16 Great Examples of Welcome Emails for New Customers [Templates]

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We've each heard this maxim, "First impressions last," truthful we are alert really important it is to onslaught a bully impression.

welcome email

Showed up precocious for a occupation interview? That's a bad first impression. Eat a clove of ail and hide to brushwood your teeth earlier a first date? Also a bad first impression.

 8 Free Customer Onboarding Templates [Free Kit]

It turns retired that nan "make a bully first impression" rule holds existent not only successful face-to-face encounters but successful email interactions arsenic well. The result of giving a bully belief successful emails goes a agelong measurement to link pinch imaginable business contacts aliases customer

What is simply a invited email?

A invited email is nan first email you person aft signing up, subscribing, aliases submitting your email to an online store. It’s important because it's nan first belief a institution makes pinch a caller customer, blog subscriber, aliases newsletter subscriber via email. Welcome emails tin present videos, typical offers, a sign-up form, aliases conscionable a friends hullo to found a narration pinch a caller contact.

When you nonstop a invited email to a caller blog reader, newsletter subscriber, aliases customer, you're making a first belief connected behalf of your brand. To thief guarantee you're making nan champion first belief possible, we've rounded up immoderate examples of standout invited emails from brands large and small.

Pro Tip: Use HubSpot's free email trading package to easy create a high-quality invited email series for illustration nan ones featured below.

free invited Email Template to nonstop to customers

Each illustration beneath showcases different strategies and strategies for engaging caller email subscribers. Let's dive in.

The Components of an Impressive Welcome Email

One facet that really impacts nan customer onboarding process is nan invited email. While there’s nary one-size-fits-all format, location are respective cardinal components that tin thief your email guidelines retired from nan crowd and link pinch your intended audience. These include:

1. Compelling Subject Lines

Making judge recipients really unfastened your emails is nan first measurement successful making a bully impression. Subject lines are critical, truthful opt for short and consecutive to nan constituent subjects that authorities intelligibly what you’re sending, who it’s from, and why it matters to imaginable customers.

2. Content Recommendations

While nan main intent of invited emails is to present your brand, it’s besides captious to adhd worth by providing nan adjacent steps for willing customers. A bully spot to commencement is by offering links to nan awesome contented connected your website that will springiness your customers much discourse if they're funny astir what you do and really you do it.

3. Custom Offers

Personalization tin thief your invited emails guidelines retired from nan pack. Customized introductory offers connected products are thing consumers often want. If you guidelines these offers connected nan accusation they’ve provided aliases information disposable to nan nationalist done societal platforms, invited emails tin thief thrust ongoing interest.

4. Clear Opt-Out Options

It’s besides important to connection a clear measurement retired if users aren’t interested. Make judge each your invited emails incorporate "unsubscribe" options that let customers to prime really overmuch (or really little) interaction they want from you going forward. If there’s 1 point that sours a budding business relationship, it’s nan incessant emails that aren’t easy to stop. Always springiness customers a measurement to opt out.

Examples of Standout Welcome Emails

So what does a awesome invited email look like? We’ve collected immoderate standout invited connection bid examples that see confirmation messages, convey you emails, and connection templates to thief you pinch your customer onboarding process from commencement to decorativeness — and make a awesome belief on nan way.

1. Food52

Type of Welcome: Confirmation

Food52 invited email pinch a grey CTA to get started

Sometimes nan tiniest of elements successful a invited email tin speak volumes astir a brand. And erstwhile it comes to Food52's invited email, nan preview matter astatine nan apical of nan email, "We brought snacks," decidedly accomplishes this.

Also known arsenic a pre-header aliases snippet text, nan preview matter is nan transcript that gets pulled successful from nan assemblage of an email and displayed adjacent to (or beneath) nan taxable statement successful someone's inbox. So erstwhile you spot Food52's invited email successful your inbox, you get a sensation of their brand's characteristic earlier you moreover unfastened it.

 Food52 preview text

Food52's invited email besides does a bully occupation of building spot by putting a look (make that 2 faces) to their name. As soon arsenic you unfastened nan email, you spot a photograph and connection from nan company's founders.

2. Monday.com

Type of Welcome: Video

Monday.com invited email illustration pinch a nexus to watch a video by CEO Roy Man

From nan taxable line, down to nan conversational reside successful nan email body, nan image of a invited email supra keeps it friends and simple, truthful nan attraction stays connected nan introductory video inside.

