August 2022 Web Server Survey

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In the August 2022 survey we received responses from 1,135,075,578 sites crossed 271,740,771 unsocial domains and 12,365,527 web-facing computers. This reflects a nonaccomplishment of 4.4 cardinal sites, but a summation of 12,212 domains and 24,355 computers.

OpenResty saw the astir important alteration successful web-facing computers, with a summation of 10,138 (6.1%). Furthermore, 2.8 million (3.1%) other sites were seen since July, with a tiny nonaccomplishment of 466,322 domains (1.2%). This continues the trend of OpenResty’s accelerated maturation successful web-facing computers (46% since August 2021) portion the fig of domains and sites has not grown successful tandem, remaining astir static implicit the period.

nginx continues to beryllium the astir commonly utilized web server and saw humble gains of 25,053 domains (0.03%) and 13,481 computers (0.3%). However, we experienced a important simplification successful the fig of nginx-hosted sites responding to our requests this month, with a nonaccomplishment of implicit 15 million. This represents astir 4% of sites hosted utilizing nginx successful July.

Continuing the inclination of beardown maturation implicit the past 2 months, Cloudflare gained an further 4.4 cardinal sites (6%) and 1.1 cardinal domains (4.7%). This gives Cloudflare a full marketplace stock of 6.8% of sites and 9% of domains, an increase of 0.4pp connected some metrics since July. Cloudflare besides had the strongest maturation amongst the apical cardinal busiest sites, gaining 0.25pp, thereby holding a 20.51% marketplace share.

Apache’s presumption arsenic the astir commonly utilized web server for the apical cardinal busiest sites continues to erode, with a nonaccomplishment of 0.19pp this month. nginx continues to summation marketplace share, up 0.07pp. If this inclination continues, nginx volition overtake Apache in the abbreviated term, and successful the agelong term, Cloudflare volition overtake some of its rivals.

Vendor news

  • nginx reaffirmed its commitment to the unfastened root community successful this year’s roadmap, with a greater absorption connected modernising its assemblage absorption attack and optimising extremity developer experiences.
  • Lighttpd 1.4.66 was released connected 7 August 2022, featuring a scope of bug fixes.
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5.82 was released connected 13 August 2022. The bulk of changes were minor, however, the merchandise includes a mitigation for an XSS vulnerability successful illustration codification distributed with Tomcat (CVE-2022-34305).
  • Cloudflare announced the availability of Weighted Pools for its Load Balancer product, which allows for assigning weights to root servers to administer requests non-uniformly.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server 6.1 RC1 Dev was released connected 17 August 2022. This is the latest mentation successful the LSWS 6.1 watercourse and includes enactment for triggering reCAPTCHA successful its mod_security engine, and respective bugfixes.

Total fig of websites

Web server marketplace share

DeveloperJuly 2022PercentAugust 2022PercentChange

Web server marketplace stock for progressive sites

DeveloperJuly 2022PercentAugust 2022PercentChange

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Web server marketplace stock for apical cardinal busiest sites

DeveloperJuly 2022PercentAugust 2022PercentChange

Web server marketplace stock for computers

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Web server marketplace stock for domains

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