AI Marketing — The Complete Guide

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ChatGPT has entered nan chat, bringing nan resurgence of nan speech astir artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing.

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It seemed for illustration AI trading arsenic a conception had stalled, but successful 2023 it’s much celebrated than ever, leaving everyone wondering, “How tin marketers usage AI?” Today, we’re going to reply that question.

We’ll screen what AI trading is, really to usage it, examples, pros and cons, and trading strategies that use from AI. Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents

  • What is AI marketing?
  • How do marketers usage AI?
  • Examples of AI Marketing
  • AI Marketing Pros and Cons
  • Marketing Strategies That Use AI

What is AI marketing?

AI trading is erstwhile marketers usage artificial intelligence to stitchery insights into their customers and nutrient amended content. Marketing assets guided by AI are personalized and optimized for nan customer journey. This tin look for illustration chatbots, targeted advertising, and contented generation.

To usage AI successful marketing, typically, nan AI will cod data, study customer behaviors, and analyse this accusation to thief a business execute its goals. AI tin moreover scope retired to customers who do a circumstantial behaviour connected your website, for illustration clicking a fastener aliases liking societal media posts.

There are respective AI devices and package marketers tin usage that will trigger automated responses for your customers. AI trading is utilized for information analysis, media buying, contented generation, personalization, and more. Now, let’s dive into really marketers usage AI.

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How do marketers usage AI?

AI has been a increasing manufacture and taxable of speech for nan amended portion of a decade. In fact, location was a 27% reported increase successful implementing AI aliases instrumentality learning into companies' trading toolkits.

The top 3 reported uses for AI successful trading were contented personalization, predictive analytics for customer insights, and targeting decisions. Below, we’ll dive into immoderate of nan usage cases for AI successful marketing.

When to Use AI Marketing

1. Content Personalization

One of nan ways to usage AI successful trading is to personalize content. This intends AI tin alteration nan customer’s acquisition depending connected their online behaviour aliases whether aliases not they’ve filled retired a shape for your company.

For example, move contented changes depending connected nan personification — their name, occupation, online behavior, etc. AI analyzes a personification online and gives them a much individual acquisition pinch trading assets, including web pages, societal media posts, and emails.

6Sense is simply a adjuvant instrumentality that leverages AI to sift done intent data. You tin past understand who successful your assemblage is looking to make a acquisition truthful you tin personalize nan trading experience.

2. Data Analytics

Data analytics is 1 of nan main uses of AI successful marketing. AI tin cod and sift done ample amounts of information from respective trading campaigns and summarize nan findings.

AI tin foretell nan result of trading campaigns by utilizing humanities data, specified arsenic user engagement metrics, purchases, time-on-page, email opens, and more.

This will thief you prevention clip erstwhile strategizing and processing trading assets for your campaigns.

Pro tip: HubSpot Sales Hub has conversational intelligence capabilities to thief you understand really your squad performs connected customer calls done data-driven insights. Learn really to usage account-based trading recommendations powered by AI. 

3. Content Generation

AI tin besides beryllium utilized to thief make content. It tin thief create captions, societal media posts, email taxable lines, and moreover blog copy.

We’ve each seen really AI tin constitute articles erstwhile fixed a definite subject. Still, it’s important to statement that astir AI-generated contented isn’t fresh for publishing immediately.

Most marketers coming usage generative AI to urge contented and make portions of an article. They past fact-check, edit, and set AI’s penning to make it sound much human.

The champion measurement to usage AI successful contented procreation is to thief get you started. The best, high-quality contented is produced by marketers utilizing insights from AI to create contented faster.

Pro tip: HubSpot has an AI-powered contented assistant that tin thief you make blog ideas, create outlines, and constitute blogs aliases trading emails.

ai marketing, personification utilizing hubspot contented adjunct to amended writing

4. Media Buying

Another measurement to usage AI successful trading is done media buying. AI exertion tin foretell nan astir effective advertisement and media placements to scope a target assemblage and maximize ROI.

To instrumentality this tactic, usage AI package specifically made to thief your media buying team. Pattern89 is 1 example. This AI trading instrumentality provides recommendations connected your advertisement walk and enables you to target nan correct assemblage to summation performance.

Additionally, if you usage Google Ads, you’re already encountering nan AI that helps pinch nan auction process.

5. Chatbots

One usage of AI successful trading that we’ve seen for years is chatbots. Chatbots, created pinch natural connection processing (NLP), tin lick speedy problems for customers, thief nurture leads, reply repeated questions, and more.