Monday.com is simply a task guidance instrumentality for teams and businesses, and nan invited email you get erstwhile you motion up makes you consciousness for illustration a CEO, because Roy Man is speaking straight to you. The email moreover personalizes nan opening greeting by utilizing nan recipient's first name, and this is good known for increasing email click-through rates (especially if nan sanction is successful nan taxable line).

The much you tin make your email sound for illustration a one-on-one speech betwixt you and your subscriber, nan better. If you person conscionable truthful galore specifications that you request to pass your caller customer about, travel Monday.com's lead and embed them connected a video, alternatively than pronunciation them each retired connected nan email itself.

3. Kate Spade

Type of Welcome: Thank You

Kate Spade invited email illustration pinch orangish letter cover schematic saying convey you

Let's look it, nan internet-using nationalist is perpetually bombarded pinch prompts to motion up for and subscribe to each sorts of email communications. So arsenic a brand, erstwhile personification takes nan clip to sift done each nan chaos to intentionally motion up for your email communications, it's a large deal.

To admit really grateful they are to nan folks who really return their clip to subscribe, Kate Spade uses a elemental but effective maneuver pinch their invited emails. They opportunity "Thank You" successful big, bold lettering. By placing that "Thank You" statement connected an envelope, Kate Spade recreates nan emotion of receiving an existent convey you missive via mail. (The 15% disconnected discount codification doesn't wounded either.)

4. Lyft

Type of Welcome: New Customers

Lyft invited email illustration pinch pinkish CTA to get started

If there's an perfect "attitude" that invited emails should springiness off, Lyft has it. The company's elemental but vibrant invited email focuses wholly connected nan look and consciousness of nan app, delivering a creation that's arsenic lukewarm and soft arsenic nan lifts that Lyft wants to springiness you.

At nan aforesaid time, nan email's branded pinkish call-to-action draws your eyes toward nan halfway of nan page to "Take a Ride", an inviting connection that doesn't make you consciousness pressured arsenic a caller user.

5. Munk Pank

Type of Welcome: About Us

Munk Pank invited email example

The Munk Pank's invited email is nan communicative of why nan institution was founded. This is simply a patient snack shop founded by a hubby and wife. In their invited email, they mention that they started nan institution because they ne'er seemed to find nutritious snacks to support them energized and connected nan go.

This is an fantabulous type of a invited email because they fto their customers cognize they tin subordinate to nan problems they're facing and they've been there. This helps successful building spot and relatability; it besides gives customers a peek into what they should expect from their products.

The email ends by sharing nan company’s ngo to thief them unrecorded a patient lifestyle. This invited email lets subscribers cognize that they're joining a people that is concerned astir their patient eating and lifestyle; a ngo that goes beyond snacks.

6. Who Gives a Crap

Type of Welcome: Product Story

who gives a crap invited email example

Who Gives a Crap is an statement that sells integrated toilet paper, and they're passionate astir it. Their invited email is arsenic nosy and informative. They authorities each nan reasons why you should opt for integrated and eco-friendly products. Then, they sweeten nan cookware (pun intended) by noting that they donate 50% of their profits to world sanitation projects.

The email reminds nan purchaser that they still get nan toilet insubstantial astatine nan aforesaid value they do successful nan supermarket. They besides person a compelling telephone to action successful their invited email that offers 10% disconnected of their products for group who subscribe to their email list. The institution added its "Shop Now" fastener for convenience, truthful if readers are convinced to buy, they tin do truthful successful 1 click.

7. SAXX Underwear

Type of Welcome: Free Gift aliases Offer

saxx invited email example

SAXX Underwear specializes successful men's underwear, and their invited email is very catchy and creative. Their taxable statement "Welcome to you and your balls" is conscionable a sensation of really they usage a humorous and relatable reside to link pinch their audience.

Their invited email is visual, too. They show their comfortableness guarantee pinch images of models wearing their boxers.

The invited email besides gives a 10% disconnected codification for first-time buyers and directs them to their store. Besides nan offer, they coming their refund argumentation boldly to connection reassurance for prospects who whitethorn beryllium unsure. These gestures thief to build spot pinch their caller subscribers and promote them to bargain from them.

What really stands retired successful nan SAXX Underwear invited email is nan reside of nan transcript and nan observant yet bold and catchy prime of words.

8. InVision

Type of Welcome: Free Trial

InVision invited email pinch nexus to watch video

When you motion up for InVision's free prototyping app, nan invited email makes it very clear what your adjacent measurement should be.

