Equinox Champions the Anti-Resolution

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Upscale fittingness marque Equinox champions an anti-resolution connection

The opening of January is similar the Superbowl for fittingness and wellness brands.

Year aft twelvemonth consumers acceptable goals to signifier healthier habits successful the caller twelvemonth and 2023 is nary exception. According to Statista’s Top New Year's Resolutions Survey, 52% of American adults privation to workout more, 50% anticipation to devour healthier, and 40% are looking to suffer value this year. 

You would deliberation fittingness brands would beryllium going all-in to capitalize connected this momentum, right? Well, upscale fittingness concatenation Equinox had different plans.

On January 1, Equinox updated the institution website and shared arguable societal posts claiming the institution “Doesn’t Speak January” and isn’t allowing caller members to articulation during the period to prioritize those who are dedicated to fittingness year-round.

The connection has been controversial, with immoderate consumers criticizing the marque for shaming those astatine the opening of their wellness travel and being exclusionary.

I'm an each entree + @AskAmex platinum member, and I don't privation to enactment a gym that shames radical for mounting fittingness goals during ANY period of the year— it tin person a ample nationalist wellness interaction for a gym to enactment their members adjacent if 90% driblet disconnected after.

— Violeta J. Rodriguez, MS² (@vjrodriguez33) January 2, 2023

Reading done the tweet replies near maine wondering: bash we genuinely expect a institution that charges upwards of $330 per period for rank dues to beryllium the poster kid for inclusivity?

New Year’s resolutions, particularly those geared towards fitness, person a atrocious estimation due to the fact that truthful few radical execute them. Many judge those who don’t execute their resolutions neglect due to the fact that they aren’t motivated capable to instrumentality with it erstwhile successful world it’s often due to the fact that radical don’t person the tools, resources, and enactment they request to marque lasting changes.

As a consumer, predominant year-round gym-goer, and erstwhile fittingness professional, I couldn’t assistance but rotation my eyes and disagree with Equinox discouraging caller members from joining successful January.

As a marketer, I could spot the messaging from Equinox did precisely what it intended to bash — make a viral infinitesimal that got radical talking (we cognize the marque is no alien to controversy).

If the extremity of a marque is to assistance radical unrecorded healthier lives, forming the wont of workout should beryllium encouraged year-round especially erstwhile radical consciousness motivated and excited to bash so. But I would reason that isn’t the superior extremity of Equinox.

Instead, the extremity is to merchantability a manner that prioritizes upscale experiences and societal status, not accessible wellness solutions.

When exclusivity is portion of a brand's ethos, exclusive messaging whitethorn beryllium disappointing but is yet on-brand. 

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