How Often You Should Publish Blog, Video, and Social Media Content

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As a marketer, you cognize integer contented similar blogs, videos, and societal media are integral to your selling strategy, but figuring retired the frequence you should station integer contented tin beryllium tricky.

Person posts blog, video, and societal media content.

Fortunately, HubSpot surveyed implicit 1,200 marketers to find however often you should people contented crossed assorted channels. Here's what you request to know.

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How often bash marketers people content?

Our survey recovered that 34% of marketers people contented aggregate times a week, and 33% people contented erstwhile a day. Only 13% reported publishing contented aggregate times a day, 10% said weekly, 6% said aggregate times per month, and 4% said erstwhile a period oregon less.

But which posting frequence is the astir effective? Well, astir marketers (35%) who people erstwhile regular described their 2022 selling strategy arsenic effective.

Interestingly, we recovered that 33% of the marketers who people aggregate times a week said their selling strategy was effective, 39% described it arsenic neither effectual nor ineffective, and astir (43%) described it arsenic ineffective.

However, however often you should station contented depends connected erstwhile your assemblage is astir progressive online and connected antithetic platforms.

How often should you station content?

To find retired however often you should station content, behaviour audits for your selling channels to way your audience's behaviour and your content's performance. You tin behaviour a website audit to measure your blog and web pages. You tin besides execute a social media audit to bash the aforesaid for your societal media channels.

After completing your audits, you'll person a broad investigation of your content's show and your audience's behavior. You'll past beryllium capable to find however often you should station contented for each channel.

While the perfect posting cadence tin alteration for each organization, determination are immoderate factors marketers should beryllium alert of erstwhile posting content.

How often should marketers station blog content?

How often you people a blog station depends connected your goal. For example, if your main extremity is to boost integrated traffic, we urge posting optimized contented arsenic often arsenic possible. Consider acquisition contented similar how-to's, listicles, and run round-ups to support your blog posts caller and consistent. Running retired of ideas? Check retired 101 blog station ideas for inspiration.

For integrated traffic, tiny blogs should station caller contented 3-4 times a week, and larger blogs should station caller and updated contented 4-5 times a week.

If your extremity is to rise marque awareness, you apt won't request to station arsenic often arsenic you would for integrated traffic. That's due to the fact that you'll absorption much connected gathering your brand's dependable than connected boosting numbers. You'll request to absorption connected diversifying your posts and providing informative contented to boost marque awareness.

We urge tiny blogs station caller contented erstwhile oregon doubly a period to rise marque awareness. In this case, larger blogs should station caller and updated contented 3-4 times a week.

How often should marketers station societal media content?

How often you station connected societal media depends connected the level and however it works. For example, Twitter is simply a chronological-based societal media level — truthful posting astatine a precocious frequence is amended for visibility.

On the different hand, Facebook is algorithm-based, truthful your posts should beryllium much astir prime than quality. In fact, we recovered that posting connected Facebook much than 5 times per week tin origin the ROI to driblet significantly.

However, each societal media app is different, and determination are exceptions to the rule. For instance, TikTok is algorithm-based, but creators are encouraged to station 1-4 times regular to boost visibility.

How often should marketers station video content?

The frequence successful which you station video contented volition alteration depending connected the platform, but a large regularisation of thumb is to see video contented wherever imaginable successful your blog and societal media content. So, each clip you station a caller blog, effort to find a mode to incorporated video. For example, you tin embed TikTok videos and YouTube videos oregon make caller videos specifically for the post.

Now that you cognize however often you should station content, you're acceptable to trade your 2023 selling strategy.

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