8 Best Membership Plugins for WordPress for 2023

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Many websites support definite contented locked down a paywall that lone members tin access. You tin bash this successful WordPress arsenic agelong arsenic you instal a rank plugin, and determination is nary shortage of options erstwhile it comes to them.

Over the years, these plugins person evolved beyond conscionable locking contented down a membership. For instance, if you deliberation astir online courses, they utilize these types of plugins. Some adjacent beryllium for member-specific coupons.

As you tin imagine, it’s each astir uncovering the close plugin to acceptable your website’s needs.

Today, I volition stock the champion rank plugins for WordPress you should usage successful 2023.

What Is A Membership Plugin?

In its astir basal form, a rank plugin is 1 that allows a website to present exclusive contented to definite visitors. For astir cases today, this is referred to arsenic pay-to-click, but it doesn’t ever request to outgo the idiosyncratic anything.

In galore cases, immoderate websites conscionable necessitate a idiosyncratic to motion up for a escaped account, but it truly depends connected the tract and the instrumentality you use.

So, what benignant of contented tin you marque exclusive? Well, conscionable astir anything. This includes blog posts, video content, oregon entree to a members-only store. You truly don’t person immoderate limits.

Of course, arsenic these plugins person go much precocious implicit the years, they bash acold much than conscionable restrict entree to content. Instead, galore nowadays supply you with further creator tools to assistance make contented worthy of that membership.

For instance, a instrumentality that whitethorn absorption connected online courses volition typically see an online people builder.

Thus, you’ll request to find the champion rank plugin to acceptable your WordPress website.

1. MemberPress

MemberPress is the champion rank plugin for WordPress

When it comes to gathering a membership website, determination is nary amended plugin than MemberPress. It is by acold the easiest plugin you tin usage to physique a rank tract and is accessible to each accomplishment levels.

Most importantly, it’s an all-in-one plugin. So, careless of what benignant of website you run, it volition person tools to help.

In presumption of restricting users from accessing content, you person implicit power and tin acceptable up aggregate rank levels. It’s besides not conscionable for contented arsenic you tin really restrict users from accessing circumstantial tags oregon categories entirely.

It besides gives you a assortment of options erstwhile it comes to monetizing your website. With it, you tin acceptable up one-time payments, subscriptions, and different options. You’ll person power implicit each facet and tin customize it arsenic you spot fit.

Benefits of Using MemberPress

  • Includes a people builder to make customized courses for members
  • Includes drip contented power to assistance marque your contented consciousness exclusive
  • Has a assortment of templates for pricing pages that enactment connected immoderate theme
  • Create an unlimited fig of coupons that tin beryllium sent to members
  • Accepts astir large payments gateways with options for currency and check

2. WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships is the champion rank plugin for WooCommerce stores

Are you looking to physique a members-only store? If so, you astir apt are already utilizing WooCommerce, truthful you mightiness arsenic good instrumentality vantage of the WooCommerce Memberships add-on plugin.

It allows you to physique a rank strategy that is tied straight to your WooCommerce store seamlessly.

Membership plans are created separately from products, but you’ll person nary occupation with it if you are acquainted with WooCommerce already. You’ll beryllium capable to bounds entree to products oregon acceptable up recurring payments with ease.

You’ll besides summation a assortment of options and perks you tin assistance members. This includes peculiar shipping options, discounts, further emailing options, and overmuch more.

If you program connected utilizing WooCommerse, nary plugin tin bash a amended job.

Benefits of Using WooCommerce Memberships

  • Allows members to invitation others to go members to assistance the tract turn faster
  • Create antithetic rank levels to acceptable your store needs
  • Generate expiration and renewal emails for each subordinate levels
  • Makes it casual to straight pass with members
  • Drip contented based connected however agelong a visitant has been a member

3. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member

The Ultimate Member plugin makes it incredibly casual to acceptable up a rank for your website, and it is wholly escaped to use. And portion it whitethorn beryllium a escaped plugin, it is not lacking erstwhile it comes to features.

In fact, it adjacent includes a escaped drag-and-drop signifier builder that you tin utilize to physique sign-up forms.

With the basal plugin, you’ll beryllium capable to restrict idiosyncratic entree to content, make rank directories, and adjacent make conditional navigation menus. And that’s conscionable scratching the surface.

Now, portion the plugin is escaped to use, it has a assortment of premium extensions that you purchase. For instance, you tin usage the Private Messages add-on to adhd a backstage connection strategy for members to instrumentality vantage of.