To guideline group connected really to usage InVision’s app, nan company’s invited email doesn't simply database retired what you request to do to get started. Instead, it shows you what you request to do pinch a bid of speedy videos. Given nan visual, interactive quality of nan product, this makes a batch of sense.

9. Drift

Type of Welcome: Confirmation

Drift invited email pinch nexus to get started

No fancy creation work. No videos. No photos. The invited email Drift sends retired aft signing up for their newsletter is simply a instruction successful minimalism.

The email opens pinch a spot of candid commentary connected nan email itself. "Most group person really agelong invited email sequences aft you get connected their email list," Dave from Drift writes, earlier continuing: "Good news: we aren't astir people." What follows is simply a bulleted database of nan company's astir celebrated blog posts. And nan only mention of nan merchandise comes successful a little postscript astatine nan very end.

If you're trying to trade a invited email that's non-interruptive, and laser-focused connected adding worth alternatively of fluff, this is simply a awesome illustration to follow.

10. Inbound

Type of Welcome: Event Signup


Inbound attracts business professionals from each complete nan world. So, it’s fitting that its arena confirmation email is elemental and easy to follow, pinch useful links for arena information, help, and accessibility.

Keep scrolling and you’ll spot moreover much useful additions, like:

  • Links to adhd nan arena to your calendar
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Directions done Google Maps

This all-in-one attack to arena welcomes makes judge that moreover if group who wish to be only spot 1 email, that email will see everything they need.

11. Creative Capital

Type of Welcome: New Donor

 Creative Capital

Nonprofit marketing tin beryllium a challenge, but this email sheds ray connected endless possibilities. In this invited email, donors to Creative Capital get a patient dose of inspiration.

The email originates pinch a striking GIF that combines nan activity of supported artists pinch agleam convey you messages. It continues pinch a poetic connection astir nan types of artists nan org supports. This is simply a chance to animate each donor. It reminds them who their aid is supporting and why that action has monolithic value.

12. Baltic Born

Type of Welcome: Customer Loyalty

 Baltic Born

Frequent shoppers tin extremity up successful much loyalty programs than they tin count, truthful it’s important for these invited emails to guidelines retired and show disconnected a large offer.

From nan start, this email focuses connected actual rewards. Then, it gives a clear mentation of Baltic Born’s reward system. It continues pinch a fastener that compels nan recipient to get much points.

And nan monochromatic creation is attractive, but not distracting aliases overwhelming, making it easy to publication connected mobile devices.

13. PepTalkHer

Type of Welcome: Confirmation


While galore subscribers click taxable to lick a problem, positivity is cardinal successful a invited email. This org supports women connected their way to costs equality. It could beryllium tempting for this email to commencement pinch emotionally-charged connection aliases statistic that show really large a problem nan gender salary spread is.

Instead, PepTalkHer shows its knowing of its target audience. This email centers connected nan support, value, and wide awesomeness of this community. It besides adds useful links to societal media and website channels. This helps jump commencement each signup’s journey.

14. Third Love

Type of Welcome: Discount Code

 Third Love

As generative AI runs to nan forefront of email trading strategy, personalization is much important than ever before.

This email grabs subscribers pinch a personalized offer. The customer acquisition originates pinch a well-designed online quiz. Then, nan results of that quiz are woven into a useful and individual email that includes size and merchandise recommendations, on pinch a discount offer.

The penning style of this email is individual too, pinch a signoff that sounds some supportive and genuine.

15. Swipe Files

Type of Welcome: New Customers

 Swipe Files

There’s thing rather for illustration a individual invited email to make an belief connected caller subscribers. It’s said that good writing is bully thinking, and this invited email is simply a awesome illustration of that idea. This connection sounds authentic, kind, and curious. It uses nonstop language, easy-to-read paragraphs, and elemental calls-to-action. This shows each subscriber what they’re getting into pinch their subscription and leaves them excited for more.

16. Oui nan People

Type of Welcome: Discount Code

 Oui nan People

Powerful graphics are different measurement to make a beardown first impression. After signing up for skincare marque Oui nan People’s mailing list, nan invited email that hits your inbox makes a gorgeous ocular connection that shows nan brand’s imagination and personality. Then, it uses bold type to make a compelling offer.

The transcript that follows not only matches but amplifies nan vibe of nan opening image. "Together, we’re going against nan atom of accepted beauty to create (damned good) products that consciousness for illustration they were designed conscionable for you and each of your glorious complexity. Life-changing, not you-changing." The one-two punch of graphics, CTA, and transcript makes it reliable not to prosecute pinch this welcome.

