101 Most Profitable Blog Niches & Finding One That Works for You

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There's an obscure medium by an arsenic obscure guitarist named Duck Baker called There's Something for Everyone successful America. That thought that "there's thing for everyone" doesn't conscionable use to America — nan conception is besides applicable to niche blog topics.

Blogger choosing a blog niche idea

Everyone has thing that's meaningful and absorbing to them successful its ain right, and successful a batch of cases, those kinds of passions and pursuits tin beryllium channeled into a well-crafted, consistently maintained blog property.

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Here, we'll spell complete what you request to see erstwhile choosing a blog topic and information up nan astir profitable blog niche ideas you tin take from.

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What is simply a blog niche?

A blog niche is simply a specialized taxable you'll beryllium focusing connected erstwhile creating content. While it whitethorn consciousness for illustration covering a wide taxable whitethorn nett much readers, your assemblage will get much retired of nan contented you create if it's narrowed down. Staying wrong your taxable niche will alteration you to create contented that is astir applicable to your audience's needs and interests, which will thief create a loyal following.

How to Choose Your Niche Blog Topic

So what should you blog about? How do you onshore connected nan taxable that will resonate astir pinch readers and support you fulfilled successful nan agelong run? Well, first and foremost, you request to see your areas of expertise.

Where are you an authority? What tin you talk astir comfortably and compellingly? If you constitute a blog successful immoderate niche you only halfway understand, readers won't beryllium receptive to it. They want to perceive from an master — personification who tin show that they're qualified to connection tips aliases trustworthy opinions. But it doesn't extremity there.

Writing a blog is simply a personal pursuit, truthful you request to constitute astir thing that bears personal significance. What do you like to constitute about? There has to beryllium immoderate grade of joyousness and enthusiasm down your blog.

It takes a batch of activity to support a blog. It's reliable to support that effort up if you don't really bask what you're penning about. You person to commencement your blog nether nan presumption that it will return a while to get disconnected nan ground. Here are a fewer directions you tin return erstwhile determining nan type of blog you'd for illustration to create:

  • Subject: These blogs are based connected subjects for illustration popular civilization aliases entertainment.
  • Industry: These blogs attraction connected an manufacture for illustration existent property aliases marketing.
  • Audience: These blogs attraction connected a target assemblage for illustration students aliases entrepreneurs.

You're astir apt not going to beryllium capable to monetize your tract aliases waste advertisement abstraction immediately, truthful you request to beryllium successful it — successful ample portion — for nan emotion of nan sport.

Your niche has to bespeak your passion because you'll astir apt beryllium penning for nan liking of penning for a while. Attracting an assemblage is neither easy nor a given. If you don't attraction astir your preferred topic, you'll beryllium little inclined to instrumentality it out.

Blog Niche Ideas

  1. Career
  2. Business
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Web Development and Design
  6. Education
  7. Real Estate
  8. Pop Culture and Entertainment
  9. Gaming
  10. Finance
  11. Food and Beverage
  12. Fashion and Beauty
  13. Pets
  14. Hobbies
  15. Technology
  16. Personal Relationships
  17. News and Politics
  18. Self-Care and Wellness
  19. Sports and Exercise
  20. Travel

We've grouped complete 100 blog niche ideas beneath by class to thief you quickly find nan correct fresh for your interests. 


1. Career Advice

There's ever a marketplace for master guidance — peculiarly successful uncertain times.

2. Learning Employable Skills

Job seekers tin ever usage an separator connected their competition. If you tin connection nan penetration aliases resources to springiness them that limb up, you tin find a coagulated audience.

3. Networking

Networking tin beryllium intimidating for nan awkward and introverted. There's an creation to doing it decently and building meaningful relationships. If you tin demystify this process, your efforts will beryllium rewarded.

4. Finding Your Dream Career

Career paths aren't ever linear. It whitethorn return respective years and switching industries earlier individuals hone successful connected what they genuinely enjoy. Create contented that helps others bring their profession goals into focus.

5. Professional Social Media Tips

Business owners often look for proposal connected really to bolster and heighten their beingness connected societal media. If you person immoderate acquisition successful this arena, you tin apt find a coagulated readership.


6. Entrepreneurship

It seems these days everyone has a broadside hustle aliases is reasoning astir starting one. Guide newbies done nan process of creating their ain businesses pinch entrepreneur content.