Benefits of Using Ultimate Member

  • Premium add-on enactment to enactment with WooCommerce
  • Integrates with the ForumWP plugin for free
  • Protects your website from bots with reCAPTCHA-protected forms
  • Create a front-end idiosyncratic login country for your website
  • Includes a assortment of blocks for the Gutenberg editor

4. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro

Keeping way of your rank contented tin go a existent hassle arsenic your website grows successful size. That’s wherever the Restrict Content Pro plugin comes into play. It tin assistance you negociate and way what members are doing with that exclusive content.

Just to beryllium clear, you tin make memberships for your website and modify them utilizing bulk enactment tools.

The extremity effect is simply a seamless acquisition that gives you an astonishing magnitude of power implicit your memberships and gives you entree to elaborate accusation connected however those memberships are being used.

You’ll besides summation entree to aggregate outgo gateways similar PayPal oregon Stripe to judge payments for the memberships. Then, Restrict Content Pro gives you entree to automated emails for caller members and reminders to existing ones.

Benefits of Using Restrict Content Pro

  • Offers a assortment of plans for your website to take from including a constricted escaped plan
  • Create discount codes for your members with nary limits
  • Create aggregate rank levels and restrict contented based connected them
  • Integrates with a wide scope of plugins and tools similar MailChimp oregon WooCommerce
  • Includes a assortment of template forms that you tin usage to prevention time

5. Members – Membership & User Role Editor Plugin


Are you a instrumentality of the idiosyncratic roles successful WordPress? If so, you mightiness person been inclined to deliberation you could usage them to make a rank for your website. And you tin bash conscionable that with the Members plugin.

This plugin is created and maintained by the MemberPress squad but is simply a abstracted plugin that is escaped to use.

With this installed, you are capable to delegate users aggregate idiosyncratic roles and restrict viewable contented for those circumstantial roles. This is each done by adding a shortcode to the contented successful question, which makes it precise beginner friendly.

To beryllium clear, you tin execute the aforesaid features of this plugin by modifying the codification of your WordPress install. However, that mightiness beryllium beyond galore users’ capabilities, which is precisely wherefore this plugin was created.

Benefits of Using Members

  • The interface is highly elemental and utilizes the idiosyncratic relation strategy successful WordPress
  • Works good with different plugins that make unsocial idiosyncratic roles
  • Gain entree to a agelong database of escaped add-ons to grow the capabilities of the basal plugin
  • Supports a multisite environment, but lone the Super Admin tin edit the roles
  • Integrates with WooCommerce stores

6. LearnDash


If you program connected offering online courses arsenic portion of your main business, there’s nary amended plugin than LearnDash. Not lone does it supply you with immoderate of the champion people instauration tools, but it besides handles everything you’ll request successful presumption of memberships and subscriptions.

You’ll adjacent beryllium capable to make quizzes with 8 unsocial question types (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, etc.).

In presumption of memberships, you’ll beryllium capable to enlist students into courses and radical them accordingly. Each people tin beryllium priced connected its ain and you tin adjacent bundle them. Thus, you’ll person afloat power implicit the monetization.

One of the astir unsocial features that your members tin instrumentality vantage of is Focus Mode. This is simply a learning portal that you tin utilize and customize to make a distraction-free course. It’s large for helping your members and students absorption connected the material.

Benefits of Using LearnDash

  • Supports implicit 300 outgo gateways erstwhile utilizing WooCommerce
  • Send retired automated reminders erstwhile rank is moving out
  • Give users unsocial badges for completing courses
  • Integrates with galore plugins successful the WordPress directory and different third-party tools similar Slack
  • Helps gamify your people contented to promote users to support going

7. s2Member – Membership Plugin for All Kinds of Memberships

Are you looking for a rank plugin that tin turn with your website? If so, look nary further than S2Member. This plugin offers a large escaped plugin that is cleanable for caller rank sites.

However, arsenic your tract grows, the premium mentation volition beryllium capable to support up and supply the enactment and features you need.

You’ll beryllium capable to restrict entree to your contented oregon restrict entree to record downloads with this plugin. At the aforesaid time, you’ll beryllium capable to utilize a assortment of outgo gateways similar PayPal with unafraid checkout.

In presumption of usability, the plugin utilizes shortcodes to marque setup easy. The plugin provides each of the shortcodes itself, truthful it truly comes down to copying and pasting them into the desired location, which makes it casual for beginners.

Benefits of Using S2Member

  • You’ll beryllium capable to manually make an relationship for your users if needed (works good with carnal locations)
  • Includes a assortment of email templates that you tin customize to invited oregon alert members
  • Create coupons oregon discount codes for members
  • Create aggregate rank levels to acceptable the needs of your website
  • Supports a multisite network

8. Simple Membership

Simple Membership

Closing retired this database is the Simple Membership plugin. While the sanction implies it is casual to use, it’s really targeted astatine much precocious users by offering a ample fig of filters and hooks for developers to utilize.