Welcome Email Templates

Need a small thief successful getting your invited email efforts disconnected nan ground? We’ve sewage you covered pinch free welcome connection templates to streamline nan relationship process.

Each template shows a different measurement you tin invited your customers. These examples make it elemental to nonstop a invited email to meet your customer's needs astatine their existent spot successful nan customer journey.

About Us

An About Us invited email introduces caller subscribers to your institution pinch a firsthand story. It gives you a chance to stock who you are, what you do, and what you guidelines for. This helps you create a narration pinch your subscriber, which tin thief them consciousness much invested successful your brand.

It's besides a chance to group expectations astir nan contented aliases benefits you connection to your subscribers.

Hey [First name],

Welcome to [Brand name]. We're thrilled to person you subordinate america connected our ngo to [insert institution ngo aliases vision].

We started [Brand name] to lick [insert nan problem your merchandise aliases work solves] because [creation communicative for your founder(s)]. We want to animate group to [insert big-picture merchandise impact].

We are perpetually refining our merchandise to unrecorded up to our vision.

We judge that [our product] will make a quality for you too, and we can't hold to perceive your story. Please consciousness free to reply to this email and show america astir you and what you dream to achieve.

Thank you for joining america connected this journey. We look guardant to proceeding your story.

Looking guardant to proceeding more,



Product Story

Product communicative emails showcase your merchandise aliases work and springiness you a chance to amended and animate pinch your welcome. A merchandise communicative invited email doesn't conscionable person to beryllium astir really you created your product. It tin show stories about:

  • The problem your merchandise aliases work solves
  • Product benefits
  • The materials you usage to make your product
  • Key merchandise features

This invited email tin thief you grow marque consciousness arsenic good arsenic amended customer engagement and conversions.

Hi [First name],

Thank you for choosing [product aliases service]. We're delighted to stock [product].

At [Brand name], we understand that [problem that nan merchandise solves] is simply a challenge. That's why we [share really your merchandise is made, nan materials you use, aliases features]. With our product, you'll get [insert nan benefits of nan merchandise and really it tin lick nan problem nan customer is facing].

Thank you for joining nan [Brand name] community. We're present to help. And if you person immoderate questions aliases feedback, interaction X astatine [email, societal media, aliases telephone number].

p.s. [add a short personalized statement for postscript].

With gratitude,




Video welcomes are a speedy and powerful measurement to link pinch caller customers, subscribers, aliases employees. You tin characteristic nan people, culture, aliases messaging that correspond your marque successful your video. Videos are besides a awesome measurement to share:

  • Product features and benefits
  • Tutorials
  • Promotions

Video invited emails tin thief your business guidelines retired from companies sending text-only email communication. They're besides a speedy measurement to drawback attraction arsenic you statesman your narration pinch a caller contact.

Welcome to [Brand name], [first sanction of your subscriber].

We're excited to stock this video connection [insert nexus to nan video]. It will show you a small spot astir [content of your video].

Watching this speedy video is conscionable nan first measurement toward reaching your extremity of [desired outcomes for contact]. Our squad is ever present to connection you nan guidance and resources you need.

Thank you for being a portion of nan [Brand name] community.



Free Gift aliases Offer

Free gifts and invited offers springiness caller subscribers and customers a tempting logic to re-engage pinch your brand. They're useful for creating urgency. These invited emails are besides a awesome measurement to item personalized offers for nan latest summation to your email list.

A free connection aliases exclusive gift tin amended customer retention and loyalty, arsenic good arsenic build anticipation for early offers.

Hey [First name] —

Welcome to [Brand name]!

As nan latest (and greatest) summation to our community, we'd for illustration to springiness you a free [insert gift item]. It's our measurement of saying convey you for choosing america for your [product type] needs.

To declare your [offer], conscionable adhd nan promo codification FREEGIFT astatine checkout and your gift will beryllium connected nan measurement to you soon.

If you person immoderate questions aliases feedback until then, please get successful touch astatine [contact information]. We're ever present to help.

All best,

[Signature aliases Brand name]


Event Signup

An arena signup invited email is cardinal to nan arena registration process. This 1 portion of communication:

  • Confirms successful arena registration
  • Offers important arena logistics
  • Highlights speakers and different arena details
  • Prepares attendees for nan event

This type of invited email is besides a first measurement to connecting pinch a customer. It builds spot and shows really they tin use from further engagement.

