28 Case Study Examples Every Marketer Should See

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Putting unneurotic a compelling lawsuit survey is 1 of the astir almighty strategies for showcasing your merchandise and attracting aboriginal customers. But it's not casual to make lawsuit studies that your assemblage can’t hold to read.

Marketer penning a selling lawsuit study

In this post, we’ll spell implicit the explanation of a lawsuit survey and the champion examples to animate you.

 3 Free Case Study Templates

What is simply a lawsuit study?

A lawsuit survey is simply a elaborate communicative of thing your institution did. It includes a opening — often discussing a conflict, an mentation of what happened next, and a solution that explains however the institution solved oregon improved connected something.

A lawsuit survey proves however your merchandise has helped different companies by demonstrating real-life results. Not lone that, but selling lawsuit studies with solutions typically incorporate quotes from the customer. This means that they’re not conscionable ads wherever you praise your ain product. Rather, different companies are praising your institution — and there’s nary stronger selling worldly than a verbal proposal oregon testimonial. A large lawsuit survey is besides filled with probe and stats to backmost up points made astir a project's results.

There are myriad ways to usage lawsuit studies successful your selling strategy. From featuring them connected your website to including them successful a income presentation, a lawsuit survey is simply a strong, persuasive instrumentality that shows customers wherefore they should enactment with you — consecutive from different customer. Writing 1 from scratch is hard, though, which is wherefore we’ve created a postulation of lawsuit survey templates for you to get started.

Fill retired the signifier beneath to entree the escaped lawsuit survey templates.

There’s nary amended mode to make much leads than by penning lawsuit studies. But without lawsuit survey examples to gully inspiration from, it tin beryllium hard to constitute impactful studies that person visitors to taxable a form.

Marketing Case Study Examples

To assistance you make an charismatic and high-converting lawsuit study, we've enactment unneurotic a database of immoderate of our favorites. This database includes celebrated lawsuit studies successful marketing, technology, and business.

These studies tin amusement you however to framework your institution offers successful a mode that is some meaningful and utile to your audience. So, instrumentality a look, and fto these examples animate your adjacent superb lawsuit survey design.

These selling lawsuit studies with solutions amusement the worth proposition of each product. They besides amusement however each institution benefited successful some the abbreviated and agelong word utilizing quantitative data. In different words, you don’t get conscionable bully statements, similar "This institution helped america a lot." You spot existent alteration wrong the steadfast done numbers and figures.

You tin enactment your learnings into enactment with HubSpot's Free Case Study Templates. Available arsenic customized designs and text-based documents, you tin upload these templates to your CMS oregon nonstop them to prospects arsenic you spot fit.

case survey templateDownload These Free Case Study Templates

1. "How Handled Scaled from Zero to 121 Locations with the Help of HubSpot," by HubSpot

 Handled and HubSpot

What's absorbing astir this lawsuit survey is the mode it leads with the customer. That reflects a large HubSpot cornerstone, which is to ever lick for the lawsuit first. The transcript leads with a little statement of wherefore the CEO of Handled founded the institution and wherefore helium thought Handled could payment from adopting a CRM. The lawsuit survey besides opens up with 1 cardinal information constituent astir Handled’s occurrence utilizing HubSpot, namely that it grew to 121 locations.

Notice that this lawsuit survey uses mixed media. Yes, determination is simply a abbreviated video, but it's elaborated upon successful the different substance connected the page. So portion your lawsuit studies tin usage 1 oregon the other, don't beryllium acrophobic to harvester written transcript with visuals to stress the project's success.

Key Learnings from the HubSpot Case Study Example

  • Give the lawsuit survey a idiosyncratic interaction by focusing connected the CEO alternatively than the institution itself.
  • Use multimedia to prosecute website visitors arsenic they work the lawsuit study.

2. "The Whole Package," by IDEO

 IDEO and H&M

Here's a plan institution that knows however to pb with simplicity successful its lawsuit studies. As soon arsenic the visitant arrives astatine the page, they’re greeted with a big, bold photograph and the rubric of the lawsuit survey — which conscionable truthful happens to summarize however IDEO helped its client. It summarizes the lawsuit survey successful 3 snippets: The challenge, the impact, and the outcome.

Immediately, IDEO communicates its interaction — the institution partnered with H&M to region integrative from its packaging — but it doesn't halt there. As the idiosyncratic scrolls down, the challenge, impact, and advancement are elaborated upon with broad (but not overwhelming) transcript that outlines what that process looked like, replete with quotes and intriguing visuals.

