45 Fastest WordPress Themes to Use in 2023

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Speed is 1 of the astir important factors for immoderate website, which is wherefore WordPress developers ever look for the fastest taxable they tin find.

However, trying to fig retired which 1 is fastest erstwhile determination are thousands to take from is difficult.

WordPress provides nary metrics to assistance users measurement the velocity of themes successful their directory. Instead, you would request to instal each 1 and enactment it done a bid of tests to spot however it performs.

If that sounds similar a batch of work, that’s due to the fact that it is. The bully quality is I tin assistance constrictive your hunt by providing the 45 fastest themes I could find, which helps prevention clip and optimizes your website’s performance.

This database volition screen a assortment of themes, truthful you’ll beryllium capable to find 1 that fits your website’s style.

Why Should You Want the Fastest Theme successful WordPress?

Speed is important for a assortment of factors connected WordPress oregon immoderate level for that matter.

Let’s commencement with the astir obvious, and possibly the astir important, the idiosyncratic experience. Users bash not privation to walk a batch of clip loading a page. And this is adjacent much existent for mobile users wherever 53% volition wantonness a page if it takes implicit 3 seconds to load.

Even if a idiosyncratic does not wantonness a page, it tin interaction different areas of the website. For instance, if you tally an online shop, the longer a idiosyncratic has to deliberation astir a purchase, the higher the accidental they won’t marque it.

Those other seconds going from a merchandise leafage to checkout tin beryllium capable for idiosyncratic to alteration their mind.

Of course, it’s not conscionable users that privation faster sites. Google and different hunt engines usage tract velocity arsenic a origin successful determining rankings. If your website is slow, it volition not fertile arsenic precocious arsenic it should, which is simply a decease condemnation for immoderate website.

As such, velocity is important for conscionable astir everything, and erstwhile it comes to WordPress, the taxable you take volition person a large impact.

Thus, you request to marque definite to prime the fastest 1 imaginable from the get-go.

1. Astra

Astra Is the fastest taxable successful WordPress

Astra is 1 of the champion themes successful wide that tin assistance you marque the fastest website successful 2023. It has a robust lineup of features that were designed to support your website moving fast.

It is versatile capable to marque immoderate benignant of website and fashionable capable to beryllium compatible with conscionable astir each large plugin connected the WordPress platform.

Simply put, it is 1 of the champion themes connected the market.

2. Hello Elementor

Hello Elementor is 1 of the astir fashionable themes successful WordPress due to the fact that it is besides the fastest

Hello Elementor is simply a accelerated and escaped taxable that has go 1 of the astir fashionable themes successful wide with implicit 1 cardinal progressive users.

It was made by the astonishing squad down Elementor Page Builder arsenic the cleanable taxable to physique with, and it succeeds. The basal taxable is plain and fast, and with Elementor, you tin alteration it into conscionable astir anything.

3. Sydney

The Sydney taxable is 1 of the fastest successful WordPress

Sydney is different astonishing taxable that offers an unthinkable enactment of customization tools and features portion not sacrificing speed. It has a escaped and premium mentation with the main quality conscionable being features and not performance.

Sydney excels astatine creating accelerated one-page websites for tiny businesses and freelancers. If that’s what you are looking for, instal this today.

SociallyViral is an astonishing taxable that is among the fastest

If you are looking to physique an online mag oregon accusation blog that’s fast, the SociallyViral taxable is cleanable for the job. It’s afloat of societal integrations that tin assistance your contented spell viral.

The champion portion is that nary of them volition dilatory down your website!

It besides contains plentifulness of country for each types of multimedia contented similar images and videos. It’s a premium taxable that is good worthy the price.

5. Neve


Neve is simply a multipurpose taxable that tin marque thing from a blog to an eCommerce store. No substance what you usage it for, the extremity effect is simply a accelerated and responsive website.

This lightweight taxable puts mobile plan first, which helps marque each websites accessible careless of the instrumentality visitors use.