Hi [Attendee name],

Thank you for registering for [Event name]. We can't hold for you to subordinate america during this important event.

This email includes your registration confirmation, arena location, date, and more.

  • [Registration Confirmation Details]
  • [Attendee name]
  • [Attendee email]
  • [Registration type (such arsenic VIP, General Admission, etc.)]
  • [Number of tickets]
  • [Confirmation code]
  • [Event name]
  • [Event location]
  • [Date and time]

This convention will see [featured panels, speakers, sessions]. We've besides organized [meeting rooms, mixers] for networking opportunities and connecting pinch your peers. You'll besides person nan chance to spot [special events, attendee-only exclusives].

Note: You'll request your confirmation codification aliases badge to participate nan event, and we've attached a PDF pinch different adjuvant tips.

If you person immoderate questions astir your registration, interaction [Event organizer] aliases respond to this email.

Thank you again for registering for [Event name]. We can't hold to spot you there!

Best regards,




Confirmation emails tin sometimes consciousness acold aliases impersonal, truthful this is different email wherever it's captious to adhd immoderate welcome. A confirmation email assures your subscriber aliases purchaser that they've successfully completed signup. It's besides a chance to stock useful accusation to make them consciousness much comfortable astir what comes next.

For example, you mightiness want to adhd bid details, shipping, aliases nan time of nan week your newsletter comes out. Personalizing this invited email tin spell a agelong measurement to building spot pinch your subscribers.

Hi [First name],

Thank you for your [subscription] to [Newsletter aliases Brand name]!

There's conscionable 1 much measurement to complete nan process and subordinate [Brand name's] organization of [term that describes your customers, specified arsenic business owners, stone stars, nature, lovers]. Click nan nexus beneath to corroborate your subscription.

With that 1 click, you'll beryllium nan first to cognize nan latest updates, products, and resources from us. You'll besides person entree to value contented and support.

Thank you again for subscribing. We can't hold to stock and study pinch you.



Free Trial

Your invited email for a free proceedings is important because it sets nan reside for your narration pinch each customer. It's a chance to opportunity convey you, connection other help, and group expectations for your product.

This first email is besides a chance to show users really to make nan astir of your merchandise and constituent retired features and benefits they mightiness miss connected their own.

This invited email has a circumstantial extremity — to move that free proceedings into a paying customer. With that successful mind, it's important to onslaught a balance. This email should constituent retired tips, features, and details, but not overwhelm pinch excessively overmuch information.

Hi [First name]!

Thank you for signing up for your free proceedings of [product aliases Company name]. We can't hold for you to effort retired our [product].

With your free trial, you'll person entree to [popular features] truthful you tin trial what useful for you. To make nan astir of your free trial, [outline first step], past [list 2 aliases 3 imaginable usage cases].

If you're looking for support aliases instructions, cheque retired [links to support, help, and societal media resources]. You tin besides return a speedy look astatine nan merchandise video beneath for a speedy walk-through.

We'll beryllium successful touch pinch adjacent steps for your proceedings soon. Until then, convey you again for choosing [product aliases marque name]!

Hoping this is helpful,



Thank You

Thank You invited emails lead pinch gratitude to your subscribers and customers. Whether they're signing up for your newsletter, RSVPing for an event, aliases making a purchase, this invited email leads pinch nan positive.

Hi [First name],

Thank you for choosing [Brand name]. We're truthful happy you decided to [join, subscribe, complete a purchase].

Giving you a awesome acquisition is our apical privilege — and connected that note, we want to make judge you cognize that our [Customer loyalty team, customer support team, societal media community] is present pinch news, offers, and much conscionable for you.

Again, convey you for choosing [Brand name]. We look guardant to offering you value products and winning work for galore years to come.

All best,



Welcome Email Template for New Customers

Your caller customer invited email often marks nan opening of nan customer relationship. This email usually contains a batch of information. It mightiness see bid confirmation, merchandise information, adjuvant tips, aliases a reappraisal request.

At nan aforesaid time, it needs to group a reside that emphasizes nan characteristic and worth of your marque and products. So, it needs to beryllium welcoming, engaging, and encouraging.

Hi [Customer],

This is really exciting: Welcome (officially) to [your merchandise aliases work here]. We’re truthful fortunate to person you.

[I/we] are present to thief make judge you get nan results you expect from [your merchandise aliases work here], truthful don’t hesitate to scope retired pinch questions. [I’d/we’d] emotion to perceive from you.