Key Learnings from the IDEO Case Study Example

  • Split up the takeaways of your lawsuit studies into bite-sized sections.
  • Always usage visuals and images to enrich the lawsuit survey experience, particularly if it’s a broad lawsuit study.

3. "Rozum Robotics intensifies its PR crippled with Awario," by Awario

Case survey illustration from Awario

In this lawsuit study, Awario greets the idiosyncratic with a summary consecutive distant — truthful if you’re feeling up to speechmaking the full lawsuit study, you tin scan the snapshot and recognize however the institution serves its customers. The lawsuit survey past includes leap links to respective sections, specified arsenic "Company Profile," "Rozum Robotics' Pains," "Challenge," "Solution," and "Results and Improvements."

The sparse transcript and salient headings amusement that you don’t request a batch of elaborate accusation to amusement the worth of your products and services. Like the different lawsuit survey examples connected this list, it includes visuals and quotes to show the effectiveness of the company’s efforts. The lawsuit survey ends with a bulleted database that shows the results.

Key Learnings from the Awario Robotics Case Study Example

  • Create a array of contents to marque your lawsuit survey easier to navigate.
  • Include a bulleted database of the results you achieved for your client.

4. "Chevrolet DTU," by Carol H. Williams

 Carol H. Williams and Chevrolet DTU

If you’ve worked with a institution that’s well-known, usage lone the sanction successful the rubric — similar Carol H. Williams, 1 of the nation’s apical advertizing agencies, does here. The "DTU," stands for "Discover the Unexpected." It generates involvement due to the fact that you privation to find retired what the initials mean.

They support your involvement successful this lawsuit survey by utilizing a substance of headings, images, and videos to picture the challenges, objectives, and solutions of the project. The lawsuit survey closes with a summary of the cardinal achievements that Chevrolet’s DTU Journalism Fellows reached during the project.

Key Learnings from the Carol H. Williams Case Study Example

  • If you’ve worked with a large marque before, see lone utilizing the sanction successful the rubric — conscionable capable to pique interest.
  • Use a substance of headings and subheadings to usher users done the lawsuit study.

5. "How Fractl Earned Links from 931 Unique Domains for Porch.com successful a Single Year," by Fractl

Case survey illustration from Fractl

Fractl uses some substance and graphic plan successful their Porch.com lawsuit survey to immerse the spectator successful a much absorbing idiosyncratic experience. For instance, arsenic you scroll, you'll spot the results are illustrated successful an infographic-design signifier arsenic good arsenic the substance itself.

Further down the page, they usage icons similar a bosom and a ellipse to exemplify their transportation angles, and graphs to showcase their results. Rather than penning which publications person mentioned Porch.com during Fractl’s campaign, they incorporated the media outlets’ icons for further ocular diversity.

Key Learnings from the Fractl Case Study Example

  • Let pictures talk for you by incorporating graphs, logos, and icons each passim the lawsuit study.
  • Start the lawsuit survey by close distant stating the cardinal results, similar Fractl does, alternatively of putting the results each the mode astatine the bottom.

6. "The Met," by Fantasy

Case survey illustration from Fantasy

What's the champion mode to showcase the responsiveness and idiosyncratic interface of a website? Probably by diving close into it with a bid of elemental showcases— which is precisely what Fantasy does connected their lawsuit survey leafage for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They support the leafage elemental and clean, inviting you to reappraisal their redesign of the Met’s website feature-by-feature.

Each conception is simple, showing a azygous portion of the caller website's interface truthful that users aren’t overwhelmed with accusation and tin absorption connected what matters most.

If you're much funny successful text, you tin work the nonsubjective for each feature. Fantasy understands that, arsenic a imaginable customer, this is each you request to know. Scrolling further, you're greeted with a elemental "Contact Us" CTA.

Key Learnings from the Fantasy Case Study Example

  • You don’t person to constitute a ton of substance to make a large lawsuit study. Focus connected the solution you delivered itself.
  • Include a CTA astatine the bottommost inviting visitors to interaction you.

7. "Rovio: How Rovio Grew Into a Gaming Superpower," by App Annie

Case survey illustration from App Annie

If your lawsuit had a batch of affirmative things to accidental astir you, instrumentality a enactment from App Annie’s Rovio lawsuit survey and unfastened up with a punctuation from your client. The lawsuit survey besides closes with a quote, truthful that the lawsuit survey doesn’t look similar a promotion written by your selling squad but a communicative that’s taken consecutive from your client’s mouth. It includes a photograph of a Rovio employee, too.

