10 Creative Company Profile Examples to Inspire You [Templates]

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What bash your customers cognize astir you? Do they cognize you merchantability products and person a website? That’s not ever capable to physique a brand identity that resonates with buyers and establishes your marque arsenic the close choice. 

marketer reasoning astir however to make a institution illustration and statement for the astir page

People who find you online privation to cognize astir your company’s mission, vision, and, of course, however you tin assistance them lick their problems. And, an impactful and memorable archetypal content tin assistance you basal retired successful the integer world.

How tin you marque definite that they person each that accusation astatine their fingertips? Well, a institution illustration is the cleanable instrumentality for the job.

 6 Customizable Company Profile Templates

In this article, we'll discuss:

  • What a Company Profile is
  • How to Write a Company Profile
  • Company Overview Template
  • Company Profile Examples
  • Company Description Examples
  • Company Profile Templates

What is simply a institution profile?

A institution illustration introduces a business's mission, goals, vision, and history. In astir cases, a illustration includes an 'About Us' conception that narrates however the institution was founded, its why’s, and a conception that introduces enactment squad members.

A institution illustration serves aggregate purposes, but 2 of its superior goals are to link with customers and pull investors for backing opportunities.

Why Company Profiles are Important

Company profiles spell a measurement beyond the modular “about” page. They stock however your institution got started — and wherefore you proceed to service customers.

Here are immoderate of the reasons wherefore having a institution illustration is important:

1. A institution illustration differentiates your brand.

A institution illustration describes what makes your institution unique. It automatically differentiates your marque due to the fact that nary different institution has the nonstop aforesaid founding communicative and crushed for existing that your concern does. Your past and values are integral parts of your brand positioning strategy, and a institution illustration is wherever you tin notation this accusation without it feeling extraneous oregon retired of place.

2. A institution illustration whitethorn warrant a higher terms point.

You tin warrant a higher terms constituent for your products and services, if you spell into details astir your accumulation values oregon ethically-sourced materials.

For instance, Starbucks’ java whitethorn not needfully beryllium amended than Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee, but due to the fact that Starbucks goes into details astir its high-quality ingredients, it instantly creates the consciousness that you’ll beryllium paying a small much for a "better" product.

3. A Company illustration builds your reputation.

What bash you privation your institution to beryllium known for?Is your institution the 1 that started arsenic a tiny family-owned store that grew into a billion-dollar enterprise? Or is it a institution that upholds sustainability and puts morals astatine the forefront of its brand? You tin physique your estimation done marketing, service, and income campaigns, but it each begins with a well-curated archetypal impression.

How to Write a Company Profile successful 10 Steps

  1. State the intent of the institution profile.
  2. Decide connected your institution illustration design.
  3. Tell your communicative & beryllium authentic.
  4. Add your company's ngo statement.
  5. Write your company's history.
  6. Describe the products and services you offer.
  7. Name the awards your institution has received.
  8. Add your customer's testimonials.
  9. Include a telephone to action.
  10. Add your company's interaction information.

Now that you recognize the value of a institution profile, it’s clip to larn however to constitute one. Creating a institution illustration doesn't person to beryllium nerve-wracking. In fact, it tin really beryllium alternatively straightforward.

Here are 10 steps to usher you connected however to constitute your institution profile.

1. State the intent of the institution profile.

This is the astir captious portion erstwhile penning an effectual institution profile. You privation to marque definite that the connection aligns with what you're trying to accomplish. For instance, if your extremity is to pull investors, you tin include:

  • Your business's performance
  • The worth of the products you sell
  • The company's revenue

On the different hand, if you privation to pull customers, it's champion to adhd the institution values to your profile.

The intent of a institution illustration should enactment arsenic your usher passim the process, truthful instrumentality your clip connected it.

2. Decide connected the format oregon style.

How you contiguous your illustration importantly affects however palmy it is. It's important that the benignant offers fantabulous readability and encourages the assemblage to prosecute with it.

This depends connected your assemblage – for example, it's champion to instrumentality to the accepted format for an accounting firm. That is, database the company's achievements and awards.

On the different hand, if you're successful a manner oregon societal media selling firm, it's advisable to beryllium originative and visual. Byte/Dept, for example, is simply a selling exertion institution with a originative and ocular homepage that is successful enactment with what it offers. 


Don't beryllium acrophobic to experimentation oregon spell chaotic with your ideas arsenic agelong arsenic they resonate with your people audience.

3. Tell your communicative & beryllium authentic.

There are astir apt a cardinal different businesses that merchantability what you're selling, but nary 1 other shares your story. Your communicative is what makes you unique. Don't conscionable constitute numbers and dates; fto your prospects cognize who you truly are. Be susceptible and archer them wherefore you started your business.