A chatbot tin personalize nan customer travel during nan shape erstwhile they’re consuming trading content. This instrumentality tin besides reply customer questions.

Let’s look astatine Drift. The institution has trained its chatbot to reply questions, moreover if it’s extracurricular a pre-programmed path. This way, if a personification has a mobility that isn’t loaded into nan system, nan personification will still get an answer.

Pro tip: Looking to amended understand really AI-powered chatbots tin reply customer questions? HubSpot Academy tin help. This people describes nan quality betwixt rule-based and AI-powered chatbots.

6. Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

Automated email trading has besides been astir for years. But AI devices tin thief nutrient much engaging email contented and study astir your email database behaviors.

The extremity is to person your marketers walk little clip researching and brainstorming truthful they tin attraction connected sending successful campaigns. As AI expands and improves, automated email trading package becomes moreover much important to see successful your trading stack.

HubSpot Content Assistant tin thief you create trading emails. Write a punctual astir what you’d for illustration to beforehand — from a discount to a webinar to a blog station — and AI tin make a connection pinch nan correct tone.

ai trading tool, hubspot contented assistant

7. Forecasting Sales

A awesome usage of AI successful trading is to forecast sales.

Now you mightiness deliberation that has much to do pinch income than marketing. However, AI tin thief marketers understand nan predicted result of their campaigns and trading assets.

This penetration tin thief marketers create amended campaigns that really nutrient income and ROI.

8. Improving Customer Experience

Marketing is each astir nan customer experience, and AI tin thief marketers present nan champion acquisition for their visitors to person them into leads.

AI tin thief summation customer retention and loyalty, delight customers pinch personalized content, and amended assets.

9. SEO

One of nan astir important advantages AI tin bring to SEO is nan expertise to optimize contented for hunt engines. AI algorithms tin analyse website traffic, place keywords that tin thief amended hunt motor rankings, and way competitors' activity.

Plus, utilizing AI-powered tools, marketers tin study astir their audience's preferences and customize their contented to lucifer their interests.

To study much astir really AI tin effect your SEO efforts, sojourn HubSpot Academy. Our Keyword Research for SEO course includes accusation connected really hunt engines leverage AI to propose related searches by keywords.

Examples of AI Marketing

At this point, you mightiness beryllium wondering, “Okay, but really does this look successful practice?” Let’s reappraisal immoderate real-life examples of really large media companies person utilized AI successful their marketing.

1. Netflix

If you’re successful marketing, you cognize you person to present nan correct connection to nan correct personification astatine nan correct time. Netflix uses AI to do this. How?

On a Netflix Tech Blog, nan institution explains really it uses erstwhile viewing history to find nan artwork for recommended movies aliases TV shows.

For example, if you’ve watched a batch of 1 actor’s movies, they mightiness urge different movie they’re in. But if nan artwork doesn’t show disconnected nan actor, you whitethorn click away. So, erstwhile nan movie is recommended to this circumstantial viewer, nan artwork will showcase that actor.

Or possibly a spectator tends to watch much comedies than romances. When Netflix recommends a movie, they mightiness alteration nan artwork to show disconnected comedic scenes versus romanticist moments from nan film.

Let’s return a look astatine really Netflix would urge nan movie Good Will Hunting to personification who watches romance movies versus nan artwork they’d usage to urge nan movie to personification who watches comedies.

AI successful marketing, illustration from Netflix utilizing AI to personalize movie recommendations.

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So, why does Netflix do this? The extremity is to summation conversion rates and amended nan customer acquisition connected their platform.

2. Spotify

Spotify uses a akin attack to Netflix. The institution will usage AI to understand a user’s euphony interests, podcast favorites, acquisition history, location, marque interactions, and more.

Then, customized playlists and recommendations are curated for each user.

AI successful marketing, illustration from Spotify

This type of contented personalization has helped awesome media companies for illustration Spotify go apical streaming platforms. But nan personalization doesn’t extremity there.

Spotify will besides nonstop automated email trading messages pinch personalized recommendations.

The goal? Create automated trading messages and assets that will person a personification because nan connection is circumstantial to that customer.

3. Amazon

Two awesome usage cases for AI successful trading are forecasting income and analyzing data. Amazon uses AI to do conscionable that.

When you spell connected Amazon, location is simply a recommended products conception that uses predictive analytics to find if a customer is apt to make a purchase.

AI trading illustration from Amazon.

