, the process is really beauteous intuitive. And with the assistance of immoderate tips, you tin easy marque a functional calendar that you tin sync your docket with.

Below, we'll spell implicit however to marque a calendar successful Google Sheets and see immoderate tips that'll assistance you elevate the design. At the end, your calendar volition look thing similar this:


Open up Google Sheets and get acceptable to make your precise ain calendar. 📅

How to Make a Calendar successful Google Sheets

  1. Open a caller spreadsheet and take your month.
  2. Begin to format your calendar.
  3. Use a look to capable successful the days of the week.
  4. Fill successful the numbers.
  5. Fill successful the remainder of the numbers.
  6. Reformat your calendar if necessary.
  7. Add plan elements to professionalize the look.
  8. Repeat the process from February to December.

1. Open a caller spreadsheet and take your month.

First, unfastened a new spreadsheet.

Then, take your month. For this example, I did January [YYYY], truthful I filled that into the archetypal cell. What's large astir Google Sheets is that it automatically recognizes dates, truthful typing successful a month, followed by the twelvemonth successful YYYY format volition archer Google that you're going to beryllium moving with dates.

 unfastened spreadsheet

2. Begin to format your calendar.

Next, format your calendar. I selected the text, January [YYYY], successful Column A, Row 1. I highlighted 7 columns (A-G), and clicked Merge to marque that compartment span crossed the full column. You tin find this fastener to the close of the Fill tool.

 statesman formatting calendar

Here, I besides center-aligned my substance utilizing the instrumentality adjacent to Merge. Later on, I’ll summation the font size and bold the month.

3. Use a look to capable successful the days of the week.

Next, capable successful the days of the week successful each file (A-G). You tin bash this manually but I decided to usage a formula. Sheets has a relation that lets you benignant successful formulas to implicit definite actions astatine once.

To capable successful days of the week, successful the compartment wherever you privation your archetypal weekday to be, type: =TEXT(1, "DDDD"). What this tells Google is that your fig volition beryllium replaced by a day oregon clip and the format you're utilizing is weekdays.

 insert weekdays formula

Highlight the fig 1 successful the look and regenerate it with: COLUMN(). Then, property participate and prime your archetypal day. You're going to transcript the look successful Sunday's compartment by dragging the selector to the extremity of your row, (A-G), and pressing participate again.

 adhd the remainder of the days

Pressing participate should automatically capable successful the remainder of the week. Remember, if this doesn't enactment for you, you tin ever capable successful the days manually.

4. Fill successful the numbers.

Excellent! You person your days of the week. Now we're going to capable successful the numerical values. Before this step, I took the clip to adhd colour to the days enactment and changed the font to 1 I liked a small more.

For the numerical values, we’ll simply place the archetypal time of the period and click and resistance to capable successful the rest.


Place the fig 1 connected the container close underneath the archetypal time of the month, past click and resistance horizontally. Depending connected the time of the week, you whitethorn request to travel this process utilizing the 2nd time of the period truthful you tin click and resistance horizontally.

For this example, we’ll usage Sunday arsenic the archetypal time of the month, but retrieve that the archetypal time volition alteration from twelvemonth to year.

 capable successful the time numbers

5. Fill successful the remainder of the numbers.

Note: In this step, I filled successful the calendar numbers each different enactment to assistance with my formatting later.

Now that you’ve filled retired your archetypal row, it’s clip to capable successful the rest. Manually insert the adjacent number, past click and resistance horizontally to capable successful the rest.

Repeat the process for the adjacent rows. You’ll insert the archetypal fig manually, past click and resistance down the row. Here’s what that looks similar for the adjacent enactment successful January.

 adhd the remainder of the numbers

Note: Make definite to extremity the period connected the close number! For January, that would beryllium the 31st.

6. Reformat your calendar if necessary.

Everything is starting to look similar a calendar, right? At this stage, I reformatted things to cleanable up the look of my calendar a little.

Remember those other rows successful betwixt the numbered rows? I expanded those rows to make boxes underneath the numbers. To bash this, I simply dragged the rows down to marque those cells bigger.

 reformat calendarHere are immoderate further formatting tips:

  • Select the bare rows underneath your numbers and halfway them utilizing the halfway substance alignment tool.
  • Select your full calendar and vertically align each elements truthful that they’re successful the halfway of their cells. To bash this, usage the vertical alignment tool.
  • Bold your time numbers.
  • If desired, lightly shadiness your numbered rows.
  • If desired, grey retired the Saturday and Sunday columns truthful that your workdays basal out.

7. Add plan elements to professionalize the look.

Finally, you tin adhd successful immoderate amusive plan elements to personalize the look and consciousness of your calendar. If it's for a lawsuit oregon upcoming project, you'll privation to incorporated the indispensable motorboat days here.

For this step, I added successful a fewer amusive images, included a fewer hypothetical calendar events, and played with font sizes.Completed Google Sheets calendar

8. Repeat the process from February to December.

It’s clip to repetition for the period of February to December. Simply duplicate your January calendar erstwhile you’ve designed it however you privation it to look. To bash this, right-click the sheet’s tab and prime Duplicate from the menu.