Another happening this illustration does well? It instantly includes a nexus to the merchandise that Rovio utilized (namely, App Annie Intelligence) astatine the apical of the lawsuit study. The lawsuit survey closes with a call-to-action fastener prompting users to publication a demo.

Key Learnings from the App Annie Case Study Example

  • Feature quotes from your lawsuit astatine the opening and extremity of the lawsuit study.
  • Include a notation of the merchandise close astatine the opening and punctual users to larn much astir the product.

8. "Embracing first-party data: 3 occurrence stories from HubSpot," by Think with Google

 Think with Google and HubSpot

Google takes a antithetic attack to text-focused lawsuit studies by choosing 3 antithetic companies to highlight.

The lawsuit survey is cleanable and easy scannable. It has sections for each company, with quotes and headers that clarify the mode these 3 chiseled stories connect. The elemental format besides uses colors and substance that align with the Google brand.

Another differentiator is the absorption connected data. This lawsuit survey is little than a 1000 words, but it's packed with utile information points. Data-driven insights rapidly and intelligibly amusement however the worth of leveraging first-party information portion prioritizing user privacy.

 Data focus, Think with Google

Key Learnings from the Think with Google Case Study Example

  • A lawsuit survey doesn’t request to beryllium agelong oregon analyzable to beryllium powerful.
  • Clear information points are a speedy and effectual mode to beryllium value.

9. "In-Depth Performance Marketing Case Study," by Switch

Case survey illustration from Switch

Switch is an planetary selling bureau based successful Malta that knocks it retired of the parkland with this lawsuit study. Its biggest situation is efficaciously communicating what it did for its lawsuit without ever revealing the client’s name. It besides efficaciously keeps non-marketers successful the loop by including a glossary of presumption connected leafage 4.

The PDF lawsuit survey reads similar a compelling probe article, including titles similar "In-Depth Performance Marketing Case Study," "Scenario," and "Approach," truthful that readers get a high-level overview of what the lawsuit needed and wherefore they approached Switch. It besides includes a antithetic leafage for each strategy. For instance, if you’d lone beryllium funny successful hiring Switch for optimizing your Facebook ads, you tin skip to leafage 10 to spot however they did it.

The PDF is fourteen pages agelong but features large fonts and plentifulness of achromatic space, truthful viewers tin easy skim it successful lone a fewer minutes.

Key Learnings from the Switch Case Study Example

  • If you privation to spell into specialized information, see a glossary of presumption truthful that non-specialists tin easy understand.
  • Close with a CTA leafage successful your lawsuit survey PDF and see interaction accusation for prospective clients.

10. "Gila River," by OH Partners

Case survey illustration from OH Partners

Let pictures talk for you, similar OH Partners did successful this lawsuit study. While you’ll rapidly travel crossed a heading and immoderate substance erstwhile you onshore connected this lawsuit survey page, you’ll get the bulk of the lawsuit survey done examples of existent enactment OH Partners did for its client. You volition spot OH Partners’ enactment successful a billboard, magazine, and video. This communicates to website visitors that if they enactment with OH Partners, their concern volition beryllium disposable everywhere.

And similar the different lawsuit studies here, it closes with a summary of what the steadfast achieved for its lawsuit successful an eye-catching way.

Key Learnings from the OH Partners Case Study Example

  • Let the visuals talk by including examples of the existent enactment you did for your lawsuit — which is particularly utile for branding and selling agencies.
  • Always adjacent retired with your achievements and however they impacted your client.

11. "Facing a Hater," by Digitas

Case survey illustration from Digitas

Digitas' lawsuit survey leafage for Sprite’s #ILOVEYOUHATER run keeps it little portion communicating the cardinal facts of Digitas’ enactment for the fashionable soda brand. The leafage opens with an impactful representation of a 100 radical facing a azygous man. It turns out, that antheral is the biggest "bully" successful Argentina, and the radical facing him are those whom he’s bullied before.

Scrolling down, it's evident that Digitas kept Sprite astatine the forefront of their strategy, but much than that, they utilized existent radical arsenic their focal point. They leveraged the Twitter API to propulsion information from Tweets that radical had really tweeted to find the individuality of the biggest "hater" successful the country. That turned retired to beryllium @AguanteElCofler, a Twitter idiosyncratic who has since been suspended.