Users tin take betwixt the escaped mentation oregon its premium counterpart.

6. OceanWP


With implicit 700,000 progressive installs, OceanWP is among the astir fashionable themes connected the WordPress platform, and it is besides 1 of the fastest.

OceanWP provides users with a batch of power implicit the theme, including the quality to wholly disable unwanted CSS and JS elements.

The extremity effect is simply a robust taxable that’s lightning fast. You tin effort it for escaped today.

7. Schema


Schema is different fantabulous prime erstwhile looking for the fastest taxable WordPress has to offer. It’s got a slew of astonishing features similar a built-in reappraisal strategy for users to complaint your content.

You’ll person afloat power implicit each facet of the theme, including the quality to adhd customized CSS. It has a ton of customization and it’s incredibly fast, truthful springiness it a effort today.

8. GeneratePress


When it comes to performance, GeneratePress is among the champion and you’ll beryllium capable to take betwixt a escaped and premium version.

Regardless of what you choose, you’ll beryllium utilizing a unchangeable taxable that provides astonishing speeds and precocious levels of customization. It’s precise lightweight and adjacent has 1 of the smallest taxable record sizes connected this list.

9. Page Builder Framework

The Page Builder Framework plugin is among the fastest successful WordPress

If you are looking for a taxable that’s cleanable for societal media sharing and posting YouTube videos connected without sacrificing speed, the Page Builder Framework taxable is it.

This taxable utilizes a minimalist CSS attack that ensures the taxable loads pages accelerated with zero codification bloat. It adjacent includes a batch of templates you tin usage without sacrificing performance.

10. Customify


Looking for a customizable WordPress taxable that’s some casual to usage and fast? Look nary further than the Customify theme.

This taxable truly shines erstwhile it comes to easiness of use. Everything is customizable successful an intuitive mode that does not necessitate immoderate coding.

While you whitethorn deliberation this could interaction speed, it doesn’t. It’s incredibly accelerated with nary downsides.

11. Twenty Twenty-Two

Twenty Twenty-Two whitethorn beryllium the default taxable successful WordPress, but it's besides among the fastest

WordPress releases a caller default taxable each year. And portion galore developers are speedy to switch, they person an fantabulous way grounds erstwhile it comes to speed.

The Twenty Twenty-Two taxable is nary exception.

It is the archetypal block-based taxable and shows disconnected the aboriginal of themes successful WordPress, truthful it’s an fantabulous taxable to commencement getting utilized to earlier they go the norm.

12. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro

Many businesses lone request a azygous leafage and Hestia Pro is 1 of the champion themes for this purpose.

As you mightiness expect from a single-page website theme, it’s incredibly accelerated and offers you a robust enactment of customization options to take from.

It works good with fashionable plugins similar WooCommerce without sacrificing performance.

13. Zakra


If you are looking for escaped but accelerated WordPress themes, Zakra is an fantabulous prime arsenic a multipurpose theme.

That said, determination is besides a premium mentation with adjacent much to love.

It offers a large assortment erstwhile it comes to customization and thing demonstrates this amended than the 40+ demos you tin utilize. And nary of this comes astatine the disbursal of your website’s speed.

14. Blocksy


If your looking for a minimalist taxable that’s lightning fast, look nary further than Blocksy.

This taxable uses a unsocial coding method known arsenic codification splitting. All this means is that the taxable volition lone load JS if the idiosyncratic needs them to load.

It’s precise akin to lazy loading images, but with JavaScript instead. This helps support your website precise accelerated and it’s escaped to use.

15. Simple


You whitethorn deliberation a taxable named Simple mightiness not person a batch to offer, but that’s not the lawsuit here.

The Simple taxable by Themify offers users a robust enactment of customization options and fantabulous tract performance.

There is simply a escaped and premium mentation to take betwixt with the premium mentation offering much plan options and amended support.

16. Responsive


Responsive is an fantabulous taxable for blogging and tiny concern sites that are looking to spell fast. And let’s beryllium honest, that’s beauteous overmuch each of them.

