Daily Crunch: Startup says it has received $1M in preorders for its $60K hydrofoiling personal watercraft

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Hey, folks, invited back! Below we’ve got immoderate 2022 roundups and adjacent immoderate news. I fishy it’ll get adjacent leaner arsenic the week wears on, but nary matter! There volition ever beryllium stories to share. Now, present is your Wednesday variation of the Daily Crunch. — Hank

The TechCrunch Top 3

  • Sports connected Amazon: The tech elephantine wants to proceed its march into broadcasting unrecorded sports, adding to its existent lineup of Thursday Night Football, Premier League shot and the like, Aisha reports. Pro tip, Amazon: Add cricket to your plans.
  • Ring true: Movano bushed the CES unreserved and launched Evie, a astute ringing focused connected women’s health, Brian reports.
  • In the water: Earlier this month, Boundary Layer pivoted to producing idiosyncratic watercraft that volition tally funny parties upward of $60,000 erstwhile they’re ready. Haje reports that the institution has much than $1 cardinal worthy of orders.

Dear Sophie: Do employees person to halt moving until they get their EAD?

lone fig astatine entranceway to maze hedge that has an American emblem astatine the center

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

Dear Sophie,

One of our employees is connected an H-4 visa and has an Employment Authorization Document. It’s been 5 months since helium filed to renew his EAD, which volition expire adjacent month. Is determination immoderate mode to expedite this process? Does helium person to halt moving if helium doesn’t person his caller EAD paper earlier his aged 1 expires?

Because it’s taking truthful agelong to get EAD cards, we’re disquieted astir different of our employees, who has an L-2 visa with an EAD scheduled to expire aboriginal adjacent year.

In addition, the H-4 visa worker wants to sojourn his household successful India due to the fact that it’s been much than 3 years since helium past went. Will helium and his household beryllium capable to instrumentality to the U.S. aft 4 weeks?

— Mindful Manager

We besides rounded up the champion of our clime sum connected TC+ this year. And Tim had a mates much favorites:

  • Disclose your Scope 3 emissions, you cowards
  • The biologic mentation that explains wherefore investors are bullish connected fusion

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Big Tech, Inc.

  • Twitter trimming: A Norway-based developer told Ivan that she created a instrumentality to assistance you cull the database of accounts you follow, due to the fact that she was reaching the travel bounds connected the platform.
  • Political … tick tock: The U.S. House of Representatives has ordered each unit and lawmakers to delete TikTok from their gov-issued phones, citing “security issues,” Carly writes.
  • Bitcoin mining deal: Galaxy Digital has agreed to get Argo Blockchain’s bitcoin mining facility, Helios, for $65 million, Jacquie writes.
  • Code-generating AI: Sounds cool, right? Well, Kyle wrote astir a survey that recovered code-generating AI tin present information vulnerabilities.

2022 successful Review

  • Good news!: Amanda, Kyle, Tim, Devin and Rebecca person a roundup of immoderate bully quality successful tech for you. This harvest of TC reporters enactment their heads unneurotic to excavation 2022 for immoderate tech goodness. Climate tech bolstered by the Inflation Reduction Act and the James Webb Space Telescope are connected the list.
  • On the move: Rebecca has compiled the biggest proscription stories that drove the year.
  • Surveying investors: And Karan and Ram springiness you a glimpse of the capitalist surveys that we ran connected TC+ this year.
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