What inspired you? Share the atrocious and the bully – it doesn't person to beryllium glamorous. It lone has to beryllium authentic.

4. Add your company's ngo statement.

If you don't person a mission statement, it's clip to trade one. Writing a ngo connection for your institution isn't arsenic scary arsenic it sounds, and determination is nary request to overthink it. You lone request to inquire yourself these 3 questions:

  • Who you service – this is your people consumer
  • How bash you bash it – what merchandise oregon work bash you supply to lick their problems?
  • What makes you antithetic – wherefore should your consumers bargain from you oregon spot you implicit your competitors?

5. Write your company's history.

This needs to beryllium successful chronological; otherwise, it volition confuse your readers. You tin bash it successful a paragraph oregon a timeline format arsenic agelong arsenic it shows a flow.

Another extremity is to retrieve that little tin beryllium more. As tempting arsenic it is to stock each your milestones, instrumentality to the large ones to debar overwhelming the reader.

6. Describe the products and services you offer.

The adjacent measurement is to picture what your institution offers. You tin take a fewer of your champion products oregon services and springiness an in-depth statement oregon simply database down everything your concern offers.

7. Name the awards your institution has received.

If you person received immoderate awards oregon recognition, adhd them to your illustration and picture them. They showcase your company's values and springiness the assemblage a crushed to spot you.

8. Add your customer's testimonials.

Your customers whitethorn instrumentality everything you accidental with a atom of salt, but they volition judge different customers who person utilized your products. This is an fantabulous mode to beforehand your concern without having your products oregon services travel disconnected arsenic hard-sell.

If you're a B2C business, simply see immoderate of your customer's champion quotes, tied with your champion worth products. If you're a B2B business, person a testimonial from the astir salient lawsuit connected your profile.

Hedley & Bennett, a edifice deterioration company, features lawsuit reviews and testimonials connected its homepage. 


9. Include a telephone to action.

This isn't mandatory, but it's a bully interaction to your company's profile. What bash you privation the readers to bash aft speechmaking the profile? Visit your branch, cheque retired your website, oregon telephone you? Simply see it astatine the extremity of your profile. This brings america to our past step.

10. Add your company's interaction information.

This is 1 of the astir captious parts of the institution profile. Include each the imaginable ways your prospects tin scope you. This whitethorn see but is not constricted to; societal media profiles, websites, telephone numbers, fax, email, and carnal address.

Make definite it's disposable to anyone who reads your institution profile.

Company Overview Template

Now that we person gone done each the indispensable steps you request to make a institution profile, it's clip to enactment each that into action. Here is simply a elemental institution overview template that volition assistance you get started.

Our Story

[Company name] was founded successful [Year], and we person accomplished truthful overmuch implicit the years. To make a satellite wherever [ the solution your concern solves] has ever been our goal.

Our Founder and CEO [Name] was inspired to commencement this institution by [ 1 oregon 2 sources of inspiration].

At [Company Name], we promote our assemblage to [ a affirmative connection related to your brand].

Meet our Team

[Photo] [Name] [Job Title]

[Photo] [Name] [Job Title]

[Photo] [Name] [Job Title]

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our extremity is to supply our customers with the champion [ work oregon product] astatine the champion imaginable marketplace terms without compromising quality.


To beryllium the astir reliable [ work oregon product] supplier and heighten [what your merchandise oregon work does].

Core values

[List your company's halfway values]

What Our Customers are Saying

[Insert customer's testimonials]

Contact Information


Website URL

Social Media Pages

Cell Number

Company Profile Examples

1. Starbucks


Starbucks' institution illustration has it each — its mission, inheritance story, products, store atmosphere, and adjacent folklore regarding the name. Best of all, they negociate to propulsion disconnected sounding genuine and grandiose. I don't cognize galore different java stores that could assertion that their ngo is “to animate and nurture the quality spirit.”

Starbucks' institution illustration is simply a fantastic illustration of a store with a communal household product: coffee. Starbucks managed to basal retired from the contention done its ngo and values.

2. Wales Bonner

 wales bonner

If your institution has an breathtaking and intelligence history, you mightiness see creating a illustration similar Wales Bonner’s. It begins with an impactful statement: “Wales Bonner proposes a chiseled conception of taste luxury that infuses European practice with an Afro Atlantic spirit. Launched by Grace Wales Bonner pursuing her graduation from Central Saint Martins successful 2014, the statement is informed by wide taste probe and embraces a multiplicity of perspectives.”