This helps nan trading teams astatine Amazon cognize what products to spot successful beforehand of which customers. Plus, they tin foretell really good a merchandise will waste based connected their recommended merchandise campaigns.

This type of AI helps summation conversions, amended customer satisfaction, and measurement nan wide occurrence and ROI of various trading campaigns.

AI Marketing Pros and Cons

We’ve covered a batch truthful far, including what AI trading looks for illustration successful nan existent world. However, is this thing you should instrumentality astatine your company? Below, we’ll talk immoderate of nan advantages and disadvantages of AI marketing.

ai marketing, pros and cons

AI Marketing Advantages

1. Increase your ROI.

As you tin spot from nan examples above, nan main extremity of utilizing AI successful trading is to summation ROI and build campaigns that are easier to track.

The information analytics and penetration AI provides tin beryllium leveraged to nutrient amended trading assets and amended your campaigns successful existent time.

This will prevention your trading squad clip and money, allowing them to activity much efficiently and summation profits.

2. Improve customer relationships.

Another advantage is that utilizing AI successful trading tin thief amended your narration pinch your customers.

The much personalized your recommendations are and nan deeper your narration pinch your customer is, nan much apt they’ll go repetition purchasers. This happens done AI’s expertise to personalize trading assets and contented successful existent time.

Additionally, AI tin place customers astatine consequence of churning and put them successful an automated trading run to get them to re-engage pinch your company.

3. Make better, strategical trading decisions.

AI is becoming much celebrated successful marketing, culminating successful nan expertise to make amended strategical trading decisions. As your institution and trading squad grows, scaling has ne'er been much important (but also, it’s ne'er been much difficult).

AI tin make scaling your business easier, utilizing information to analyze, predict, and create trading assets that sell. See really your squad tin usage artificial intelligence and automation in this course from HubSpot Academy. 

AI Marketing Disadvantages

1. Content quality.

If you’re going to usage AI to make contented without having a quality edit it, you’re going to spot a driblet successful nan value of your content. The occurrence of AI is reliant connected high-quality information that is meticulous and timely.

Without a quality editor, AI tin nutrient contented pinch actual inaccuracies, bias, aliases a divergent reside from your brand. Using AI requires quality oversight truthful these types of mistakes don’t happen.

2. Privacy.

As trading assets person go much personalized done nan years, customers are opening to worth privateness much and more. With AI, immoderate of these techniques require utilizing a customer’s cookies and erstwhile net behaviour to foretell early purchases.

If your trading squad downloads and uses AI software, you’ll request to beryllium judge you comply pinch privateness laws, specified arsenic GDPR.

3. Evaluating non-quantifiable KPIs.

It mightiness beryllium difficult to get buy-in to put successful AI astatine your institution because location are non-quantifiable KPIs astatine play.

Certain metrics will beryllium easy to track, but others — for illustration improving nan customer experience, expanding marque awareness, aliases improving estimation — will beryllium overmuch harder. That’s why it’s important to person nan correct measurement devices successful place.

Marketing Strategies That Use AI

Many trading strategies return advantage of AI. Consider whether your squad could use from immoderate (or all) of these tactics. These strategies include:

  • Content marketing. Whether it’s for contented procreation aliases personalization, AI tin thief your squad nutrient much contented successful little time. Personalization software whitethorn beryllium conscionable nan point your marque needs.
  • Product marketing. By search personification behavior, AI tin make recommendations for customers and foretell purchases. AI tin support your marque apical of mind while you prosecute successful different tasks that AI can’t perform.
  • Email marketing. AI tin thief you nutrient lead-nurturing marketing emails and analyse past email behaviors and performance. It tin nonstop automatic emails based connected customer behaviour and emblem outstanding emails and those needing work.
  • Advertising. AI tin return attraction of buying media ads, whether it’s show ads, PPC, aliases paid social, truthful nan contented you’ve crafted tin make it to your target audience.

Remember: AI should thief your squad level up their operations. Human input and editing will ever beryllium portion of nan process.

Critical reasoning skills should beryllium positioned alongside AI content. to empower your squad to prosecute AI efficaciously and accurately. Learn champion practices for captious reasoning and problem-solving successful nan workplace. 

Harnessing nan Power of AI

Marketing teams tin standard their operations pinch AI, and it doesn’t person to break nan bank. However, it’s important to support successful mind nan limitations of AI, moreover arsenic nan exertion continues to get amended complete clip successful nan changing trading landscape.

While you mightiness beryllium capable to usage it to assistance respective trading campaigns (and should), it isn’t replacing marketers conscionable yet.

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