11 Stress Management Apps to Relax Your Mind & Body

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We each look disruptions to our bid of mind — activity stressors, parenting pressures, and moreover smaller hurdles for illustration moving retired of shampoo. Stress guidance apps tin thief easiness anxieties that could different heap up and make life consciousness retired of control.

person utilizing a accent guidance app to meditate successful a chair

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Monitoring and managing your affectional wellness is simply a wise prime for some coming and down nan road. Experts astatine nan Mayo Clinic opportunity that unmanaged accent tin impact your body, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. This tin lead to superior beingness repercussions.

Luckily location are tons of awesome stress guidance apps retired location that tin thief — and present are immoderate of our favorites.

Table of Contents

  • What are accent guidance apps?
  • 11 Stress Management Apps You Need to Try

What are accent guidance apps?

Stress guidance apps are integer programs for your telephone that are designed to thief you amended really you woody pinch accent and/or anxiety. They supply a assortment of tools, practices, and perspectives to assistance you successful nan pursuit of amended intelligence health. These apps are astatine manus wherever you are and whenever you want support.

Note: These apps are not intended to beryllium substitutes for aesculapian advice. Think of them arsenic educational, intended to thief you research your business and place imaginable solutions.

Be judge to consult your healthcare master earlier making immoderate health, medical, aliases different decisions based connected information wrong these apps.

11 Stress Management Apps You Need to Try

1. Headspace

  • Price: Start pinch a 7-day free trial, past salary $12.99 a month. You tin besides commencement pinch a 14-day free proceedings and past $69.99 a year.
  • Available for: iOS | Android
  • Price: It’s free to download constricted content. In-app purchases scope from $0.99 to $399.99 per item.
  • Available for: iOS | Android

stress guidance apps, headspace interface

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Meditation is simply a awesome accent alleviation technique, and Headspace is 1 of nan champion apps retired location for guided meditation sessions, particularly if you're a beginner. These guided sessions will thatch you really to move disconnected nan encephalon chatter and meditate much effectively.

Headspace has been connected nan segment and increasing for years. The institution has besides acquired and incorporated Shine, an app created by women of colour that addresses nan intelligence and affectional wellness issues that are circumstantial to their communities.

Pro tip: Many discounts and plans are disposable to audiences known to use astir from affectional tools, specified arsenic overworked teachers, stressed-out students, and anxious teens. Be judge to cheque to spot if you get a deal.

What We Love

  • It’s age-inclusive; this app offers devices for toddlers up to elders.
  • Meditations alteration from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, supporting a deepening believe complete time.


  • Headspace only offers free contented during proceedings periods.

2. Calm

stress guidance apps, calm interface

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Calm is an highly celebrated and well-marketed meditation, sleep, and relaxation app. It’s well-known for soothing soundscapes and gentle aesthetics.

The app guides users successful self-chosen regular meditations, adds caller euphony each week, and encourages them to return to their important self-care activity each day. It besides features intelligence wellness trackers and breathing exercises to thief you find, claim, and calm your center.

Pro tip: Calm offers some 7- and 21-day mindfulness programs that tin thief you excavation deeper and execute your goals.

What We Love

  • Calm is geared toward adults, yet awesome contented is disposable for kids and teens.
  • The interface looks and feels soothing.


  • Calm is free to download, but there’s not overmuch contented disposable until subscribing.
  • Payment info is collected upfront.
  • Users person reported slow consequence from customer service.

3. Sanvello

  • Price: You tin download Sanvello for free. In-app purchases scope from $0.99 to $199.99. You tin besides bargain a premium type that has unlimited entree to features.
  • Available for: iOS | Android

stress guidance apps, sanvello interface

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Previously branded arsenic Pacifica, Sanvello has expanded its intelligence wellness mission. The app is based connected cognitive behavioral therapy mixed pinch relaxation and wellness techniques.

This regular instrumentality helps reside accent and worry astatine a gradual pace. Over time, nan app becomes customized to your circumstantial needs.

Track your regular activities and affectional states to thief nan app find what activities mightiness origin different moods and emotions — particularly stress, anxiety, and depression. The extremity is to thief you admit triggers truthful that you tin break nan cycle.

Sanvello gives you goals to group and straightforward affectional homework. Plus, it has a refreshingly non-fluffy aesthetic. You won’t person to dress you’re emotion sunny erstwhile you’re not.