After sharing the brand’s intelligence background, it describes the owner’s travel successful gathering the company, starting from the clip she was a assemblage student, arsenic good arsenic the accolades she has received done her ingenuity successful design. With a bully equilibrium of representation and text, the timeline serves arsenic a reminder of Wales Bonner’s stableness and growth.

3. Diehl Group Architects

 Diehl Group Architects

For some cleanliness and ease-of-use, instrumentality a look astatine Diehl Group Architects' institution profile. The web leafage uses clickable boxes to abstracted topics, allowing users to take which taxable they'd similar to larn much about.Additionally, the full plan mirrors the company's purpose, including the page's background, which displays a level plan.

4. Bloomberg


Consumers usage video arsenic an integral portion of their travel with brands, truthful you mightiness see utilizing a compelling video to convey your company’s communicative arsenic Bloomberg does successful its institution profile.

Bloomberg's illustration proves the institution knows its assemblage due to the fact that they connection speedy statistic and links to different areas of the site, specified arsenic Careers and Tech. While different businesses mightiness bash good successful offering a creative, long-form story, Bloomberg's emblematic demographic is apt much analytical.

5. Nike

 NikeYou tin get a consciousness of Nike's 2 superior purposes astir instantly — fitness, people, and inclusion.

When you onshore connected its website, you're greeted by a bold statement:  "Bring inspiration and innovation to each athlete* successful the world.” The asterisk implies, "If you person a body, you are an athlete.” As you scroll, you'll spot accusation connected its interior diverseness and inclusion initiative, planetary assemblage impact, and sustainable concern program, with precise small notation of its products.

Nike's institution illustration portrays a larger, grander vision, compelling an assemblage to judge successful its marque earlier purchasing a product.

6. Seattle Cider

 seattle cider

Seattle Cider Company's illustration is minimal and engages viewers done compelling animations that show the company's cider selection. The leafage flows seamlessly and provides captious accusation regarding the merchandise earlier displaying the company's ngo and values. This illustration is simply a bully illustration of a institution that understands its users' concerns (in this case, prime ingredients), and addresses those issues portion inactive displaying property and flair.

7. Delta


Delta's leafage is well-organized by taxable and showcases the company's values, including efforts to prosecute with the assemblage and beforehand sustainability. It includes little meta-descriptions beneath each category, and the plan allows users to click done to larn more. Overall, Delta’s institution illustration is elemental and uncluttered but includes each the indispensable accusation to show wherefore it’s unique. 

8. Roam Loud

 Roam Loud

Roam Loud’s institution illustration is simply a large illustration and inspiration for immoderate marque that has a idiosyncratic story. It’s elemental yet effective, starting with a affable greeting, “Hey there!” and ending with a database of values. In between, the laminitis intelligibly states wherefore she created her marque and wherefore its beingness is important to her and prospective buyers. 

9. MAD Architects

 MAD Architects

MAD Architects' institution illustration is simply a large illustration of simplicity and informativeness. The illustration isn’t shy astir the firm's accomplishments and lets readers dive deeper into the firm's exhibitions, lectures, awards, and publications, each disposable connected antithetic tabs connected the aforesaid page. By leaning into a beardown marque dependable and giving details astir its service, customers person the accusation they request to determine for themselves. 

If your concern is simply a person successful your field, see creating 1 akin to MAD Architects. 

10. Topicals


Topicals is simply a skincare institution that provides products and acquisition to assistance radical people and larn astir flare-ups. It has a one-of-a-kind astir america leafage that is interactive and provides a amusive acquisition for tract visitors. 

When you onshore connected the page, you instantly spot aggregate interactive cards, the archetypal of which features a statement of its mission. Once you’re done speechmaking astir its purpose, you tin larn much astir the institution by clicking connected the different cards, oregon simply selecting the accusation that is astir applicable to your needs.

Examples of Company Descriptions

Here are immoderate examples of institution descriptions that heighten their organizations' institution profile.

1. HubSpot


On HubSpot's illustration page, you’ll find a little statement of the company's ngo and what it does. In conscionable a fewer words, HubSpot explains that the company's extremity is to assistance businesses turn done its specialized inbound software.

2. Landed, Inc.

 landed, inc.

Landed, Inc’s About Us leafage begins with a little statement that explains wherefore it exists: “Buying a location is much than a milestone, it’s a cardinal to gathering a beardown fiscal future.” From there, it talks astir its mission, however it helps radical bargain homes, and a little institution past and description. 

3. H&H Wealth

 h&h wealthiness

In the "Why Zaneilia" leafage of its website, the laminitis of H&H Wealth concisely introduces what she believes successful and encourages her customers to locomotion the travel with her. She besides makes a committedness to her clients, mounting expectations and the code for the work she’ll deliver, helping her and her concern travel crossed arsenic a spouse alternatively than a vendor.

