GreenGeeks launches new data center location in Singapore

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GreenGeeks is excited to denote that we’ve launched a caller information halfway determination successful Singapore! This means our Asia-Pacific customers volition reap the benefits of a information halfway person to their section market.

Although the inclusion of our Amsterdam information center has been adjuvant for our Asian customers, we felt having web hosting person could beryllium of large payment to them. In different words, determination are less hops for visitors to entree those pages. The extremity effect is simply a streamlined acquisition erstwhile viewing contented centered adjacent the south-Asian regions.

Customers volition bask each of the aforesaid services and features they bash successful our different information centers, specified arsenic Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting & VPS Hosting, on with domain sanction registration and different add-on services we connection arsenic portion of our web hosting platform.

Some of the benefits to Asia-Pacific customers:

  • Faster Local Page Loads
    Visitors accessing your contented from the Asia-Pacific portion volition person less hops, which means your sites volition load faster for your visitors wrong the region. This straight impacts the visitant acquisition which has galore benefits specified arsenic improved rankings and conversions.
  • Maintenance During Non-Peak Hours
    The information halfway volition beryllium maintained during non-peak hours according to Singapore Standard Time (SST), which is UTC+8:00. This provides less interruptions arsenic opposed to severs successful different clip zones.
  • Improved SEO Rankings
    Searches for section contented volition amended owed to geographic location. For those operating businesses successful the area, this tin boost visibility successful hunt engines.
  • Best Green Web Hosting Around
    In summation to pursuing SS-564 Part 1: 2013 SG Standards for Green Data Centers, our committedness to renewable vigor inactive applies successful that 300% of the powerfulness utilized to big your website is fed backmost into the grid from renewable sources. We volition besides works a histrion for each hosting relationship provisioned.

Ready to Migrate to Singapore?

If you person web hosting done GreenGeeks and are looking to determination your work to our Singapore information center, marque definite you open a enactment ticket from wrong of the relationship manager requesting migration options. There is truthful overmuch to gain, particularly if you’re focusing your contented connected section consumers.