Employer Branding: What It Is and How To Build It for Your Business

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A company's estimation matters much than ever during a occupation seeker's search, arsenic 86% of workers would not use for, oregon proceed to enactment for, a institution with a atrocious estimation with erstwhile employees oregon the wide public.

employees enjoying pizza astatine institution with bully leader branding

Ultimately, you walk plentifulness of clip creating a compelling marque story surrounding your products oregon services, but however bash you physique a beardown leader marque that attracts apical talent? Here, we'll research what leader branding means, examples of bully leader branding, and however you tin instrumentality your leader branding strategy today.

Table of Contents: 

  • What Is Employer Branding?
  • Why Is Employer Branding Important?
  • Employer Branding Strategy
  • Employer Branding Examples
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What Is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is the estimation you person arsenic an leader among your employees and the workforce. It’s besides however you marketplace your institution to occupation seekers and interior employees. 

The amended you are astatine leader branding, the much apt you are to clasp and pull your apical talent, arsenic 69% of surveyed employees deliberation it’s extremely/very important that their leader has a marque they’re arrogant to support.

Let's accidental you've done a phenomenal occupation gathering up a beardown marque with your products oregon services. Unfortunately, that unsocial won't person idiosyncratic to enactment at, oregon enactment at, your company. You request to instrumentality the aforesaid branding strategy erstwhile communicating your company's leadership, values, and culture.

If a occupation seeker asks an worker astatine your company, "What's it similar to enactment there?" the worker isn't going to say, "We've built immoderate awesome merchandise." Instead, he's going to laic into the day-to-day of radical management, institution values, and workplace culture. To guarantee a bully leader brand, you request to archer a compelling story.

Employer branding goes deeper than storytelling — you besides request to locomotion the walk. Telling your employees and the wide nationalist that having a ping-pong array makes you a large spot to enactment isn’t going to chopped it. 

Why Is Employer Branding Important?

At this point, you mightiness beryllium wondering, does this truly substance to maine and my company? 

Yes — leader branding is captious to your bottom-line. It tin trim turnover rates and chopped your costs per prosecute successful half, helping you prevention money. Additionally, progressive occupation seekers are more apt to use for a occupation if the leader actively manages its leader brand. 

You person an leader marque whether you've enactment effort down it oregon not — truthful wherefore not enactment effort successful to guarantee it's a marque you tin beryllium arrogant of?

Next, let's research however you tin instrumentality an leader marque strategy today.

Employer Branding Strategy

An leader branding strategy allows you to power and positively alteration the dialog surrounding your institution to guarantee higher endowment acquisition and retention. At its astir basic, leader branding is however you marketplace your institution to occupation seekers and what employees accidental astir your institution arsenic a workplace.

A bully leader branding strategy tin assistance you pull amended talent, chopped down connected hiring costs, and trim worker turnover.

1. Know your company's unsocial worth proposition.

A almighty leader marque begins by focusing connected your company’s ngo statement, values, vision, and culture. It tin beryllium adjuvant to place what your concern needs are and enactment backward to recognize the benignant of endowment you request to fulfill those objectives. 

For instance, see Teach for America's ngo connection — "One day, each children successful this federation volition person the accidental to attain an fantabulous education."

With this statement, Teach for America tin archer a compelling brand leader communicative connected their Values page, wherever they committedness employees the accidental for continuous learning, stating, "We run with curiosity and clasp caller ideas to innovate and perpetually improve. We instrumentality informed risks and larn from successes, setbacks, and each other."

In this way, they've aligned their values, and their leader brand, with their concern goal.

2. Conduct an leader marque audit.

You mightiness not beryllium afloat alert of your company's estimation among occupation seekers, oregon adjacent your employees. 

Conduct a marque audit and nonstop retired interior surveys, behaviour societal media searches, show vocation sites for reviews, oregon prosecute a steadfast that monitors reputations. Your probe should assistance you uncover your employee’s favourite aspects of your institution civilization that you tin absorption connected highlighting and immoderate areas for betterment to guarantee a beardown leader brand. 

Glassdoor found that brands with above-average oregon starring leader brands give clip to monitoring worker engagement, instrumentality enactment connected worker feedback, and support an oculus connected marque health, much than mean oregon below-average leader brands. 

3. Write an leader worth proposition.

Once you’ve researched, cultivated a database of concern values, and learned astir your existing perceptions, you’ll privation to make an leader worth proposition. 

An leader worth proposition is simply a selling connection and a promise, truthful accidental things that are factually existent astir your concern that your employees would hold with. You tin usage this worth proposition connected your website, recruitment materials, oregon LinkedIn Company Page, and recruiters and HR teams tin sermon it with imaginable candidates. 