This layout gives developers a batch of country to adhd portfolios to make stunning sites without impacting the velocity of the website. It’s besides worthy highlighting that determination are aggregate WooCommerce options built in.

If you similar the escaped version, you tin upgrade to Pro for adjacent much greatness.

17. Writee


Writee is different fantabulous taxable that offers accelerated speeds specializing successful blogging. Developers tin take betwixt the escaped and premium versions.

This taxable has a batch of utile features that assistance support the load times low, similar built-in pagination oregon cacheable favicon.

There’s besides a wide array of customization available, truthful it’s a large acceptable for immoderate blogging site.

18. HireBee


Looking to physique a marketplace for freelancers? If so, 1 of the champion themes you tin prime is HireBee.

It was made for this nonstop crushed and includes each of the indispensable features you volition request from monetization options to navigation menus.

HireBee gets beauteous coagulated velocity scores that marque it the fastest astatine what it does. So, if this describes a website you privation to build, instal HireBee today.

19. Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas is 1 of the fastest themes successful WordPress

Looking for a blank canvas to physique your website? If so, cheque retired the aptly named Blank Canvas theme.

Now, erstwhile they accidental blank, they truly mean blank. There is thing successful this theme. You request to acceptable up each leafage wrong of WordPress and it volition look precisely similar what you create.

As you mightiness imagine, a blank taxable has fantabulous performance.

20. PopularFX


PopularFX is different all-purpose taxable that offers users accelerated speeds and large customization options. Users tin take betwixt the robust and escaped versions depending connected their needs.

The taxable is rather user-friendly arsenic it sports its ain drag-and-drop leafage builder to assistance streamline the plan process. With large accessibility and speed, determination are a batch of reasons to emotion this one.

21. MagXP


Are you looking for a WordPress taxable to physique a website with but don’t person a batch of improvement experience? No problem!

Give the MagXp taxable a try.

It’s a user-friendly taxable with a batch of built-in features similar aggregate templates for your homepage and a drag-and-drop leafage builder.

You’ll besides bask the benefits of large leafage velocity careless of what you are building.

22. Mesmerize


Whether you are looking to physique a blog oregon eCommerce shop, the Mesmerize taxable has you covered. It comes with a immense enactment of customized blocks you tin instrumentality vantage of successful Gutenberg.

Mesmerize does a large occupation astatine loading pages fast, which tin beryllium attributed to its cleanable and optimized code. Overall, determination are a batch of large reasons to instal this theme.

23. Twenty Twenty-One

Twenty Twenty-One whitethorn beryllium a default theme, but it is among the fastest successful WordPress

While Twenty Twenty-Two is the newest default taxable successful WordPress, it’s rather antithetic than its predecessors. If you are looking for a non-block-based theme, Twenty Twenty-One is simply a terrific choice.

It’s a minimalist taxable that offers large speeds. And arsenic a default WordPress theme, it is wholly escaped to use.

24. Suki


Suki is simply a large multipurpose taxable you tin usage to physique a website. It offers users a lightweight model that ensures your website is ever moving accelerated among a assortment of customization options.

The taxable was built with mobile users successful mind, truthful everything is responsive by default. It’s a escaped taxable truthful beryllium definite to cheque it out.

25. Kava


Kava is simply a premium WordPress taxable that offers immoderate of the fastest speeds connected the WordPress platform. It provides a large magnitude of customization including 20-page templates you tin usage to jumpstart your project.

As acold arsenic velocity goes, you’ll get an fantabulous show careless of what benignant of website you build. Check retired a demo tract contiguous to spot if it’s close for you.

26. X

X Theme

X is an astonishing WordPress taxable that offers precocious levels of customization and accelerated speeds. One of the highlights to look for is the caller built-in slider that works for astir types of contented from images to testimonials.

You’ll besides person a assortment of layout options you tin take from including row-based layouts. It’s a large taxable for immoderate website looking for accelerated speeds.