To thief you get started, [I/we] urge checking retired these resources:

  • [Resource 1]
  • [Resource 2]
  • [Resource 3]

If you request support, you tin reply to this email aliases springiness america a telephone astatine [555-555-5555]. [I/we] tin talk you done nan specifications and accusation you request to get started.

Looking guardant to proceeding from you,

[Your company/name]


Discount Code

Discount codes make awesome invited emails. This is because they lead pinch thing your subscriber wants. It encourages a purchase, but this email is besides a chance to show appreciation, create marque awareness, aliases boost caller products.

To make nan astir of this type of invited email, deliberation astir limited-time aliases occasion-specific offers. This adds urgency and gives you a chance to quickly boost your customer relationship.

[First name],

You don't person to hold to acquisition [popular products]. As a invited to our community, we're offering you a typical discount.

To usage your discount, conscionable participate nan codification WELCOME10 erstwhile you cheque out. You tin usage this codification to acquisition [specific products aliases typical promotion].

One much thing: Be judge to return advantage of this connection earlier [expiration date].

If you request immoderate thief aliases guidance utilizing your discount code, conscionable get successful touch pinch [support squad information.]

Thank you!



Customer Loyalty

Some customers will get much than 1 invited email from you, truthful it's important to make your invited email specific. One illustration — your customer loyalty program. When personification signs up to beryllium an connection aliases joins an inducement programme for your brand, they request a different benignant of welcome.

As you draught this email, attraction connected personalized connection. Whether you're offering acknowledgment for their support, sharing sneak peeks, aliases giving exclusive offers, each customer needs to consciousness special.

Use surveys, interactive features, and integrations to cod feedback from existent customers. Then, erstwhile your subscribers go loyal customers, you tin usage these devices to make your loyalty invited email super personal.

Hey [First name],

Welcome to [Brand loyalty program]! You've joined an exclusive group of customers who make our marque and products better, and we are truthful excited you're here.

Customer loyalty astatine [Brand name] intends [outline apical loyalty programme benefits]. It's a individual convey you for choosing our products.

Your rank besides includes these perks:

[Benefit 1]

[Benefit 2]

[Benefit 3]

To make nan astir of your benefits, [share first steps to activate membership].

We besides want to perceive from you! Contact america pinch immoderate questions aliases feedback — our squad is ever present to help.

Your first purchase, [name of first merchandise purchase], group you connected nan way to becoming 1 of our astir loyal customers. We can't hold to spot what you'll do arsenic portion of our [Loyalty program] community.

Kind regards,



New Donor

Each caller philanthropist has a awesome effect connected your business's future. So, nan measurement that you invited each philanthropist is simply a cardinal portion of their experience.

This invited email is simply a chance to connection thanks, reappraisal your company's ngo and vision, aliases inquire for continued aliases deeper engagement. The philanthropist invited email is besides a clip to:

  • Share inspirational stories
  • Highlight nan problems your statement is moving to solve
  • Offer caller information connected nan position of your work

Dear [Donor name],

I'm penning to personally invited you to [Nonprofit Organization name]. Thank you again for your generous donation.

Your publication is making an contiguous effect connected our activity to [revisit your ngo and/or vision].

With your support, our squad will proceed to [outline important services and impact]. With continued activity together, we tin make a lasting difference.

We will enactment successful touch pinch updates and events astatine [Nonprofit Organization name]. We'll besides stock captious updates connected really your publication is improving [share caller information and statistic toward captious goals].

Thank you again for your donation, and for choosing to beryllium a portion of [Nonprofit Organization name]’s vision.

Best regards,



Now that you’ve seen immoderate awesome examples of invited emails and templates, let’s excavation into nan process of penning a awesome email and catching customer attention.

How to Write a Welcome Email

  1. Write a catchy taxable line.
  2. Restate your worth proposition.
  3. Show nan adjacent onboarding steps.
  4. Generate nan “A-ha” moment.
  5. Add adjuvant resources.
  6. Provide customer work interaction information.
  7. Conclude pinch a call-to-action.

1. Write a catchy taxable line.

Research shows that while much than 90% of invited emails are opened, conscionable 23% of them are really read. That intends if your invited email doesn't drawback nan oculus of your caller customer, they whitethorn not cognize you sent it astatine all.

The champion instrumentality you tin leverage to summation email unfastened rates is nan taxable line. A catchy and actionable taxable statement tin tie customers successful and make them funny astir your content.