It’s important to enactment that your worth proposition should person thing to bash with compensation. Instead, you privation it to evoke passionateness successful employees and imaginable candidates by expressing your company’s deeper intent and affirmative interaction connected the world. People privation to consciousness their enactment is meaningful, often adjacent astatine the expense of a bigger paycheck. 

For instance, Accenture’s leader worth proposition is prominently displayed connected its Careers page:  "Every time our People of Change are doing unthinkable things by moving unneurotic to prosecute our shared purpose–to present connected the committedness of exertion and quality ingenuity. Come beryllium portion of our team–bring your ideas, ingenuity and determination to marque a difference, and we’ll lick immoderate of the world’s biggest challenges.”

4. Leverage existent employees.

Job seekers that privation to larn much astir your leader marque privation to perceive from and spot existent employees astatine your company. In fact, your employees are three times much credible than CEOs erstwhile talking astir the moving conditions astatine your company. So, your employees are immoderate of your champion advocates for gathering your leader brand. 

Leverage their sentiment towards your concern nevertheless you can, similar sharing reviews and testimonials connected your hiring pages oregon creating abbreviated interrogation videos for your societal media channels. 90% of companies with starring and above-average leader brands hold that their worker acquisition is simply a large portion of their brand, meaning that what they accidental tin importantly interaction perception.

5. Cultivate a beardown onboarding process.

Onboarding is simply a caller hire's archetypal experience, and a antagonistic content tin person large consequences. In fact, radical who person a antagonistic onboarding acquisition are twice arsenic apt to question a antithetic opportunity.

Ultimately, instilling a affirmative institution marque representation starts with a good onboarding process. Getting employees engaged and excited astir their roles and their teams is important from the start. You're ensuring a creaseless transition, little turnover rates, and much productive teams by arming your caller employees with the instructions and tools to excel successful their roles.

6. Offer learning and improvement opportunities.

A ample crushed wherefore radical discontinue and permission their jobs is that they’re bored and request a caller challenge. Ultimately, this should beryllium a comparatively casual fix. 

Giving employees the accidental to prosecute learning opportunities and go proficient successful caller skills shows your committedness to on-the-job learning and nonrecreational development. And by challenging your employees, you’re ensuring they won’t get bored successful their roles — which could pb to higher retention rates. 

Plus, arsenic they make caller skills, they go much invaluable employees for your company. A win, win.

7. Use videos, blog posts, photos, and slideshows to archer your institution story.

When implementing a strategy to amended the market’s cognition of your brand, usage aggregate channels. Share videos, photos, slideshows, blogs, and different forms of messaging to guarantee you scope a ample radical of audiences connected the platforms they already use. 

Similarly, it's captious you usage high-quality videos, photos, and substance to archer your institution story. You mightiness see putting worker interviews connected your occupation leafage oregon a slideshare created by your CEO connected your About Us page.

8. Create a beardown diverseness and inclusion initiative.

A pillar of a beardown leader marque is simply a continuous committedness to gathering divers and inclusive teams. 

There are plentifulness of benefits to this, astir importantly being that each your employees volition consciousness similar they beryllium and are harmless astatine work. People who consciousness seen, recognized, and respected among their colleagues are much apt to bring their champion selves to enactment and perpetrate to their day-to-day tasks. Plus, a McKinsey study recovered that companies that are much divers and inclusive are much profitable. 

A committedness to DI&B ensures you’re extending your brand's scope to everyone, particularly considering that 3 retired of 4 candidates accidental a divers workforce is an indispensable origin erstwhile evaluating companies and occupation offers. If idiosyncratic tin spot themselves successful the radical who already enactment astatine your company, they mightiness beryllium much inclined to apply.

9. Be transparent, honest, and genuine. 

One of the astir important factors successful processing an leader marque is honesty, transparency, and being genuine. 

Don't inquire for worker feedback due to the fact that you privation to perceive the positives to stock connected your vocation pages. Negative feedback tin besides assistance you larn astir areas for improvement, and making changes tin assistance you conscionable much of your employees' needs. In turn, satisfied employees person higher retention rates and are much apt to beforehand your concern and boast astir the civilization they're blessed to beryllium portion of. 

The aforesaid goes for occupation seekers and the wide public. Making mendacious statements and promises astir your values, culture, and happenings volition travel backmost to haunt you if your conditions are excessively bully to beryllium true, similar if prospects judge occupation offers based connected promises you don't fulfill. 

Be genuine and honorable successful your efforts, and perpetrate to gathering a civilization precisely arsenic it seems — doing the other tin origin much harm than good.