Best for: People who for illustration a darker, much straightforward UX.

What We Love

  • Many security plans screen nan costs of this app, truthful beryllium judge to cheque your benefits.
  • The interface won’t gobsmack you pinch agleam colors.
  • There are respective value options to fresh a assortment of budgets.


  • Some users study that coaches tin beryllium impersonal.
  • Therapy options whitethorn not beryllium disposable successful each state.

4. Daylio Journal

  • Price: You tin download nan app for free. In-app purchases are available.
  • Available for: iOS | Android

stress guidance apps, Daylio journal

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Here's a tried and existent search app that lets you way your emotions, activities, medications, and much passim nan day. With regular use, you tin fig retired what's driving your emotions.

Monitoring your temper successful an app tin thief you find immoderate useful correlations. For example, immoderate folks find their temper changes depending connected whether aliases not they worked retired that day.

You tin put successful your sleeping times and slumber quality, magnitude of workout performed, accent levels, menstrual cycles, and more.

Best for: Those who already emotion to journal.

What We Love

  • Classic and highly functional.
  • Tracks tons of specifications for discovering patterns.


  • If you don’t person clip to write, this whitethorn not beryllium nan app for you.
  • Regular usage is nan cardinal to success; beryllium fresh to put clip earlier seeing results.

5. SAM: Self-Help App for nan Mind

  • Price: Free
  • Available for: iOS | Android

stress guidance apps, self-help app for nan mind interface

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Created pinch psychological principles, supported by research, and recommended by practitioners, Self-Help App for nan Mind (nicknamed SAM) helps you fig retired what's making you anxious aliases stressed while besides suggesting ways to combat it.

It's a awesome assets for outer information, covering everything from accusation astir worry to beingness and intelligence relaxation techniques.

Along pinch these resources comes guidance for putting these techniques into practice, including breathing and musculus relaxation exercises. Over time, you’ll way your feelings and triggers to spot a chart of your worry truthful you tin self-monitor.


  • Has a organization forum called nan Social Cloud to interact with.
  • Helps you way your triggers arsenic good arsenic your feelings to thief you negociate them.


  • Heavily text-based and not very interactive.
  • User acquisition is disjointed and could use from much streamlining.

6. Breathe2Relax

  • Price: Breathe2Relax is free.
  • Available for: iOS | Android

stress guidance apps, breathe2relax interface

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Has anyone ever told you to adjacent your eyes and breathe? That's because focusing connected and controlling your breathing tin really thief calm a personification down.

In fact, diaphragmatic breathing (breathing from your stomach) has really been proven to alteration stress.

The Department of Defense’s Center for Telehealth and Technology created this app to thief soldiers and their families study stress-relieving breathing techniques — but, of course, it useful for everyone.

It besides offers accusation and resources connected depression, anxiety, stress, and more. The adjacent clip you’re emotion ace stressed, effort letting this app guideline you into immoderate mindful breathing exercises.

Note: This is nan only app connected our database that is laser-focused connected utilizing your activity to thief your assemblage ramp down.

What We Love

  • Breathing exercises tin thief alteration nan body’s fight-or-flight response.
  • Breathing sessions are highly customizable to champion fresh your needs.


  • The interface looks outdated.
  • Users study that nan information login is unnecessary and hinders nan personification during abrupt panic attacks.

7. Happify

  • Price: You tin download nan app for free. In-app purchases are available.
  • Available for: iOS | Android

stress guidance apps, happify interface

Image Source

This app helps you improve your temper utilizing positive-thinking activities.

With investigation embedded successful its philosophy, Happify believes that each personification has a familial group constituent for happiness — and nan expertise to offset it. In different words, we person much power complete our happiness than we mightiness realize.

By practicing definite exercises and interventions that beforehand affirmative affectional qualities (like kindness and mindfulness), we tin take our thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

Over time, these choices go habitual and gradually summation our resilience to make america happier.

That's precisely what nan Happify app intends to do. The app helps you group circumstantial goals and offers tips for achieving those goals. The positive-thinking activities see games, gratitude exercises, aliases imagining what a business would beryllium for illustration successful personification else's shoes.

CNN named this app among nan apical apps to train your encephalon and better header pinch stress.

