How Consumers Responded to Black Friday in 2022 [+ Holiday Marketing Tips]

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ostentation went up 8.2% betwixt September 2021 and September 2022. As a result, experts theorized that this would instrumentality a toll connected some retailers and shoppers.

consumers look astatine Black Friday Ads

 2022 State of U.S. Consumer Trends Report

Shoppers would beryllium looking for larger-than-normal discounts portion retailers could conflict to connection them.

Below, we'll item what we learned from polling 300+ consumers aft this Black Friday. Then, we'll stock a fewer selling tips connected creating effectual Black Friday ads.

What We Learned About Black Friday Shoppers & Brands successful 2022

1. Inflation didn’t person the interaction we expected.

The connection everyone had connected their caput successful the weeks starring up to Black Friday was inflation. With ostentation up implicit 7%, retailers feared user spending would beryllium overmuch little than typical.

According to Retail Dive, brands similar Target and ThredUp projected little net for Q4.

Contrary to speculation, user spending did not spot a crisp alteration this year. In fact, 1 Adobe Analytics study recovered that online spending was up 2.3% year-over-year.

One mode consumers handled rising ostentation is by utilizing buy-now-pay-later services. According to a CNBC report, these transactions accrued 78% compared to the week prior.

One thing’s for sure: Black Friday is nary longer the agelong lines and midnight openings. Consumers judge they tin get the aforesaid – oregon amended – deals online and arsenic such, visiting a store volition necessitate a antithetic motivation.

For ecommerce brands, this is large news. For offline brands, this whitethorn necessitate adopting a caller attack that prioritizes an online-first strategy.

More connected that successful the adjacent section.

2. Ecommerce brands are outperforming stores.

One Criteo survey suggests that Black Friday is becoming much similar Cyber Monday, arsenic consumers are conducting astir of their transactions online.

The survey recovered that retailers’ websites saw a 9% year-over-year summation successful the week starring up to Black Friday. In addition, consumers accrued their online transactions by 4.8% globally.

Here’s different shocking figure: Online transactions for U.S. retailers accrued implicit 374% month-over-month whereas in-store ones lone accrued by 64%. This suggests that online deals are much enticing to consumers.

Retailers successful the EMEA portion besides saw akin trends, though the increases weren’t arsenic high.

According to the Criteo study, a ample crushed for that is price. Consumers walk a batch of clip online to find the champion deals and they besides judge they tin find amended prices this mode versus successful person.

We surveyed 325 U.S. consumers and erstwhile asked, “Did you spell to a carnal store connected Black Friday aft seeing an advertisement for its deals?” lone 38.5% answered yes.

3. Social media was a apical transmission for Black Friday advertisement engagement.

It seems intolerable to spell done Black Friday without seeing astatine slightest 1 ad. When we ran this survey past year, respondents clicked connected the ads they saw connected societal media the most.

This year, online ads (meaning connected websites oregon hunt engines) took the #1 spot with 32.9% of respondents saying those are the Black Friday ads they clicked on. However, societal media came adjacent with 32%.

Social media tin beryllium a large gross operator erstwhile it comes to Black Friday ads. And the opportunities it offers proceed to expand.

Let’s instrumentality a look astatine Instagram for example. You tin observe a brand, scroll done its profile, spot a merchandise you like, and implicit a acquisition without ever leaving the platform.

With truthful galore societal media platforms offering ecommerce features, brands tin pull shoppers astatine immoderate signifier of the buyer’s travel and consumers tin acquisition a seamless buying experience. It’s a win-win.

From an advertizing perspective, it’s important that brands strategize and motorboat their campaigns early.

According to Nerd Wallet, brands similar Target and Amazon started their Black Friday campaigns arsenic aboriginal arsenic Oct. 6 this year.

This is successful effect to a caller user inclination wherever shoppers commencement their vacation buying earlier than successful erstwhile years. As a result, brands are launching aboriginal to guarantee imaginable consumers are seeing which promotions they person to offer.

So, alternatively of waiting for the week starring up to Black Friday, erstwhile timelines are already flooded with ads, see starting a fewer weeks earlier and you whitethorn get amended results.

5 Tips for Creating Effective Black Friday Ads

1. Plan (and launch) early.

This year, consumers started vacation buying early.