Key Learnings from the Digitas Case Study Example

  • If a video was portion of your enactment for your client, beryllium definite to see the astir impactful screenshot arsenic the heading.
  • Don’t beryllium acrophobic to supply details connected however you helped your lawsuit execute their goals, including the tools you leveraged.

12. "Better Experiences for All," by HermanMiller

Case survey illustration from HermanMiller

HermanMiller sells sleek, utilitarian furnishings with nary frills and utmost functionality, and that ethos extends to its lawsuit survey leafage for a infirmary successful Dubai.

What archetypal attracted maine to this lawsuit survey was the beauteous video astatine the apical and the cleanable idiosyncratic experience. User acquisition matters a batch successful a lawsuit study. It determines whether users volition support speechmaking oregon leave. Another notable facet of this lawsuit survey is that the video includes closed-captioning for greater accessibility, and users person the enactment of expanding the CC and searching done the text.

HermanMiller’s lawsuit survey besides offers an awesome magnitude of accusation packed successful conscionable a fewer abbreviated paragraphs for those wanting to recognize the nuances of their strategy. It closes retired with a punctuation from their lawsuit and, astir importantly, the database of furnishings products that the infirmary purchased from the brand.

Key Learnings from the HermanMiller Case Study Example

  • Close retired with a database of products that users tin bargain aft speechmaking the lawsuit study.
  • Include accessibility features specified arsenic closed captioning and nighttime mode to marque your lawsuit survey much user-friendly.

13. "Capital One connected AWS," by Amazon

Case survey illustration from Amazon AWS

Do you enactment continuously with your clients? Consider structuring your lawsuit survey leafage similar Amazon did successful this stellar lawsuit survey example. Instead of conscionable featuring 1 nonfiction astir Capital One and however it benefited from utilizing AWS, Amazon features a bid of articles that you tin past entree if you’re funny successful speechmaking more. It goes each the mode backmost to 2016, each with antithetic stories that diagnostic Capital One’s achievements utilizing AWS.

This whitethorn look unattainable for a tiny firm, but you don’t person to spell to utmost measures and bash it for each azygous 1 of your clients. You could take the 1 you astir privation to absorption connected and found a interaction some connected your broadside and your client’s for coming up with the content. Check successful each twelvemonth and constitute a caller piece. These don’t person to beryllium long, either — 5 100 to 8 100 words volition do.

Key Learnings from the Amazon AWS Case Study Example

  • Write a caller nonfiction each twelvemonth featuring 1 of your clients, past see links to those articles successful 1 large lawsuit survey page.
  • Consider including outer articles arsenic good that stress your client’s occurrence successful their industry.

14. "HackReactor teaches the satellite to codification #withAsana," by Asana

 Asana and HackReactor

While Asana's lawsuit survey plan looks text-heavy, there's a bully reason. It reads similar a originative story, told wholly from the customer's perspective.

For instance, Asana knows you won't spot its connection unsocial connected wherefore this merchandise is useful. So, they fto Tony Phillips, HackReactor CEO, archer you instead: "We instrumentality successful a batch of information. Our brains are atrocious astatine retention but precise bully astatine thinking; you truly commencement to privation immoderate 3rd enactment to store your accusation truthful you tin bash thing with it."

Asana features predominant quotes from Phillips to interruption up the partition of substance and humanize the lawsuit study. It reads similar an in-depth interrogation and captivates the scholar done originative storytelling. Even more, Asana includes in-depth item astir however HackReactor uses Asana. This includes however they physique templates and workflows:

"There's a immense differentiator betwixt Asana and different tools, and that’s the precise casual API access. Even if Asana isn’t the cleanable acceptable for a workflow, idiosyncratic similar me— a comparatively mediocre bundle engineer—can adhd functionality via the API to physique a customized solution that helps a squad get much done."

Key Learnings from the Asana Example

  • Include quotes from your lawsuit passim the lawsuit study.
  • Provide extended item connected however your lawsuit worked with you oregon utilized your product.