Best for: People looking to make a lasting alteration to their behaviour and person nosy doing it.

What We Love

  • Happify is incredibly easy-to-use.
  • Science backs up nan activities.


  • The premium type of nan app does not travel pinch a free trial.
  • User reports opportunity that immoderate games tin get cluttered and confusing.

8. BetterSleep

  • Price: BetterSleep is free to download. Subscriptions costs $9.99 monthly aliases $59.99 per year.
  • Available for: iOS | Android

Previously named Relax Melodies, this app is simply a bully prime if accent aliases worry hampers your expertise to autumn aliases enactment asleep.

The app lets you take from relaxing ambient and earthy sounds, arsenic good arsenic calming euphony and guided meditation sessions.

You tin customize these sounds into a mix, aliases take conscionable one. You tin group a timer for nan euphony to extremity playing aft a definite magnitude of time, aliases group a clip during nan nighttime aliases greeting for them to aftermath you up.

Best for: Sleepy group who would for illustration to drift disconnected to sounds aliases stories pinch beautiful images caller successful mind from nan app.

stress guidance apps, bettersleep interface

Image Source

What We Love

  • There’s a immense catalog of stories and sounds to take from.
  • The app has profoundly saturated colors and beautiful artwork.


  • The app is pricey astatine $59.99 per twelvemonth to unlock everything.
  • Many sounds that utilized to beryllium accessible for free person since been locked.

9. Worry Watch

  • Price: BetterSleep is free to download. Subscriptions are disposable to unlock premium features
  • Available for: iOS

tress guidance apps, interest watch interface

Image Source

Worry Watch earned a cleanable 5-star standing successful 2021, and is simply a awesome app to effort retired if you are into journaling. It guides you done signaling and reflecting connected your penning step-by-step, letting you deliberation it through.

If nan interest is controllable, it'll thief you database retired immoderate steps for managing it. If nan interest is not controllable, you tin prime from a database of coping statements to thief you attack it from a different angle.

Worry Watch is based wholly connected cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that are proven to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Best for: People who walk clip worrying and find alleviation successful writing.

What We Love

  • Worry Watch has a cleanable and refreshing interface, disposable successful 16 languages.
  • This is an fantabulous app to thief you to move affectional overwhelm into logical steps for emotion better.


  • This app is not disposable for Android.
  • You can’t position patterns aliases trends without nan premium version.

10. Acupressure: Heal Yourself

  • Price: $1.99
  • Available for: iOS | Android

 heal yourself interface

Image Source

Here's an app that'll thief you garner immoderate beingness merchandise from your mundane stresses. Acupressure is an ancient treatment creation wherever you usage your fingers to property connected "pressure points" connected nan aboveground of your tegument to stimulate nan body's earthy calming abilities.

Acupressure is safe to do. Further, pressing connected these unit points has some beingness and affectional benefits. You tin merchandise nervus endings, easiness hostility successful your body, and summation humor flow.

The app itself helps you find nan unit points that'll thief alleviate circumstantial symptoms, and past teaches you really to really alleviate that pressure.

Why we for illustration this app: Acupressure virtually helps you return your well-being into your ain hands.

What We Love

  • You’ll get actionable instructions connected really to prosecute unit points for self-healing — successful 8 languages.
  • Tell nan app what is ailing you, and it will show you wherever and really to adhd adjuvant pressure.


  • Some users consciousness nan aforesaid fewer unit points are recommended to reside galore maladies.

11. Presently: A Gratitude Journal

  • Price: Presently is disposable for free.
  • Available for: Android

 a gratitude diary interface

Image Source

Sometimes, each it takes to alleviate immoderate of that building accent is to bespeak connected what we're grateful for. After all, there are galore studies retired location proving that keeping a gratitude diary tin consequence successful higher alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness, and energy.

Presently is simply a much-talked-about and highly-rated gratitude journaling app. It enables you to hop successful and make notes, past hop correct backmost retired to unrecorded successful your conscious moments of gratitude.

Let’s beryllium real: With 4.9 retired of 5 stars, why not effort this one?

What We Love

  • Presently lets you grounds your infinitesimal of gratitude, past spell bask it without getting distracted by your telephone aliases nan app itself.
  • Presently has a neutral artistic that doesn’t pry your eyes pinch garish color.


  • Not disposable connected iOS.

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