That said, if you are conscionable aft basal contented restriction, the process is rather elemental astatine immoderate accomplishment level.

With it, you’ll beryllium capable to make a front-end login for users, make profiles for each member, and take which rank levels get entree to what content. It’s rather simple, but that’s to beryllium expected from a escaped plugin.

In presumption of contented restriction, you tin utilize it connected immoderate benignant of contented from blogs to photograph galleries. More precocious users tin utilize the customizable hooks to truly marque the plugin enactment for them.

Benefits of Using Simple Membership

  • All rank payments are logged successful the dashboard for casual viewing
  • Apply contented restrictions successful bulk crossed pages and posts
  • Supports a ample fig of languages
  • Lets you usage reCAPTCHA to support your rank sign-up forms
  • Setup login redirections for members erstwhile they entree a members-only page


Even with the close plugin successful hand, you whitethorn inactive person immoderate lingering questions. Here are a fewer of the astir often asked questions related to rank websites.

How Long Does It Take For A Membership Website to Grow?

Unfortunately, determination is nary nonstop answer.

While rank websites tin beryllium highly profitable arsenic they turn successful size, it could instrumentality months oregon adjacent years for websites to turn that large. It takes a dedicated selling squad to scope the close audience.

One of the champion ways to velocity up maturation is to incentivize your existing members to dispersed the connection and enlistee their friends and family. This tin beryllium accomplished by providing a referral programme that rewards those users.

It’s besides important to see the benignant of contented your website is producing and the contention you whitethorn face.

All of these factors tin dramatically alteration however accelerated your website grows.

Is It Possible to Build A Membership Website Without a Plugin?

Absolutely, but you volition request to cognize your mode astir HTML, PHP, and CSS code.

If you remember, the Members plugin that we highlighted supra uses the built-in idiosyncratic relation strategy successful WordPress. That tin beryllium accomplished by re-coding the strategy for your ain usage and could instrumentality hundreds of lines to achieve.

While you tin bash it without a plugin, astir WordPress rank sites bash usage a plugin due to the fact that they trim the magnitude of setup clip and supply adjuvant tools to heighten member-specific content.

Should A Membership Site Include Free Content?

Absolutely, aft all, you request to get radical to motion up successful the archetypal place.

There are aggregate ways to spell astir this, but the astir fashionable enactment is usually a escaped trial. It volition let users to sign-up for an relationship and presumption immoderate oregon each the contented to spot if it is worthy the money.

This has the vantage of having the idiosyncratic already participate each of their information, including billing, into your system. Of course, you’ll besides request to beryllium definite to make pages anyone tin entree to item what’s included connected your site.

Obviously, it’s beauteous hard to adjacent merchantability a escaped proceedings if they person nary thought what the website is about, truthful marque definite you amusement disconnected what’s included.

Videos samples truly enactment good successful these situations.

Should I Include Ads connected My Membership Website?

While determination is nary close oregon incorrect reply to this question, mostly speaking, you should not see ads.

The idiosyncratic has already paid to entree the contented and astir apt does not privation to spot intrusive ads connected the broadside of that premium content. And successful general, astir rank websites bash not see ads, truthful that anticipation is already an expected mindset.

In fact, galore websites are opening to see a low-cost rank for users that bash not similar ads. This allows them to presumption the contented successful an ad-free situation portion allowing the website to gain money.

That said, determination are exceptions, and immoderate websites bash take to tally constricted ads connected a rank site. They volition mostly refrain from putting ads connected the premium contented but volition see them connected the forms erstwhile signing up.

Some sites volition alternatively opt to utilize affiliate selling for further gross arsenic it tin beryllium done successful a little intrusive mode that tin adhd worth to immoderate content. Overall, the idiosyncratic is already paying for the content, truthful it’s a spot redundant to tally ads.

Build Your Membership Website Today

Membership plugins are a large mode to physique a beardown assemblage astir premium content. However, it indispensable beryllium decently marketed to your people audience.

After all, a rank website isn’t going to bash good without members.

Since a idiosyncratic is being charged to entree the content, they are already expecting it to beryllium amended than the escaped options, which is getting much challenging to do.

Especially erstwhile you see the millions of prime blogs and escaped resources that beryllium online.

The quicker you acceptable up your rank tract with a large plugin, the faster you tin commencement focusing connected increasing your members and delivering fantabulous contented to them.

Which rank plugin did you instal successful WordPress? How agelong did it instrumentality for your website to go profitable?

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