We can’t foretell with afloat accuracy what things volition look similar adjacent year. So, successful lack of knowledge, it's amended to enactment acceptable truthful you don’t person to get ready.

In different words, don’t commencement readying your promotion strategy successful aboriginal November. You privation to springiness your squad capable clip to program an effectual strategy that volition scope your people assemblage astatine the close spot and astatine the close time.

You’ll request capable clip to trade a plan, make the strategy, physique the originative assets, and motorboat the campaign. You'll besides request to relationship for immoderate obstacles you whitethorn brushwood on the way.

2. Highlight however a work oregon merchandise tin lick for your customer.

Your ads should purpose to amended perfect customers astir your offerings, however they tin assistance them, oregon wherefore they mightiness request them successful their regular lives.

But, however bash you convey that your offerings are valuable, important, oregon necessities erstwhile you don't really merchantability an indispensable product? Although it tin instrumentality immoderate creativity, it is imaginable to bash this.

Above is an illustration of Twitter contented from InfoArmor, an accusation information work owned by Allstate.

In the tweet, InfoArmor shared a blog station astir the dangers of accusation information erstwhile moving remotely and however InfoArmor could support distant worker information.

3. Diversify your promotion channels.

We mentioned that societal media is simply a immense gross generator during Black Friday.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s the lone transmission you should leverage to pull shoppers. In fact, you should beforehand your ads crossed each channels to maximize your reach.

Have a newsletter? Share your offers there. You could besides see moving a Google Ads campaign.

Regardless of which online platforms you embrace, beryllium definite to make contented that speaks to those customers, alternatively than conscionable placing a basal advertisement connected each website you tin access.

By creating contented that's tailored to the platforms your customers use, you'll summation the likelihood of catching their eyes arsenic they scroll done endless web pages, feeds, oregon email inboxes. And, erstwhile you drawback their attention, you tin usage that contented to item your worth proposition successful an entertaining oregon absorbing way.

For example, if you're creating an advertisement for Instagram, it mightiness beryllium tempting to conscionable usage a representation of the advertisement you made for a website oregon paper connected with a basal caption.

But, that mightiness not beryllium engaging for radical scrolling done their feeds looking for invaluable merchandise accusation oregon entertaining content. Instead, see creating a abbreviated selling video oregon a bid of photos of customers with your merchandise to amended prosecute this audience.

Below is simply a large illustration of a Black Friday station that could besides enactment good arsenic an advertisement connected Instagram. The station shows a video demo of idiosyncratic from Hair Vivi putting connected 1 of the brand's wigs.

While the video shows viewers however casual it is to enactment connected the wig, the caption besides highlights the product's worth and the company's Black Friday deals.

4. Present deals, sales, oregon affordable offers.

Budget-conscious shoppers volition beryllium looking for the champion deals this vacation season. If you tin connection a woody oregon merchantability connected your merchandise oregon offering, item that accusation successful your advertising.

Here's a large advertisement from Walmart that highlights each the online deals they'll beryllium offering this year:

walmart achromatic friday ad

Along with the advertisement highlighting a clump of large deals and alternatives for Black Friday in-person sales, the advertisement is besides absorbing due to the fact that it's interactive online but formatted truthful it tin besides enactment arsenic a static people advertisement if needed.

Aside from the advertisement above, Walmart has created contented with a akin aesthetic and deal-oriented connection for societal media platforms similar Facebook. Here's a screenshot of featured contented connected its Facebook Business page.

walmart achromatic friday advertisement

5. Embrace video marketing.

If you deliberation video selling is lone for large brands, deliberation again.

In our 2022 State of Marketing Report, we recovered that video is the starring signifier of selling contented utilized crossed industries. And, with Gen-Z and millennials embracing video much than ever for merchandise discovery, this format becomes much of a low-hanging effect each year.

In the past year, we've seen each sorts of tiny and ample brands affordably clasp video to pull and nurture leads.

Every Black Friday is an accidental to larn much astir your people audience. Pay attraction to what works and what doesn’t, and look retired for trends that volition assistance you amended your advertisement strategy.

Editor's Note: This blog station was primitively published successful December 2019 but was updated for freshness and comprehensiveness.

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