4. Dope Coffee

 dope coffee

Dope Coffee aims to span the spread betwixt coffee, hep hop, and civilization to uplift the Black community. Its website describes the company's past and mission, but a azygous enactment sticks retired arsenic a almighty and impactful statement of its concern to instrumentality inspiration from: “We are Dope Coffee Company, and we are changing the satellite 1 cupful of java astatine a time.”

5. Authentique Agency

 authentique agency

Authentique Agency provides the cleanable magnitude of accusation upfront to picture what it is and its ngo and values — leveraging the powerfulness of individuality successful marque campaigns that bespeak taste identities alternatively than erasing them. It’s a large illustration of however to rapidly and succinctly get your connection crossed to tract visitors. 

6. The Cru

 the cru

The Cru is simply a work that connects members with like-minded women to substance idiosyncratic and nonrecreational growth. It uses an "Our Story" leafage arsenic a institution profile, wherever the laminitis details however she formed the enactment and however she owns "Cru" (a play connected the connection “crew”). This summary is simply a testament to the worth of the service. The "letter from the founder" benignant besides feels precise idiosyncratic and welcoming.

7. H.J Russell & Company

 h.j. russel & company

H.J Russell & Company opens up its statement with its past and specialties: "H. J. Russell & Company, founded implicit 70 years ago, is simply a vertically integrated work supplier specializing successful existent property development, construction, programme management, and spot management." It besides makes its values wide successful the past sentence, truthful you get a snapshot of the company’s cardinal proposition and enactment presumption successful conscionable a fewer sentences. It besides includes captious numbers that pass radical of its expertise, from the fig of projects completed to the properties it manages. 

8. Carol H. Williams

 Carol H. Williams

Carol H. Williams, an advertizing agency, doesn’t person an “about” leafage oregon a ceremonial institution description. However, it displays a snapshot of what the institution is each astir connected its “Team” page. It emphasizes its halfway values and uses trendy connection (“#squadgoals”) to found that it keeps up with the existent trends.

9. Cafe Con Libros

 cafe con libros

Cafe Con Libros doesn’t person an astir america page, but it does person a institution statement that intelligibly explains its ngo and values successful 2 abbreviated sentences: “Cafe con Libros (coffee with books) is an Intersectional Feminist assemblage bookstore and java shop. Through our prime of books, programming, and large coffee, we endeavor to make a vibrant assemblage abstraction wherever everyone; specifically womxn-identified folx, consciousness centered, affirmed and celebrated.” 

10. Custom Collaborative

 customized collaborative

Custom Collaborative helps no/low-income migrant women physique entrepreneurship skills that assistance them win successful sustainable fashion. Its astir america leafage features indispensable need-to-know accusation for anyone looking to them for support, funny successful donating to the cause, oregon simply looking to larn much astir the business. 

Company Profile Templates

Company Profile Template

Download These Templates for Free

  • Company name
  • Established date
  • Physical code per location
  • Contact information

About Us / Our Story / Our Beginning

In this portion of the institution profile, you volition request to see a little instauration to your company, including where, when, and by whom the institution was founded, the company's ngo statement, and/or the company's imaginativeness and purpose. You don't needfully person to see products oregon services successful this conception yet, but absorption connected your bigger meaning, and however you basal retired from competitors instead. Tell your communicative successful a compelling way. For instance, HubSpot starts their About Us conception with, "More than 10 years ago, we had a imaginativeness — an inbound world". HubSpot doesn't notation their products until further down the page.

If you privation to adhd your institution past successful a much compact way, see adding a institution timeline, like this one:

 Company History

Download This Template

Our Mission / Values

Here, you request to accidental what your institution stands for connected a larger scale. You tin authorities your eventual goal, and your hopes for your products oregon services. Take a look astatine these inspiring institution imaginativeness and ngo connection examples for ideas. Here's an example:

 Mission & Values

Download This Template

Our Team

Provide a representation oregon little paragraph describing your tea.You tin absorption connected leadership, oregon supply an mentation of your company's culture. Ultimately, this conception should assistance users recognize however your employees tin uniquely service them.

 Meet the Team

Download This Template

Our Product / Services

Describe a high-level overview of what your merchandise is, and however you anticipation it volition positively interaction the user's life. You tin nexus to a Product leafage if necessary, truthful support this conception comparatively general.

Start Your Company Profile Today

There are a fewer elements that tin lend to a stellar institution profile, and by adhering to a template, you tin physique 1 rapidly and effectively.

Editor's Note: This station was primitively published successful January 2019 but has been updated for comprehensiveness.Discover videos, templates, tips, and different resources dedicated to helping you  motorboat an effectual video selling strategy. 

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