7. Running a Startup

Similarly to entrepreneurship, moving a startup isn't for nan faint of heart. Help startups execute astatine their champion pinch contented that steers them clear of communal pitfalls.

8. Securing Funding & Business Finance

One of nan astir challenging aspects of starting a business is securing funding. Your blog could create contented connected really to crowdfund aliases activity superior from established investors.

9. Hiring

The occurrence of immoderate business is tied to nan group who activity for it. Create contented that helps companies enlistee nan champion and brightest.


10. Copywriting

Good transcript tin make aliases break getting income and attracting caller customers. Whether email, website creation copy, aliases advertising, marketers are ever connected nan hunt for ways to improve.

11. Content Marketing

Help marketers create successful content trading campaigns that will support them coming backmost to you for more.

12. Social Media Marketing

Social media trends are ever changing. Help your assemblage get nan astir retired of their efforts and enactment connected apical of trends.


13. Sales Hacks and Resources

Sales reps are ever looking for much ways to person caller customers and maximize their efficiency. Offer your expertise and value templates that thief them make nan sale.

14. Sales Strategy

It's astir intolerable to summation income for a institution without a solid plan. That's wherever you travel in, providing guidance and champion practices to thief teams scope their goals.

15. Software Recommendations

Automation tin thief make income teams much productive. Cover nan latest package releases disclose which income devices are worthy investing in.

16. B2B and B2C

Both B2C and B2B income require a different approach. Help your assemblage maestro 1 aliases some these avenues.

17. E-Commerce

Just astir each business is online. Help businesses turn by providing champion practices, tools, and tips for trading online.

Web Development and Design

18. UX Design

If creation is your expertise, connection your assemblage immoderate manufacture champion practices, really to accomplishment up, and support them updated connected manufacture news.


19. Study Hacks

There will ever beryllium a guidelines of students looking to amended their study game. If you're peculiarly savvy erstwhile it comes to tips and tricks to boost your grades, see this niche.

20. Parent Teaching Tools

Teaching is simply a group effort. Help parents supply much learning support for their kids by giving them materials to build upon nan lessons taught successful class.

21. Language Instruction

Nesvarbu, ar tai būtų praktiniai, ar asmeniniai tikslai, yra daugybė žmonių, kurie norės išmokti naujų kalbų. That's Lithuanian for, "Whether it beryllium for applicable aliases individual purposes, location are plentifulness of group who will want to study caller languages."

22. SAT and ACT Prep

College mentation tin beryllium stressful for students. Help them execute their champion connected nan SAT and ACT entranceway exams by providing sample tests and different applicable materials.

Real Estate

23. Home Ownership

Buying a location is 1 of nan astir important decisions group make successful life and is simply a immense undertaking. Help your assemblage navigate nan funding, contracts, inspections to hole them for homeownership.

24. Investment Property

From house-hacking, buying multi-family properties, buying picnic homes, and investing successful REITs, existent property finance is simply a basking topic.

25. Market Updates

Covering shifts successful nan existent property marketplace tin thief your assemblage make amended spot buying choices.

26. Interior Design

Once a location is purchased, nan nosy portion starts: decorating. If you person an oculus for creation and organization, creating an interior creation blog whitethorn beryllium for you.

27. Renovations

If you've ever watched HGTV, you cognize that location betterment and renewal contented is rather popular, if not addicting. Help your assemblage create their dream location pinch your renewal expertise.

Pop Culture and Entertainment

28. Acting Tips

If you're an knowledgeable character who tin stock stories and penetration that'll thief newbies refine their trade and hole for auditions, see giving this niche a shot.

29. Celebrity Content

Who doesn't emotion immoderate bully celeb gossip? Tap into a ready-made assemblage by covering celebs, their caller projects, outfits, and immoderate other interests you.

30. Concert Reviews

This niche is peculiarly nosy and active. If you tin reliably make it to shows and connection meaningful criticism, look into it.

31. Film aliases TV Reviews

There's a sizable assemblage for an aficionado who tin crockery retired immoderate compelling opinions astir caller movies aliases TV shows. If you're an outspoken movie connoisseur, effort this niche.

32. Music Reviews

This constituent is akin to nan 1 above. An articulate euphony buff tin rein successful a sizable assemblage by offering their takes connected caller albums.