15. "Rips Sewed, Brand Love Reaped," by Amp Agency

Case survey illustration from Amp Agency

Amp Agency's Patagonia selling strategy aimed to entreaty to a caller assemblage done guerrilla selling efforts and a coast-to-coast roadworthy trip. Their lawsuit survey leafage efficaciously conveys a voyager theme, implicit with existent photos of Patagonia customers from crossed the U.S., and a representation of the expedition. I liked Amp Agency's storytelling attack best. It captures viewers' attraction from commencement to decorativeness simply due to the fact that it's an intriguing and unsocial attack to marketing.

Key Learnings from the Amp Agency Example

  • Open up with a summary that communicates who your lawsuit is and wherefore they reached retired to you.
  • Like successful the different lawsuit survey examples, you’ll privation to adjacent retired with a quantitative database of your achievements.

16. "NetApp," by Evisort

 Evisort and NetApp

Evisort opens up its NetApp lawsuit survey with an at-a-glance overview of the client. It’s imperative to ever absorption connected the lawsuit successful your lawsuit survey — not connected your astonishing merchandise and arsenic astonishing team. By opening up with a snapshot of the client’s company, Evisort places the absorption connected the client.

This lawsuit survey illustration checks each the boxes for a large lawsuit survey that’s informative, thorough, and compelling. It includes quotes from the lawsuit and details astir the challenges NetApp faced during the COVID pandemic. It closes retired with a punctuation from the lawsuit and with a nexus to download the lawsuit survey successful PDF format, which is incredibly important if you privation your lawsuit survey to beryllium accessible successful a wider assortment of formats.

Key Learnings from the Evisort Example

  • Place the absorption instantly connected your lawsuit by including a snapshot of their company.
  • Mention challenging eras, specified arsenic a pandemic oregon recession, to amusement however your institution tin assistance your lawsuit win adjacent during hard times.

17. "Copernicus Land Monitoring – CLC+ Core," by Cloudflight

Case survey illustration from Cloudflight

Including highly specialized accusation successful your lawsuit survey is an effectual mode to amusement prospects that you’re not conscionable trying to get their business. You’re heavy wrong their industry, too, and consenting to larn everything you request to larn to make a solution that works specifically for them.

Cloudflight does a splendid occupation astatine that successful its Copernicus Land Monitoring lawsuit study. While the accusation whitethorn beryllium hard to work astatine archetypal glance, it volition seizure the involvement of prospects who are successful the biology industry. It frankincense shows Cloudflight’s worth arsenic a spouse overmuch much efficaciously than a wide lawsuit survey would.

The leafage is broad and ends with a compelling call-to-action — "Looking for a solution that automates, and enhances your Big Data system? Are you struggling with ample datasets and accessibility? We would beryllium blessed to counsel and enactment you!" The clean, whitespace-heavy leafage is an effectual illustration of utilizing a lawsuit survey to seizure aboriginal leads.

Key Learnings from the Cloudflight Case Study Example

  • Don’t beryllium acrophobic to get method successful your mentation of what you did for your client.
  • Include a snapshot of the income typical prospects should contact, particularly if you person antithetic income reps for antithetic industries, similar Cloudflight does.

18. "Valvoline Increases Coupon Send Rate by 76% with Textel’s MMS Picture Texting," by Textel

Case survey illustration from Textel

If you’re targeting ample enterprises with a agelong purchasing cycle, you’ll privation to see a wealthiness of accusation successful an easy transferable format. That’s what Textel does present successful its PDF lawsuit survey for Valvoline. It greets the idiosyncratic with an eye-catching header that shows the worth of utilizing Textel. Valvoline saw a important instrumentality connected concern from utilizing the platform.

Another astute determination successful this lawsuit survey is highlighting the client’s punctuation by putting it successful greenish font and doing the aforesaid happening for the client’s results due to the fact that it helps the scholar rapidly link the 2 pieces of information. If you’re successful a hurry, you tin besides instrumentality a look astatine the "At a Glance" file to get the cardinal facts of the lawsuit study, starting with accusation astir Valvoline.

Key Learnings from the Textel Case Study Example

  • Include your client’s ROI close successful the rubric of the lawsuit study.
  • Add an "At a Glance" file to your lawsuit survey PDF to marque it casual to get insights without needing to work each the text.

19. "Hunt Club and Happeo — a tech-enabled emotion story," by Happeo

Case survey illustration from Happeo

In this blog-post-like lawsuit study, Happeo opens with a punctuation from the client, past dives into a compelling heading: "Technology astatine the forefront of Hunt Club's strategy." Say you’re investigating Happeo arsenic a solution and see your steadfast to beryllium technology-driven. This attack would spark your curiosity astir wherefore the lawsuit chose to enactment with Happeo. It besides efficaciously communicates the software’s worth proposition without sounding similar it’s coming from an in-house selling team.