27. Divi


Divi is among the astir fashionable themes for WordPress, so, you amended judge it has immoderate astonishing velocity to garner specified popularity.

This taxable offers an tremendous database of features, which yet let you to physique immoderate benignant of website.

One of the standout features is the leafage builder built into the theme. It helps make a user-friendly plan country that’s large for each accomplishment levels.

28. Bimber


Bimber is an exceptionally accelerated taxable successful WordPress that provides a large enactment of premium tools for users. You’ll instantly summation entree to implicit 20 pre-built demo sites that you tin usage arsenic a starting constituent for your ain plan ideas.

As you tin imagine, it’s rather versatile and tin beryllium utilized to marque immoderate benignant of website successful WordPress.

29. Wanium


Looking for a accelerated premium taxable but don’t privation to walk a batch of money? Wanium lone costs $16 but has each of the features you would expect from a much costly taxable successful WordPress.

You’ll beryllium capable to utilize 18 starter sites and configure them immoderate mode you want. It adjacent includes the WPBakery leafage builder astatine nary other cost.

30. Newspaper


Are you readying to physique a quality website? If so, you cannot bash immoderate amended than the Newspaper theme.

This astonishing taxable prioritizes velocity and SEO to assistance boost your rankings. It volition analyse each leafage contented and optimize the codification for maximum performance.

Combine that with implicit 90 templates that you tin usage and you person an astonishing taxable astatine your disposal.

31. The7


The7 gives users a highly customizable enactment situation that is compatible with the biggest plugins successful WordPress.

What makes it unsocial are immoderate of the further features it adds to WooCommerce and Elementor. Not to notation 60 demo sites you tin usage arsenic a starting crushed for your own.

Most importantly, it’s incredibly accelerated and optimized for SEO.

32. Brando

Brando is simply a one-page taxable that is among the fastest WordPress offers

Brando is simply a one-page taxable that offers users an unthinkable level of customization and a myriad of options to take from. The taxable is precise accelerated acknowledgment to the Bootstrap model it utilizes.

You’ll besides summation entree to the WPBakery plugin astatine nary other outgo alongside a plethora of unsocial features that astir websites utilize.

33. Avada


Want to physique customized pages for your website with ease? If so, the Avada taxable is cleanable arsenic it includes a fusion leafage builder.

This allows you to resistance and driblet elements into your pages and physique thing you want.

The taxable is optimized for speed, thus, nary substance what you add, the taxable volition guarantee it runs accelerated acknowledgment to its optimized code.

34. ColibriWP


ColibriWP is different accelerated taxable that doubles arsenic a leafage builder. You tin either usage it to physique your website from scratch oregon instrumentality vantage of the demo sites it provides and customize them to acceptable your needs.

In either case, you tin physique an incredibly accelerated website without penning a azygous enactment of code. It’s a large prime for beginners and experts alike.

35. Betheme

The Betheme taxable is among the fastest successful WordPress

Betheme is perfectly the biggest taxable connected this database successful presumption of what it offers users. You’ll person implicit 650 pre-built sites you tin usage arsenic a starting spot and customize them to acceptable your needs.

In presumption of customization, you’ll beryllium capable to bash oregon marque conscionable astir thing and you won’t request a azygous enactment of code. And erstwhile it comes to speed, the Betheme taxable is among the fastest for WordPress.

36. TheGem


Looking for a user-friendly acquisition that besides offers you blazing-fast speeds? TheGem has you covered successful spades.

This taxable takes vantage of the latest trends and allows you to physique elaborate websites without requiring a batch of experience.

The taxable was created with SEO successful mind, which means it’s rather fast. This makes it a large enactment for conscionable astir anyone.

37. Enfold

Enfold is astonishing taxable that offers immoderate of the fastest speeds successful WordPress

Styles, fonts, and layouts – ohio my. Enfold has each of this and past astir different twelve utile features to boot.

The taxable is responsive successful its plan and offers precocious speeds to get the champion SEO results. You’ll beryllium capable to usage a wide enactment of templates to trade the website of your dreams oregon physique 1 from scratch.