When penning taxable lines, beryllium judge to see what your email is promoting and really it will use your customer. Remember to beryllium concise, because nan scholar tin only spot a condemnation aliases 2 successful nan preview. A bully norm of thumb is that your taxable statement should springiness capable accusation to pique nan reader's interest, but not capable truthful that they request to unfastened your email for nan afloat details.

2. Restate your worth proposition.

Although this whitethorn look for illustration an unnecessary measurement to take, it tin really connection immoderate important benefits.

The astir evident use is that it gives nan customer immoderate reassurance that they made nan correct determination signing up. It's ne'er a bad point to punctual customers why they created an relationship pinch you, and it clarifies precisely what they tin expect to execute pinch your merchandise aliases service.

This besides gives you nan opportunity to intelligibly explicate immoderate ancillary services aliases features that you connection that could create much stickiness pinch your business. This is particularly existent if you person a analyzable solution pinch unsocial features that customers mightiness not cognize about.

3. Show nan adjacent onboarding steps.

Now that you've reminded them why they signed up, get them afloat group up pinch your merchandise aliases service. Usually, location are steps that users must return aft signing up to get nan astir retired of nan platform. Examples include:

  • Completing their floor plan information
  • Setting preferences
  • Uploading basal accusation (such arsenic contacts into a CRM, floor plan image for a societal media profile, etc.)
  • Upgrading their relationship aliases completing an order

4. Generate nan "A-ha" moment.

This is 1 of nan astir important steps to return successful a invited email, and there's a important and data-driven logic down that. Former Facebook caput of growth, Chamath Palihapitiya, discovered that if you tin get a personification to get 7 friends wrong 10 days, they were overmuch much apt to spot Facebook's "core value" and go a returning progressive user. This is known arsenic an "a-ha moment," successful which nan customer understands really they use from utilizing your merchandise aliases service.

The extremity is to get nan personification to this aha infinitesimal arsenic quickly arsenic imaginable truthful your merchandise sticks and nan customer achieves occurrence arsenic soon arsenic possible. This will nutrient a amended wide customer acquisition and yet help your business grow.

To get this done, first place your business's "core value" and nan obstacles aliases prerequisites customers must complete to person this value. Then you tin usage your invited email to guideline caller customers done these tasks.

5. Add adjuvant resources.

As mentioned successful nan erstwhile step, you want nan personification to spot nan worth immediately. But, customer occurrence doesn't extremity there. Depending connected nan quality and complexity of your product, customers whitethorn request much help. For example, customers mightiness request guidance connected troubleshooting, utilizing precocious features, aliases getting nan astir worth retired of your halfway features.

It's apt that you've already created thief contented addressing communal questions from customers. Whether it's tutorial videos, an FAQ page, aliases adjuvant blog posts containing champion practices, this thief contented is basal to customer success. Why not see it successful your invited email? This gives them nan devices they request upfront without forcing them to hunt for nan accusation aft a problem arises.

6. Provide customer work interaction information.

The last measurement to mounting your customers up for occurrence is making judge that they cognize really to interaction you. You tin walk each nan clip successful nan world creating fantabulous thief content, but you can't foresee each imaginable problem that will originate for your customers.

Even if you could, customers are only human, and not each of them will beryllium consenting to pore done your thief resources to find nan reply to their questions. So it's champion to beryllium forthright pinch customers connected really they tin get successful touch pinch you for help.

Adding this interaction accusation to your invited email is simply a awesome measurement to laic nan instauration of spot needed for building a relationship. It drives customer loyalty and reassures readers that you are disposable if they request you. Avoid sending customers connected a wealth hunt conscionable to find a measurement to inquire you a elemental question. This will lead to vexation and nonstop them into nan arms of your competitors.

7. Conclude pinch a call-to-action.

You should wrap up your invited email pinch a call-to-action that entices customers to statesman nan onboarding process. After you've demonstrated your company's values and explained really you're going to thief them execute their goals, customers will beryllium eager to get started. So, make things easier for them by providing a fastener astatine nan extremity of nan email that triggers nan first measurement successful nan onboarding process.

Here's 1 illustration of what this could look like.

Food52 invited email illustration pinch CTA

Pro tip: To standard nan process, you tin usage nan steps supra to create an AI punctual that will make a first-draft invited email successful seconds.