Every paragraph is simply a punctuation written from the customer’s perspective. Later down the page, the lawsuit survey besides dives into "the features that changed the crippled for Hunt Club," giving Happeo a accidental to item immoderate of the platform’s astir salient features.

Key Learnings from the Happeo Case Study Example

  • Consider penning the entirety of the lawsuit survey from the position of the customer.
  • Include a database of the features that convinced your lawsuit to spell with you.

20. "Red Sox Season Campaign," by CTP Boston

Case survey illustration from CTP Boston

What's large astir CTP's lawsuit survey leafage for their Red Sox Season Campaign is their operation of video, images, and text. A video automatically begins playing erstwhile you sojourn the page, and arsenic you scroll, you'll spot much embedded videos of Red Sox players, a compilation of people ads, and societal media images you tin click to enlarge.

At the bottom, it says "Find retired however we tin bash thing akin for your brand." The leafage is clean, cohesive, and aesthetically pleasing. It invites viewers to admit the well-roundedness of CTP's run for Boston's beloved shot team.

Key Learnings from the CTP Case Study Example

  • Include a video successful the heading of the lawsuit study.
  • Close with a call-to-action that makes leads privation to crook into prospects.

21. "Acoustic," by Genuine

Case survey illustration from Genuine

Sometimes, elemental is key. Genuine's lawsuit survey for Acoustic is straightforward and minimal, with conscionable a fewer abbreviated paragraphs, including "Reimagining the B2B website experience," "Speaking to marketers 1:1," and "Inventing Together." After the halfway of the lawsuit study, we past spot a punctuation from Acoustic’s CMO and the results Genuine achieved for the company.

The simplicity of the leafage allows the scholar to absorption connected some the ocular aspects and the copy. The leafage displays Genuine's marque property portion offering the spectator each the indispensable accusation they need.

Key Learnings from the CTP Case Study Example

  • You don’t request to constitute a batch to make a large lawsuit study. Keep it simple.
  • Always see quantifiable information to exemplify the results you achieved for your client.

22. "Using Apptio Targetprocess Automated Rules successful Wargaming," by Apptio

Case survey illustration from Apptio

Apptio’s lawsuit survey for Wargaming summarizes 3 cardinal pieces of accusation close astatine the beginning: The goals, the obstacles, and the results.

Readers past person the accidental to proceed speechmaking — oregon they tin locomotion distant close past with the accusation they need. This lawsuit survey besides excels successful keeping the quality involvement origin by formatting the accusation similar an interview.

The portion is well-organized and uses compelling headers to support the scholar engaged. Despite its length, Apptio's lawsuit survey is appealing capable to support the viewer's attention. Every Apptio lawsuit survey ends with a "recommendation for different companies" section, wherever the lawsuit tin springiness proposal for different companies that are looking for a akin solution but aren’t definite however to get started.

Key Learnings from the Apptio Case Study Example

  • Put your lawsuit successful an advisory relation by giving them the accidental to springiness recommendations to different companies that are speechmaking the lawsuit study.
  • Include the takeaways from the lawsuit survey close astatine the opening truthful prospects rapidly get what they need.

23. "Airbnb + Zendesk: gathering a almighty solution together," by Zendesk

Case survey illustration from Zendesk

Zendesk's Airbnb lawsuit survey reads similar a blog post, and focuses arsenic connected Zendesk and Airbnb, highlighting a existent concern betwixt the companies. To captivate readers, it begins similar this: "Halfway astir the globe is simply a spot to enactment with your sanction connected it. At slightest for a weekend."

The portion focuses connected telling a bully communicative and provides photographs of beauteous Airbnb locations. In a lawsuit survey meant to item Zendesk's helpfulness, thing could beryllium much authentic than their determination to absorption connected Airbnb's work successful specified large detail.

Key Learnings from the Zendesk Case Study Example

  • Include images of your client’s offerings — not needfully of the work oregon merchandise you provided. Notice however Zendesk doesn’t see screenshots of its product.
  • Include a call-to-action close astatine the opening of the lawsuit study. Zendesk gives you 2 options: to find a solution oregon commencement a trial.