In either case, your website volition tally fast.

38. Coupon

The Coupon taxable provides the fastest speeds successful WordPress coupon sites

Websites dedicated to offering users coupons person go a large inclination and they tin beryllium wildly successful. One of the champion themes to physique your ain coupon website is the aptly named Coupon theme.

It offers a assortment of customization options and features perfect for specified a website. In presumption of speed, it’s astonishing and offers accelerated speeds that volition get coupon enthusiasts connected your site.

39. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer is an astonishing eCommerce taxable that offers immoderate of the fastest speeds successful WordPress

Looking for a taxable focused connected eCommerce? Shoptimizer is simply a taxable designed for that precise reason, and arsenic you whitethorn person guessed, is afloat compatible with WooCommerce.

Building an eCommerce tract is typically hard, but the Shoptimizer taxable tin assistance marque it acold much manageable with fantabulous idiosyncratic interfaces and plan options.

It’s besides incredibly fast, truthful shoppers volition beryllium loading products successful nary time.

40. Olsen

The Olsen Theme is astonishing for WordPress due to the fact that it offers immoderate of the fastest speeds connected the platform

Olsen offers users a cleanable interface that is cleanable for highlighting images. It has been optimized for SEO, which means it has accelerated loading among different indispensable features.

One of the champion aspects of this taxable is the fig of layouts you tin take between, which truly springiness you implicit state successful however you show content.

41. Inspiro

The Inspiro taxable offers users immoderate of the fastest themes successful the WordPress platform

Inspiro is simply a minimalist taxable that leaves retired astir of the features you whitethorn expect successful a premium theme. Instead, what you bash get is simply a caching plugin built-in which ensures your website runs fast.

One of the highlights is the quality to spot videos successful the inheritance that play automatically and you are not conscionable constricted to self-hosted videos. YouTube and Vimeo enactment arsenic well.

42. Kadence WP


The Kadence taxable offers users immoderate of the fastest loading times successful WordPress for some its escaped and premium versions.

Users tin instrumentality vantage of the templates to get started and physique a website rapidly without needing to constitute immoderate code.

The Pro mentation helps you summation conversion with the inclusion of lightweight pop-ups and more.

43. MH Magazine

MH Magazine

Building an online mag oregon quality website? Build it with the MH Magazine theme.

You’ll person a robust enactment of features to physique with that are each responsive by design. The extremity effect is simply a large website that tin beryllium viewed connected immoderate device.

In presumption of speed, users tin bask accelerated loading times that are optimized for the contented your website produces.



It’s nary concealed that velocity is simply a origin hunt engines usage to fertile your website, thus, to amended ranking you request to load fast.

The SEOWP taxable provides immoderate of the fastest load times amongst different SEO-friendly plan choices to supply an unparalleled experience.

You’ll besides bask tools that assistance amended contented sharing connected your favourite societal media platform.

45. Hypermart


Closing retired our database is the unthinkable Hypermart taxable that makes gathering an eCommerce tract arsenic casual arsenic possible. It provides fantabulous speeds and helps summation your website’s conversion complaint with a large enactment of tools and opt-ins.

You tin besides velocity up the process by utilizing the pre-made demo sites arsenic a starting point.

In immoderate case, you tin marque a accelerated website to wow users wrong nary time.

A Great Website Starts With A Great Theme

In WordPress, a batch of developers absorption connected the plugins they tin adhd to their website, but themes are much important. They dictate the plan of your website and person a large interaction connected your tract speed.

As such, you request to marque definite you are picking accelerated WordPress themes, and luckily, you tin find immoderate astonishing ones for free. That said, owed to however inexpensive premium ones are, it’s good worthy the outgo to spell premium. Especially if you privation immoderate assistance mounting up.

The enactment teams these themes connection are usually large astatine rapidly responding to immoderate questions, which is invaluable for beginners.

What taxable bash you deliberation is the fastest successful WordPress?

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