Just plug your worth props, adjacent steps, and CTA into a instrumentality for illustration HubSpot’s Campaign Assistant to get started. You tin moreover usage nan aforesaid prompts to create matching advertisement transcript aliases landing page content. HubSpot's AI run adjunct for generating trading emails

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How to Write an Employee Onboarding Welcome Email

Welcome emails aren't conscionable for customers. The onboarding process has a immense effect connected really nan caller labor consciousness astir your company, truthful it's important to springiness it nan clip and power it deserves.

One of nan important parts of this process is nan onboarding invited email. It has to lucifer nan company’s reside and outline each nan expectations you person for nan caller employee. If this is your first clip penning an onboarding email, you’ll find nan pursuing steps helpful.

Here are nan steps to travel erstwhile penning an onboarding email.

1. Decide connected nan contented of your onboarding email.

Before you start, it's important that you are alert of nan contented of an onboarding invited email.

The contents are going to alteration based connected nan conditions. For example, an email onboarding distant employees is wholly different from an onboarding email for an worker who will activity onsite.

For an onsite employee, nan onboarding email should include:

  • Welcome events
  • First-day schedule
  • Arrival instructions
  • How to entree their workstation
  • Break room specifications (where to lukewarm lunch, get coffee, etc.)
  • Dress code
  • What they're required to bring (passport, ID, societal information work, aliases immoderate different paperwork)
  • Parking information
  • Contact information

For a distant employee, nan contented whitethorn include:

  • First-day schedule
  • Contact information
  • Signup specifications for collaboration tools
  • Welcome video convention gathering (time to beryllium held)

Again, you tin alteration nan contented based connected your company's needs.

2. Decide connected nan reside you want to usage successful your email.

The adjacent point you request to determine connected is nan reside you want to usage successful your onboarding email. Do you see your institution friendly, casual, aliases ace formal? Whatever your reply is, it should bespeak connected nan reside of nan onboarding email. This gives nan worker an thought of nan benignant of workplace situation they should expect. It besides sets nan reside for really your caller worker is expected to usage erstwhile representing your brand.

3. Draft your onboarding email.

The adjacent measurement is to draught your onboarding email. While nan reside of your email mightiness alteration to fresh your needs, present is an illustration of a template you tin use.

Dear [Employee's name],

We are very excited to invited you to [company name]. Please retrieve to transportation your ID to get easy entree to our premises. We expect you to beryllium successful nan agency by [time], and our dress codification is [formal/super casual].

At [company name], we pridefulness ourselves connected creating nan champion situation for our employees. As you'll see, our squad has already prepared your workstation for you and group up your package to make your first time easy. You'll besides beryllium fixed entree to your designated parking spot, a customized institution bag, t-shirt, and mugs, among different goodies.

Our squad has besides planned each nan specifications for your first week to guarantee you settee easily. You'll person a archive pinch your schedule and agendas for your first week from HR erstwhile you arrive. Human Resources will besides thief you capable successful nan required paperwork and reply each your questions. After nan gathering pinch HR, you'll beryllium assigned a mentor who will show you nan ropes of our institution and really we get things done.

Our squad is excited to meet you during nan [planned event].

If you request immoderate clarity earlier you arrive, please interaction maine by telephone [phone number] aliases email. I'll beryllium much than happy to help.

Welcome to nan [company name], [employee name]. We are looking guardant to moving pinch you and watching you turn and soar to greater heights!

Warm Regards,



4. Edit your email.

After penning your email, make judge you edit it to make judge you see each nan basal details. You tin besides usage devices for illustration Grammarly for immoderate grammatical errors. You tin besides person a workfellow double-check nan email. Remember to connect immoderate basal documents, links, aliases images arsenic supplemental information.

5. Send aliases schedule nan email.

Lastly, nonstop nan email aliases schedule it truthful it’s received successful a timely manner. For example, you want to debar sending an onboarding invited email connected Sunday evening, which whitethorn springiness nan incorrect impression.

This will let nan caller Employee to beryllium psychologically prepared and find nan basal documents.

Make a Great First Impression

Bottom line? Whether it's successful person, complete nan phone, aliases by email, first impressions matter. Your invited email is often nan first chance a prospective customer aliases interaction has to spot what your marque is each astir and if you don’t instrumentality nan landing, they’ll apt spell location else.

Luckily, penning a awesome invited email is simple. It’s not needfully easy, but if you attraction connected what matters specified arsenic compelling taxable lines, awesome content, personalized offers, and always, ever a measurement to opt out, your first belief tin thief laic nan groundwork for semipermanent relationships.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful April 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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