Duplicate tab enactment successful Google Sheets

To capable successful the numbers, you’ll lone request to cognize the opening day, past click and resistance to capable successful the remainder of the rows. Here are the archetypal days for each period for the twelvemonth 2023:

  • January: Sunday
  • February: Wednesday
  • March: Wednesday
  • April: Saturday
  • May: Monday
  • June: Thursday
  • July: Saturday
  • August: Tuesday
  • September: Friday
  • October: Sunday
  • November: Wednesday
  • December: Friday

Next, you’ll privation to cognize however galore days you’ll request to capable in. Here are the fig of days you’ll request for each month:

  • January: 31
  • February: 28 oregon 29
  • March: 31
  • April: 30
  • May: 31
  • June: 30
  • July: 31
  • August: 31
  • September: 30
  • October: 31
  • November: 30
  • December: 31

And then, you're done!

It's useful to usage Sheets due to the fact that you tin unfastened your calendar close connected your browser. You tin besides support way of your docket successful a spot that's abstracted from your phone.

If you don’t person the clip oregon the patience to make a calendar from scratch, beneath are 2 further methods.

How to Make a Calendar Using a Google Sheets Template

Google Sheets provides a built-in template for calendar-making. The lone downside is that customization options are constricted — you tin lone usage Google Sheets’ themes. That said, this is an fantabulous enactment if you’re successful a hurry.

1. Go to

Ensure you’re logged into your Google account, oregon log successful erstwhile prompted. This volition instrumentality you straight to the Sheets location page, wherever you tin entree the templates.

Alternatively, spell to, pat New, click the right-hand arrow adjacent to Google Sheets, and pat From a template.


2. Access the template gallery.

If you accessed the Google Sheets templates via Google Drive, you won’t request to instrumentality this step.

Otherwise, successful the apical banner titled Start a caller spreadsheet, pat Template gallery.

 entree template assemblage

3. Find the yearly calendar template.

Templates are divided by categories specified arsenic “Work” and “Project management.” Scroll down until you scope the Personal section, past pat Annual Calendar.

 scroll to the yearly calendar template

4. Change the formatting arsenic needed.

All done! Your calendar has been created. Next, it’s clip to alteration the formatting utilizing Google Sheets’ disposable themes. You tin besides alteration the fonts arsenic you’d prefer.

 customize the template

An alternate enactment to utilizing Google Sheets’ built-in template is utilizing third-party templates, which would let you to make important business documents specified arsenic societal and editorial calendars. Below, I stock respective templates that are cleanable for the task.

Google Sheets Calendar Templates

Good news: You’re not conscionable constricted to Google Sheets’ azygous built-in template. If you request a much functional yearly calendar, I’ve got you covered with the options below.

1. Free Editorial Calendar Template for Google Sheets

Content Calendar Template Google Sheets

Download the Free Template

This editorial calendar template is designed for Google Sheets and covers each of your editorial readying needs. With this template, you tin laic retired a beardown editorial strategy connected a regular and monthly ground successful 1 accessible, scannable sheet.

Designed for utmost usability and readability, it includes a vertical layout for the dates, arsenic good arsenic columns wherever you tin adhd details specified arsenic the Author, Topic, Content Details, and Keywords.

A vertical, year-long plan similar this 1 tin besides beryllium utilized for different efforts, specified arsenic nonrecreational and idiosyncratic goals. You tin alteration the columns arsenic request beryllium to acceptable your and your team’s objectives for the upcoming year.

2. Free Spreadsheet Social Media Content Calendar Template

 usage societal media templates

Download the Free Template

This Excel-based societal media calendar template is perfect for marketers who’d similar to physique a beardown societal strategy for the upcoming year. The champion part? It comes bundled with a idiosyncratic usher for those who are caller to social media strategy planning.

If you already person a societal plan, you tin besides usage this calendar for immoderate multi-channel effort, specified arsenic contented selling crossed aggregate platforms and impermanent blogging connected antithetic publishers’ websites. Simply alteration the titles connected the tabs to acceptable your goals.

This template tin easy beryllium converted into a Google Sheets document. To upload it into Google Drive, simply caput to and resistance the record from your record explorer into your database of Google Drive documents.

Alternatively, caput to to make a caller Google Sheets spreadsheet. Then, click File > Import > Upload. There, you’ll beryllium capable to import the Excel record with nary nonaccomplishment successful quality.

3. General Calendar Templates for Google Sheets

In request of a wide Google Sheets calendar template? Check retired these resources:

  • Spreadsheet Class: Provides a premade, easy-to-use template that’s akin to the 1 we created from scratch. You’ll request to alteration the colors and fonts to your liking.
  • Smartsheet: Provides respective premade Google Sheets calendar templates with a much firm colour scheme.

Use a Google Sheets Calendar to Organize Your Tasks

If you're useful with Sheets and privation to springiness it a shot, make a Google Sheets calendar. It’s a large enactment if you request to make a cleanable calendar to way an interior selling campaign, signifier a client's upcoming projects, oregon stock an lawsuit calendar with cardinal stakeholders. But if you don’t privation to make 1 from scratch, usage our editorial calendar template to jumpstart your readying and enactment efforts immediately.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful May 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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