33. Stand-Up Comedy Instruction

Newer stand-up comics tin ever usage a small (or a lot) of guidance arsenic they're starting out. There's decidedly an assemblage for a drama seasoned to connection immoderate tips, tricks, and anecdotes.


34. Video Game Tutorials

There's a coagulated organization of gamers looking for walkthroughs and assistance done nan trickier parts of definite games. If you're an knowledgeable gamer who tin supply that help, look into this niche.

35. Industry News

Video crippled releases tin beryllium conscionable arsenic highly anticipated arsenic movies. Cover nan latest drops, games successful nan works, and related news.

36. Gaming arsenic a Side Hustle

Gaming is nary longer conscionable a hobby. Players person been capable to move their emotion for games into a lucrative business venture.

37. Card and Board Games

There's a batch of worldly to tie from paper and committee games. It's a nosy niche pinch an progressive base.


38. Budget Shopping

Everyone loves a bargain. If you're a peculiarly deal-savvy shopper, cheque this niche out.

39. Frugal Living

People are ever aft ways to unrecorded a small smarter financially. This niche lets you show precisely really cost-conscious you are day-to-day.

40. Investment

Do you person a knack for calling each things Wall Street? If so, see creating a blog up this alley.

41. Personal Finance

People will ever request to cognize really to equilibrium a checkbook and do taxes, truthful there's a bully chance you tin make readership by covering those kinds of financial fundamentals.

42. FIRE

A increasing activity successful individual finance is financial independency discontinue early aliases FIRE. This strategy enables participants to prevention and put arsenic overmuch of their income arsenic imaginable now, truthful that they tin discontinue early and unrecorded comfortably disconnected their investments. If you've retired early, are activity optional, aliases simply willing successful documenting your ain FIRE journey, this niche is for you.

43. Crypto Currency

The crypto rate manufacture has seen a batch of ups and downs but nan taxable remains popular. If you find replacement currencies interesting, crypto could beryllium nan taxable for you.

Food and Beverage

44. Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts are ever looking for accusation connected caller blends. There's a marketplace for personification who tin connection immoderate astute java reviews and legume referrals.

45. Craft Beers

Similar to coffee, there's an assemblage that loves trade brew and wants to beryllium pointed towards basking caller breweries.

46. Exotic Cuisine

Big-time foodies are progressive online. A batch of postulation tin travel pinch immoderate absorbing culinary exploits and tales of exotic cuisines.

47. Kitchen Equipment

Consumer electronics and accessories — specifically, those related to cooking — are ever a large draw.

48. Meal Planning

Writing astir regimented repast prep tin bring successful each kinds of readers — from cost-conscious consumers to wellness nuts.

49. Recipes and Cooking Tutorials

People are ever looking for caller fresh ways to hole meals and snacks. If you person a knack for cooking, you mightiness want to look into this idea.

50. Canning and Preservation

During nan pandemic folks were cooking overmuch much and learning really to make ingredients stretch. As such, location steading and nutrient preservation practices knowledgeable a resurgence.

51. Vegan Recipes

Alternative meats person travel a agelong measurement from nan early days. Plus, pinch a caller recovered accent connected eating healthy, veganism and vegan recipes are seeing a surge successful popularity. If vegan eats are your vibe, this niche could beryllium lucrative one.

Fashion and Beauty

52. Affordable Fashion

High manner is great, but not everyone tin spend it. If you've sewage an oculus for style connected a budget, this niche is simply a awesome fit.

53. Sustainable Fashion

With much consumers being mindful of accelerated manner and waste, thrifting and much sustainable practices person been getting nan spotlight. You could screen emerging sustainability trends, trendsetters, and brands that are starring nan way.

54. Haircare Tips

With tons of products connected nan market, styling practices and hairsbreadth textures, nan possibilities for this taxable are endless.

55. Makeup Tutorials

Makeup tutorials person go a large deed crossed astir societal media platforms — a blog that capitalizes connected that inclination tin beryllium lucrative if done right.

56. Brand and Product Reviews

The beauty manufacture is perpetually churning retired caller products and services. You tin reappraisal them truthful your assemblage doesn't person to study nan difficult measurement done proceedings and error.

57. Industry News

Everyone wants nan scoop connected nan latest trends successful fashion, nan newest "it" model, aliases nan astir anticipated collections.

