Guido Van Rossum Biography

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If you’re an experienced programmer, you whitethorn person heard of Guido Van Rossum before. He’s the creator of the Python programming language, and he’s besides worked arsenic an technologist astatine Google, Apple, and MercadoLibre. It’s hard to find much acquisition successful bundle plan and implementation than that! What inspired Van Rossum to make Python? What different programming languages does helium prefer? And what tin we larn from him astir the aboriginal of bundle design? These questions and much volition beryllium answered successful our Life successful Code Guido Van Rossum biography.

Guido Van Rossum isn’t your emblematic machine scientist, but his accomplishments successful the tract person propelled him to the forefront of programming luminaries and led him to make 1 of the astir wide utilized languages of each time: Python.

Guido Van Rossum Biography

His contributions to exertion person been recognized by respective antithetic organizations and publications, including the Association for Computing Machinery, which included him connected its database of ACM fellows successful 2012, arsenic good arsenic Popular Science magazine, which included him connected its database of fashionable science’s biggest innovators successful 2014.

Early Life

In 1977, van Rossum was a pupil astatine the University of Amsterdam, wherever helium studied mathematics and physics. He became funny successful programming erstwhile helium wrote a programme to assistance his parent with her bookkeeping and learned astir machine programming from an Austrian professor. He taught himself much astir programming languages but recovered that astir were excessively analyzable for what helium wanted to do.

In 1980, van Rossum work astir a caller programming connection called ABC – designed by Alan Kay – which seemed perfect for teaching children however to program. In 1983, van Rossum started moving connected an interpreter for the connection arsenic portion of his thesis task portion attending assemblage part-time.


Van Rossum was calved and raised by his parents successful Netherlands. He got master’s grade successful machine subject and mathematics successful 1982 from Amsterdam University. Later helium besides received 1 bronze medal successful the twelvemonth 1974 successful International Mathematical Olympiad. Van has a brother, named Just Rossum, who is simply a programmer and decorator known for designing typeface utilized successful “Python Powered” logo. At present, Van lives successful California with his woman Kim Knapp & Orlijn their son.

Creating Python

Rossum dreamed of creating his ain programming language. Inspired by the ABC connection and its quality to grip exceptions without utilizing GOTOs, helium decided to make a caller programming connection with the assistance of a Dutch teacher, who had been processing a akin project. Python’s syntax was mostly inspired by ABC’s, but it extended immoderate of ABC’s ideas. For example, it utilized indentation for indicating power flow, alternatively than keywords oregon GOTO. It would aboriginal go 1 of the archetypal languages to enactment lexical scoping, which is captious successful maintaining ample programs.

It besides incorporated galore information structures recovered successful different languages specified arsenic lists and dictionaries, with the purpose of making this communal accusation casual to find.

Rossum has said that these were 2 cardinal concepts that differentiated Python from different languages astatine the time. He chose Python due to the fact that it was abbreviated and not trademarked.


  • Advancement of Free Software Award successful 2001
  • Received NLUUG Award successful 2003
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