24. "Biobot Customer Success Story: Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida," by Biobot

Case survey illustration from Biobot

Like immoderate of the different apical examples successful this list, Biobot opens its lawsuit survey with a punctuation from its client, which captures the worth proposition of moving with Biobot. It mentions the COVID pandemic and goes into item astir the challenges the lawsuit faced during this time.

This lawsuit survey is structured much similar a quality nonfiction than a accepted lawsuit study. This format tin enactment successful much ceremonial industries wherever decision-makers request to spot in-depth accusation astir the case. Be definite to test antithetic methods and measurement engagement.

Key Learnings from the Biobot Case Study Example

  • Mention environmental, nationalist health, oregon economical emergencies and however you helped your lawsuit get past specified hard times.
  • Feel escaped to constitute the lawsuit survey similar a mean blog post, but beryllium definite to trial antithetic methods to find the 1 that champion works for you.

25. "Discovering Cost Savings With Efficient Decision Making," by Gartner

Case survey illustration from Gartner

You don't ever request a ton of substance oregon a video to convey your connection — sometimes, you conscionable request a fewer paragraphs and slug points. Gartner does a fantastic occupation of rapidly providing the cardinal statistic a imaginable lawsuit would request to know, without boggling down their readers with dense paragraphs. The lawsuit survey closes with a shaded container that summarizes the interaction that Gartner had connected its client. It includes a punctuation and a call-to-action to "Learn More."

Key Learnings from the Gartner Case Study Example

  • Feel escaped to support the lawsuit survey short.
  • Include a call-to-action astatine the bottommost that takes the scholar to a leafage that astir relates to them.

26. "Bringing an Operator to the Game," by Redapt

Case survey illustration from Redapt

This lawsuit survey illustration by Redapt is different large objection of the powerfulness of summarizing your lawsuit study’s takeaways close astatine the commencement of the study. Redapt includes 3 easy-to-scan columns: "The problem," "the solution," and "the outcome." But its astir notable diagnostic is simply a conception titled "Moment of clarity," which shows wherefore this peculiar task was hard oregon challenging.

The conception is shaded successful green, making it intolerable to miss. Redapt does the aforesaid happening for each lawsuit study. In the aforesaid way, you should item the "turning point" for some you and your lawsuit erstwhile you were moving toward a solution.

Key Learnings from the Redapt Case Study Example

  • Highlight the turning constituent for some you and your lawsuit during the solution-seeking process.
  • Use the aforesaid operation (including the aforesaid headings) for your lawsuit studies to marque them casual to scan and read.

27. "Virtual Call Center Sees 300% Boost In Contact Rate," by Convoso

Case survey illustration from Convoso

Convoso’s PDF lawsuit survey for Digital Market Media instantly mentions the results that the lawsuit achieved and takes vantage of achromatic space. On the 2nd page, the lawsuit survey presents much influential results. It’s colorful and engaging and closes with a dispersed that prompts readers to petition a demo.

Key Learnings from the Convoso Case Study Example

  • List the results of your enactment close astatine the opening of the lawsuit study.
  • Use colour to differentiate your lawsuit survey from others. Convoso’s illustration is 1 of the astir colorful ones connected this list.

28. "Ensuring prime of work during a pandemic," by Ericsson

Case survey illustration from Ericsson

Ericsson’s lawsuit survey leafage for Orange Spain is an fantabulous illustration of utilizing divers written and ocular media — specified arsenic videos, graphs, and quotes — to showcase the occurrence a lawsuit experienced. Throughout the lawsuit study, Ericsson provides links to merchandise and work pages users mightiness find applicable arsenic they’re speechmaking the study.

For instance, nether the heading "Preloaded with the powerfulness of automation," Ericsson mentions its Ericsson Operations Engine product, past links to that merchandise page. It closes the lawsuit survey with a nexus to different merchandise page.

Key Learnings from the Ericsson Case Study Example

  • Link to merchandise pages passim the lawsuit survey truthful that readers tin larn much astir the solution you offer.
  • Use multimedia to prosecute users arsenic they work the lawsuit study.

Start creating your lawsuit study.

Now that you've got a large database of examples of lawsuit studies, deliberation astir a taxable you'd similar to constitute astir that highlights your institution oregon enactment you did with a customer.

A customer’s occurrence communicative is the astir persuasive selling worldly you could ever create. With a beardown portfolio of lawsuit studies, you tin guarantee prospects cognize wherefore they should springiness you their business.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful August 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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