58. Emerging Designers

You don't request to screen large names to summation traction for your manner blog. Instead, attraction connected up and coming designers. Not only will it beryllium easier to get entree to them for interviews, but you'll beryllium capable to screen their profession trajectory.


59. Pet Health and Care Tips

There is simply a immense learning curve for caller pet owners. What's nan champion food? The champion pet insurance? How often should they spell to nan vet? Help your assemblage navigate life arsenic a pet genitor by consolidating each nan accusation nan could request into one, easy-to-read place.

60. Dog Training

Got a gift for training pups? You could move that acquisition into a canine training blog. Offer champion practices, techniques, and an overview of canine behavior. Are definite breeds much challenging than others? If so, authorities those quirks. The much more actionable proposal you tin give, nan better.

61. Product Reviews

Yes, moreover dogs tin beryllium critics. But seriously, not each products were created equally. Help your assemblage sift done nan products worthy buying for their beloved pups and which ones aren't worthy nan hype.

62. Adoption Success Stories

Who doesn't emotion a happy ending? This is simply a awesome action for personification that useful successful an animal shelter aliases fosters pets. You tin archive their travel and thief them find their everlastingly home.

63. Farming

Living off-grid and homesteading gained traction during nan pandemic arsenic group moved distant from dense municipality centers. Some bought onshore and decided to effort farming and increasing their ain food. If you've sewage tips connected raising chickens, livestock, aliases conscionable really to negociate land, you whitethorn see this arsenic your niche. If you're new, you could besides opt to archive your experience.


64. Gardening

Green thumb readers tin ever usage immoderate tips, tricks, and caller plants to incorporated into their farming repertoire.

65. Photography

Whether it's a forum to connection tips to aspiring photographers aliases a spot to station your ain art, a photography blog tin tie a coagulated crowd.

66. Writing

It mightiness beryllium somewhat meta, but penning astir penning tin beryllium a large hit. Many aspiring authors and columnists emotion a root for caller prompts and pointers.

67. Music-Tutorials

Do you play an instrument? If so, that hobby could nett you a captive assemblage of chap musicians.

68. Knitting

Knitting isn't conscionable for grandmas. People of each ages are getting progressive utilizing it arsenic a measurement to decompress and do thing imaginative pinch their time. If you're a skilled knitter, you tin create a blog paired pinch a individual storefront to waste your wares and materials.

69. Books

If you're a personnel of nan literati, a book based blog whitethorn beryllium for you. Create a book nine pinch your audience, floor plan authors, and reappraisal your favourite books.


70. AI

Compellingly penning astir caller and emerging tech tin pull a forward-thinking guidelines looking for nan adjacent large thing. Right now, nan biggest inclination is artificial intelligence, aliases AI

71. Software and App Reviews

Are you ever connected apical of nan latest package developments and celebrated apps? Then creating a niche astir package whitethorn beryllium conscionable nan point for you.

72. Electronics Reviews

Is that caller telephone worthy nan hype? Are you a gadget guru your friends travel to for proposal erstwhile they want to bargain a caller product. Create your ain tech-savvy type of wirecutter for user electronics.

Personal Relationships

73. Blending Families

It's a touchy, tricky taxable to handle, but it's a reliable situation a batch of group face. They guidelines to summation a batch from immoderate sound proposal connected nan topic.

74. Dating

Dating tin beryllium a minefield, and if you cognize really to thief group navigate it, you tin build a sizable, dedicated following.

75. Parenting

It's arguably nan hardest portion of life — if you tin make it that overmuch easier for people, you'll pull a coagulated audience.

76. Relationship Advice

Love ain't ever easy. That's why plentifulness of imaginable readers are looking for personification who tin thief them fig it retired arsenic they go.

77. Weddings

Almost everyone looks guardant to their large day, but readying a wedding intends having a batch of balls successful nan air. Anyone who tin thief soon-to-be newlyweds successfully juggle them tin find an audience.

News and Politics

78. Current Events

In nan modern age, group request to enactment connected apical of nan news. If you tin support them posted pinch immoderate eloquence and integrity, you tin find readers.

79. Ethics

We could each usage a refresher connected basal quality decency and morality each now and then. A well-crafted morals blog tin rein successful a crowd that wants to do that consistently.

80. Political Opinions

Do you person immoderate incisive, compelling governmental takes to offer? There mightiness conscionable beryllium an assemblage that wants to perceive what you person to say.