Employer Branding Examples

  1. Starbucks
  2. HubSpot
  3. Wistia
  4. SoulCycle
  5. Canva
  6. Eventbrite
  7. Jet
  8. Shopify

1. Starbucks

Starbucks works to cultivate a beardown assemblage among its employees. For instance, it refers to existent employees arsenic partners, instilling a consciousness of pride, and has Instagram and Twitter accounts (@StarbucksJobs) to beforehand its leader marque and interact with occupation seekers.

By creating societal media accounts to show appreciation for existent employees and evoke passionateness successful imaginable candidates, Starbucks shows its committedness to being much than conscionable a product. The institution besides uses the platforms to show its committedness to diverseness and inclusion.

Photo of Starbucks leader marque connected InstagramPhoto of Starbucks leader marque connected Instagram

2. HubSpot

HubSpot's Culture Page features thing called the Culture Code, which publically shares each imaginativeness and worth HubSpot hopes to beforehand and instill successful employees, candidates, and customers. 


Further down the page, you’ll larn much astir opportunities for learning and development, HubSpot’s committedness to diverseness and inclusion, and penetration and reviews from existent employees. The connection besides consistently focuses connected the occupation seeker: “Picture yourself astatine HubSpot.” 

3. Wistia

For consumers, Wistia brands itself arsenic a video selling bundle that helps turn audiences and physique brands. It lone makes consciousness that it would beryllium brand-conscious and usage its bundle to underscore the ideas they privation to convey to occupation seekers. 

Rather than brag astir however large a workplace they are, the archetypal connection connected its Careers page encourages occupation candidates: "We’ve got large plans — and they see you!” They proceed to underscore that thought with aggregate videos astir the radical who marque up the institution and the civilization they instill.


4. SoulCycle

SoulCycle aims to alteration accepted firm civilization by offering benefits that evoke a consciousness of intent and belonging to each employee. 

For instance, Soul gives its employees 2 paid concern days disconnected per twelvemonth to unpaid astatine a foundation of their prime with the anticipation that the foundation days volition assistance employees consciousness blessed and much fulfilled. Additionally, employees tin instrumentality classes for escaped astatine immoderate clip that suits their schedule. This displays Soul's deeper committedness to making fittingness amusive and utilizing workout to de-stress and link with the community.

With precocious ratings on Indeed, SoulCycle has undoubtedly cultivated a beardown leader brand.SoulCycle testimonials showing blessed employees who bask the brand

5. Canva

Canva’s leader marque stands retired due to the fact that of its committedness to its mission. Its Careers page highlights its values for occupation seekers successful an interactive carousel and pairs each worth with cardinal facts, underscoring the thought that plan tin beryllium a unit for good. 


Canva besides doubles down connected this thought connected its societal media channels, which are afloat of inspirational contented and ideas furthered by design.

6. Eventbrite

To show its committedness to recruiting high-quality talent, Eventbrite created a web leafage to present occupation seekers to its recruitment team. The bios are comic and relatable with amusive facts astir each recruiter.

Additionally, the Eventbrite recruitment squad leafage states, "Interviewing shouldn't beryllium nerve-wracking —-- it should beryllium exciting. It should spark large conversation. We judge successful respect, transparency, and timely responses (we don't permission anyone successful the dreaded recruiting achromatic hole)."

Its connection reflects their values, apt inspiring occupation seekers to apply.

Image of Eventbrite's Careers leafage showcasing team

7. Jet

The ecommerce tract Jet created this inspirational, employee-focused video to dispersed consciousness for its fun, engaging, motivational workplace. The video is particularly almighty due to the fact that it uses existent worker interviews, giving the occupation seeker a consciousness for Jet's enactment civilization and values.

Additionally, the video is apt empowering and pride-evoking for existent employees, who tin spot their company's wide committedness to carrying retired its ngo connection done videos of its workers.

8. Shopify

It tin beryllium challenging to find qualified applications to capable tech jobs. For galore companies, their leverage is having an unthinkable leader marque and large perks to pull apical talent. Companies tin instrumentality a cue from Shopify, wherever it recognizes this and archer occupation seekers that it’s its crook to use to you.

This acknowledgment is 1 measurement toward earning rapport with a imaginable candidate, and they proceed to empathize with the scholar by stating that uncovering the close occupation and acceptable is hard work.  The remainder of its careers page provides each the accusation idiosyncratic would request to instrumentality a accidental and use to Shopify. 


Each 1 of the examples connected this database has successful immoderate mode shown their empathy, a quality element, and a portion of their civilization to statesman attracting large employees. Human superior is your biggest concern and asset, but retrieve that your candidates are besides investing successful you.

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