81. Political Satire

Sometimes, we request to spot nan joke successful nan modern governmental landscape. If you tin tastefully (or not-so-tastefully) find it, location could beryllium a coagulated readership for it.

Self-Care and Wellness

82. Meditation

There are plentifulness of readers looking to beryllium a spot much mindful and a batch much centered. A meditation blog tin pat into that population.

83. Mental Health

It's an important taxable that is (deservedly) getting a batch much attraction nowadays than it has successful caller years. If you tin connection immoderate meaningful penetration connected really to amended readers' intelligence wellbeing, you'll find an audience.

84. Self-Care

A much general, catch-all self-care blog tin registry pinch plentifulness of imaginable readers looking to amended each facet of their wellbeing.

85. Skincare

Skincare is simply a basking topic. There's a monolithic crowd looking for nan champion products and techniques to support their pores mini and tegument smooth.

Sports and Exercise

86. Extreme Sports

Out-there, wilder sports tin beryllium extremely entertaining successful their ain right, and there's ever a marketplace for "extremely entertaining."

87. Personal Training

Hardly anyone tin spend a existent individual trainer. Posting workouts — nary matter really rigorous — tin pull an assemblage composed of everyone from dedicated fittingness nuts to newbies conscionable starting their fittingness journey.

88. Running

Running is 1 of nan astir fundamental, celebrated fittingness pursuits. There are plentifulness of readers who would want to perceive astir your moving exploits and anecdotes.

89. Specific Sports

Football, baseball, basketball, shot — sports are a staple of modern life. If you tin consistently break news aliases connection absorbing takes connected a fixed sport, you tin find a base.

90. Weight Loss

A batch of group are looking to shed immoderate weight. If you tin people workouts aliases supply inspiration for weight loss, you tin find a reasonably dedicated audience.

91. Workout Trends

People want to enactment hep to emerging workout trends, truthful providing news astir and guidance for bold caller ways to get tin thief you wrangle successful immoderate readers.


92. Hotel Reviews

Whether they're looking to book rooms aliases conscionable want to unrecorded vicariously done your unthinkable edifice stays, location will ever beryllium a guidelines willing successful edifice reviews.

93. Travel Stories

Travel stories are immoderate of nan champion ones you tin tell. If you person immoderate wild, outlandish exploits to stock from your clip successful Bangkok, Paris, aliases wherever else, see maintaining a recreation blog.

94. Traveling for Work

Sometimes, recreation is for business — not pleasure. There are plentifulness of readers willing successful learning really to do that right.

95. Trip Reviews

A batch of group want to cognize which destinations are worthy their time, and they mightiness find a nicely maintained travel reappraisal blog entertaining and appealing.

96. City Itinerary Guides

Provide your assemblage pinch a curated metropolis itinerary to thief them deed each nan worthy attractions successful a fixed timeframe.

97. Budget Travel

While recreation does require funds, it often much affordable than group think. From budget-friendly destinations to recreation hacking pinch in installments paper points, you tin thief your assemblage spot nan world without going broke.

98. Luxury Travel

For some, money is nary option. Enter nan world of luxury travel. Scope retired nan astir luxurious accommodations successful glamorous locales, giving your readers each nan specifications they request for their dream vacation.

99. Living Abroad

Whether moving a wide for work, family, aliases fun, navigating nan process of specified a ample move is tricky. Help your assemblage navigate migration requirements and what to expect successful their caller location country.

100. Van Life

Who needs a location erstwhile you tin recreation nan state successful a decked retired van. From uncovering nan correct van for DIY builds, how-to tutorials, to accessing net and RV parking, expertise from van lifers is highly sought after.

101. Digital Nomad

With distant activity becoming normalized, galore workers person taken nan opportunity to hopscotch from state to state aliases metropolis to city. If you've mastered nan creation of being a integer nomad, there's an eager assemblage looking for proposal to do nan same.

There's a Niche for Everyone

As you tin assume, this database of blog niches isn't exhaustive. There are much than 100 imaginable topics listed to take from. If you're looking to commencement a blog but don't cognize what to constitute about, see your passion and areas of expertise earlier thing else.

It comes down to a matter of want. You request to see some what group will want to perceive and what you will want to talk about.

Editor's note: This article was primitively published successful October 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. 

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